Brother PQ1500SL Quilting And Sewing Machine Review

Brother PQ1500SL Quilting And Sewing Machine Review, this is made thinking on sewers that love the trade and want to start or grow their passion for sewing.

This model is a sturdy sewing machine that will help you to work better on a good deal of different sewing project no matter how small or big they are.

If you’re looking on a straight stitching sewing machine to make many different projects, then this is the model you want to buy!

Brother PQ1500SL Quilting And Sewing Machine Review

What Can You Sew With The Brother PQ1500SL

You can make any project you want to make with this model, small, medium and big projects, everything will be easy to sew on it.

You can make any sewing garments, pillows, curtains, quilts and many other crafts on it.

Is It A Good Machine For Quilting?

Yes it is, you’ll find no problem to make any quilt top on it, it will help you to sew all those small pieces of fabric in shorter time to make any size for the top for your quilt.

As this model is sturdy made, it will help you to work on making big quilt tops with ease no matter how big or heavy they are, quilters know how heavy a top quilt can be when we made a king-size quilt top.

If you’re a quilter and you love to do piecing, then this is a sewing machine you must have, it will make the work of piecing perfect and faster.

At the time to work on the free motion on a quilt, you want to have a sewing machine that will help you to work on it with ease, the throat of this model is big enough and it has enough space so you can roll your quilt and start the free motion quilting on the center with no problem.

PQ1500SL Features Every Quilter And Seamstress Love About It

  • High speed straight stitch up to 1,500 stitches per minute
  • Heavy duty construction for increased stability
  • Time-saving automatic thread cutter and F.A.S.T needle threader
  • Brother exclusive pin-feed mechanism for improved fabric management
  • Foot pressure adjustment and 4 feed dog settings for maximum fabric control which will help you to work with different fabric thickness.
  • Knee lifter and extension table for easier management of quilts and bulky fabrics
  • Bright LED light makes it easier to work on dark fabrics
  • Built-in telescopic thread stand for cone thread usage
  • Fabric separator for smooth handling of difficult to join fabrics
  • Up to 7 mm stitch length for perfect stitch lengths or basting
  • Fabric extension Table – It will make things easier for you to work on big projects like quilts.

Does The Brother PQ1500SL Have Enough Space To Work On Big Quilts?

Yes, it does, it’s made thinking to help quilters to work on small and big quilts.

Is It Noisy?

All sewing machines make some noise while working with them, this one is not the exception but the noise on it is tolerable and you can listen some music while sewing with it or you can even chat to a friend.

Is It A Portable Sewing Machine?

No, this model is not portable and you might get it installed on a sewing table and keep it there, this model is a little bit heavy 13.5 kg and it’s big 20.1 x 32 x 49 cm.

It’s made with the idea to work with it making all kinds of sewing projects but also to work on it making big sewing projects like curtains, bed clothing and of course making big quilts, for this reason this model is not portable.

How Many Presser Feet Does This Model Come With?

It comes with 8 presser feet to help you to work on many different projects, from sewing on easy to make projects like face mask and tote bags, to garment constructions and some home decoration projects.

  • Pin feed
  • Rolled.hem
  • Walking
  • Gen.purpose
  • Invisible zipper
  • 1/4 inch
  • Free motion quilting

Is The Brother PQ1500SL For Beginners?

No, as this model is a high speed I would not recommend it for beginners, it might be a little hard to start learning to sew on this model, any beginner might get intimidated by the speed.

I would recommend to beginners to take the time to learn on a mechanical smaller model and if the beginner is interested to keep making more sewing projects for a small business or as a regular home based business, then I will recommend this model.

Any beginner or intermediate sewer who has tried a mechanical sewing machine but wants to sew faster can try this model and you’ll get used to working with it soon.

What Is The Purpose Of The Knee Pedal?

One of the features you can find on this model is the knee pedal, which it makes easier to work on this sewing machine, as you get used to working with it, you’ll have your both hands free to work on the current sewing project you are on.

By using the knee pedal you don’t need to use your hands to lift the presser foot to turn the fabric around as you work on it, this feature will help you to sew faster and better.

When you use the quilting feature, using the knee pedal will help you to work on the quilting and turn your quilt from one side to another as you keep both hands holding the quilt.

What About The Warranty?

When you buy the Brother PQ1500SL you get a 25-year limited warranty with free technical phone support for the life of the product.

What Are The Pros of the Brother PQ1500SL ?

As I worked on my friend’s Brother PQ1500SL I must say I agree with many reviews from it that share the good points of buying it for a good deal of different sewing projects.

I see how easy it is to work on, it’s a sturdy sewing machine that will help you to work with small and big sewing projects, including any big quilt size you want to make, the quilt top and the free motion quilting.

  • Easy to use

Once you get used to the high speed of this model, you won’t have any problem to control the speed, as you work on it you’ll see how easy it is to work on any sewing project including working to make big size quilts tops.

The knee pedal is one of the best features on this model as it will give you freedom to use both hands on your project.

  • The price is right

The price is affordable if you get this model thinking on the different types of sewing projects you want to make or if you buy it thinking on starting a small sewing business.

When thinking on making a series of the same sewing projects, you want to have a sewing machine that is easy to work with and it will help you to make more projects in less time than other sewing machines. The sewing speed on this model will help you to finish your different sewing projects on your list in a shorter period of time.

  • It’s a good sewing machine

The important thing here is to know your purpose for sewing with this machine, it won’t disappoint you if you know in advance what you want to make with it.

As it’s a model with straight stitching only, you might think you can make a good deal of different sewing projects with it, but I can tell you, I have a previous Brother 755 high speed sewing machine, and I saw how my friend who owns this model is currently working on it with a good deal of different sewing projects.

If you need to make sewing projects with fine endings, then you need to get a serger, and this way you can work with both sewing machines to make fine products for yourself, for your family or as a business.

  • Super easy bobbin winding process and easy to drop in the bobbin

Brother PQ1500SL Quilting And SewingWhat Are The Cons Of The Brother PQ1500SL ?

I know this is a good straight sewing machine that will help many sewers to make a good deal of different sewing projects in less time and with good quality always, but as it’s a model made thinking more on the high speed, it doesn’t have as many features you can find on other sewing machines.

I see many benefits any sewer can get from this model, and I listed below some of the Cons I would think anyone would list on it, but when you think about the benefits I won’t pay too many attentions to the features missing on this model, you’ll get used to working on it in no time and you’ll be working faster and better on a good deal of different sewing projects.

  • Straight sewing

This model is made with just straight stitching, it means you only can sew with straight stitches, when I think about this as a con it means if you have the idea to use different stitches on your sewing projects, then this model is not for you, but if you’re looking to make a small or medium production of sewing projects made only with straight stitching, then I don’t see the lack of different stitches as a con.

  • Changing The Presser Foot

You might find to change the presser foot on this model will take longer than in other sewing machines, as on this model there is a screw to take off to change the foot every time and it can take a few minutes to work on it, but as you get used to working on this model, this won’t be anymore a con.

  • Learning Curve To Use It

If you buy this model having no experience working on a high speed sewing machine before, take your time to test it before you work on it to make any project.

Learning how to control the speed on it might require some time as the pedal is so sensitive and the machine can start working on high speed as soon as you lay your foot on the pedal.

Test it and take your time to work on a piece of fabric you don’t want to keep, try it over and over until you learn how to control the speed on it.

Brother PQ1500SL Quilting And SewingOnce you get there, you’ll love it.

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How To Oil The Brother PQ150SL ?

The Brother PQ150SL Manual will help you to know how often you should oil your sewing machine and how many oil drops you should put on each place you need to oil this machine.

It’s often recommended to just put one drop on each point you need to oil a sewing machine, let the machine rest for a couple of hours without working on it, and clean the machine with a soft fabric or a kitchen paper towel to remove any left over from the oil before you start sewing your next project.

How To Set Up The Brother PQ150SL Tension?

As this is a mechanical sewing machine, you will need to move the tension dial to get the right tension you need to work on your next project.

You can get good help from the PQ150SL manual to find the right tension, but in case you get a problem, the fist thing to do is to thread back again your sewing machine, check on the bobbin and make a run test on a piece of fabric, move just a little the tension dial, until you get the perfect stitch for your next project.

Brother PQ1500SL VS Juki TL-2010Q?

You might ask which one is better, both sewing machine are good and I might say, both are excellent sewing machines any sewer would love to have in the sewing machine.

Both are designed to help any sewer to work on many different projects, both have excellent stitch quality.

One of the differences might help you to decide which machine to buy would be the price, while Bother makes sewing machine more affordable, Juki makes higher price models but they are made with good quality too.

You can read the full Juki TL-2010Q Sewing Machine Review here!


The Brother PQ1500SL is a sturdy sewing machine anyone who loves to sew will be happy to have it in the sewing room.

If you’re a quilter who loves “piecing” then this model is for you, it will help you to work faster and make perfect piecing of your quilt tops every time!

But if you’re a garment and costume sewer you’ll find this model the sewing machine you want to have to sew all kinds of projects and with the help of a serger to do the perfect finish to seams, is all you need.

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