How Much Do Sewing Machines Weigh?

How Much Do Sewing Machines Weigh is listed always on the shopping information, as knowing your model weight might be important for each sewer.

How Much Do Sewing Machine Weigh?

On average a sewing machine can weight from 10 to 30 pounds (4.5 to 13.5 kilos).

Why Is Important To Know In Advance How Much Does Your Sewing Machine Weigh?

When you do sewing as a hobby, you’re sewing machine might not be already set up on a desk so you can work on your projects as often as you do.

When you like to do some sewing as a hobby, you’re sewing machine might be most of the time in a storage place like a closet, because of this reason knowing the weight of a sewing machine is important as you might need to carry the sewing machine from one place to another often.

How Often You Will Be Carrying Your Sewing Machine?

When you do sewing often, you might sign up to a sewing class or a sewing club, and most likely you might need to carry your own sewing machine from one place to another to work on different projects, with this in mind you want to be able to carry your own machine without needing any extra help, for this reason you need a portable sewing machine that comes with enough features to help you to work on many different projects.

Why Some Sewing Machines Are Lighter And Some Weight More?

Lightweight Sewing Machines

Sewing Machine Manufactures know well all sewers needs and they know we love to get together to sew, for this reason they have designed and built some lightweight sewing machines, so we can carry them from our homes to sewing classes and retreats by ourselves.


  • Built with more plastic parts to keep their weight light and be portable
  • Designed and built with a compact size so is easy to move it around the house


  • Sewing machines built with more plastic parts might not last for many years.
  • A sewing machine with lightweight can bounce around the table or desk when you work on big projects, or on high speed.

Heavyweight Sewing Machine

Sewing machine manufactures know well many sewers needs, and they know some sewers will be working on projects to make a living, for this reason, a sewer need a machine that helps her/him to work on different projects, to work fast and that last for many years, for these reasons these machines are built with more metal parts, and this is why these machines are heavier.


  • Built with more metal parts will help sewers to work on different projects with ease, and these machines will last for many years in the sewing room.
  • When you work on big projects or making a quilt, your machine will stay in place helping you to work with ease.


  • You might need to set the sewing machine on a table or a desk where it will stay for many years without moving.
  • Prices are higher
  • Some of these models do one feature like straight sewing only.

Why To Choose Between A Light Or Heavy Sewing Machine?

As a sewer who loves to make different projects, from small projects like making a light Summer dress for a young girl to big projects like working on a King Size Quilt, I know it is not the same to work on light and small projects or big and heavy projects, and for this reason a lightweight or heavyweight sewing machine will be the difference.

If you’re interested to work on light and small sewing projects, a lightweight sewing machine will be perfect for you, as it will help you to work on your projects with ease and you can carry your machine from one place to another by yourself.

But when you have in mind to work on large and heavy projects like making winter clothing or making big quilts, a machine with heavier weight will help you to work on big projects without starting to vibrate or moving around the top of the table or desk where you have your machine.

A heavy model will stay staple in its place helping you to work with ease on any size project.

Let’s Take A Look To Some Well Known Sewing Machines Models Weight

Every sewing machine brand has designed and built their machines with every sewer needs in mind, for this reason there are plenty of models where each sewer can choose a machine to bring into her/his sewing room.

Below we list a few of the Sewing Machine brands with some models, so you can get an idea about how much each machine weighs, you can follow the link to read each sewing machine review to learn more about each model.

Singer Sewing Machines Weight

Singer is one of the most known brand around the world and is easy to find different models where the sewer can choose one to bring into her/his sewing room

  • Singer 2277 weighs 13.6 lbs, it comes with 23 built-in stitches
  • Singer 4423 Heavy Duty weighs 14.5 lbs, it comes with 23 built-in stitches.
  • Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist weights 20 lbs, it comes with 600 built-in stitches.

Brother Sewing Machine Weight

  • Brother XM2701 weighs 12.6 lbs, it comes with 27 built-in stitches.
  • Brother CS7000i weighs 13 lbs, it comes with 70 built-in sititches.
  • Brother PQ1500SL weighs 29.76 lbs, it comes with straight stitching only, and it’s built with metal only.

Janome Sewing Machine Weight

Bernina Sewing Machine Weight

  • Bernina 215 weighs 17 pounds, it comes with 11 stitches

Closing Thoughts

When you know in advance what type of sewing projects you will be working on, it will help you find the right weight sewing machine.

Luckily for us, beginner and more advanced sewers, there are plenty of sewing machine models where we can choose one that can help us to work with ease on our projects.

Whether you need a light or heavyweight sewing machine, you need to know that you will find the right model to bring into your home or you’re sewing room to work on your projects.

Starting to learn how to sew, then you might need a lightweight portable sewing machine to carry it to you’re sewing classes, it will help you to get many projects done and learning more sewing skills.

When you have been sewing for a while and you get interested to start working on more skilled projects, then a heavy sewing machine might be right for you.

We hope you find helpful this article and it helps you to find the model you want to have in you’re sewing room.

Happy Sewing.

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How Much Do Sewing Machines Weigh

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  1. Dear Alex,
    Thanks for the interesting and  useful insights on different types of sewing machine. I like that you mentioned various pros and cons about light weight and heavy sewing machine. My wife is actually looking for a new sewing machine and I will share this article with her. I’m sure it will give her important information to consider. Thanks for sharing and great work!

  2. I have an old hand-me-down Kenmore, and because I am a big guy, it haven’t really had second thoughts about how heavy it is. I am happy to see though, that should I ever decide to replace it, there are lighter ones I could get, since I very much value things in more compact forms.

    Also, I didn’t even know there were sewing clubs and sewing retreats. That’s really interesting to know.

  3. I bought my daughter a Singer sewing machine and it is excellent, this was about 5 years ago and it’s still going strong today. You obviously have loads of experience in this area so I will be sharing your link as there is some really useful things to consider for anyone looking to upgrade their machine. Thanks for the read

  4. Hello as a former fan of sewing, I must say that I was very much interested in this article. I do have a Singer light weight sewing machine. I used to do small sewing projects but I wasn’t very gifted…or talented. That’s why I turned to my other passion: writing. Thanks for giving me fond memories of my sewing period.

  5. HI Alex. Thank you for another interesting article. TO be fair I was never choosing sewing machine based on its weight, but I do agree this is important parameter. When I was beginner I had smaller and lighter types, but now when Im often working on bigger projects, solid and complex machine is a must. It has it cons as it requires more space but comfort of usage is more important to me.

  6. Hi Alex, your article is helpful for everyone, who’s like to know more about sewing machines and what to choose the right one. I have a portable sewing machine at home, which I use for my light sewing project. It is an old design, but your suggestions here in the sewing machine are interesting and good ones. I agree, that everyone that wants to do a sewing project as a job, must have a heavier and professional sewing machine. 

    thank you for this article


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