Why My Sewing Machine Needle Keeps Falling Out

If you have been sewing for a while, you have probably asked yourself in frustration why my sewing machine Needle Keeps falling Out.

You can read on, and we will give you some reasons for having needle problems with you’re sewing machine.


Why My Sewing Machine Needle Keeps Falling Out?

Needle Clamp Screw

If you’re sewing machine has been well-used, then the needle will also have been changed many times.

The needle clamps screw can become stripped of threads, and will not give sufficient tightening against the needle.

As a new needle stop screw is not very expensive, this is an easy fix, and always remember not to over tighten this screw.

Sewing Machine Needle Holder

The needle holder can also have a crack in the metal, which will cause the needle to fall out, so best to check that out, and as a crack in the metal is often hard to notice, try a magnifying glass.

Sewing Machine Needle Bar

The needle bar can also get a crack in it, and will need to be replaced which on most sewing machines will require a qualified repair man, and this fix can be expensive.

Bent Needle

If you think a needle is bent, then don’t use it, as it can cause damage to you’re sewing machine or yourself.

To check if a needle is bent, just lay it on a flat surface, and you will be able to see any bend in it.

Some reasons for a bent needle while you work on a project will happen if you pull the project to the back of you’re sewing machine to stitch on faster, or when at the end of a seam, you might be pulling out the project to the back of your machine before cutting the thread. If you avoid doing this, you’re sewing machine needle will last longer.

The Right Needles

Always use the home sewing machine needles, and almost all the instruction manuals that come with you’re sewing machines will show the correct needles to use, plus the size of the needle recommended for the different fabrics you will be sewing.

Inserting The Needle In Your Sewing Machine

The needle will often have a flat side on it, and depending on the sewing machine, it can be inserted towards the back, or to the right or left, so once again check the manual for the correct position for your model of sewing machine, because if the needle is not inserted correctly it can fall out or become loose while sewing.

Also be sure to push the needle up tight until it touches the needle stopper before tightening.

Industrial Sewing Machine Needles

The needles used in industrial sewing machines are not designed to work in the home sewing machine, so best not to try to use them. They do not have a flat side, and will not tighten like your home sewing machine needles, and can fall out very easily causing damage.

Final Thoughts

So if you find you’re having trouble with the needle falling out, we hope some of the above fixes will be of help to you to keep all your sewing projects going smoothly.

Wishing you all the best on your sewing projects – Happy Sewing


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Why My Sewing Machine Needle Keeps Falling Out

2 thoughts on “Why My Sewing Machine Needle Keeps Falling Out”

  1. That would do my head in. I never do any sewing these days because i am absolutely useless at threading a needle. However, i have always seen sewing machines as being the solution to this. But if the needle was to keep falling out then i’d probably just end up smashing the thing up

  2. I really enjoyed all your tips on stopping my needle from falling out. I have been sewing for over 40 years (on the same machine lol) and I have had this happen to me. It turned out that the screw had become stripped and needed replacing which was easy. When it started moving during sewing I found it very frustrating, but stopped and fixed it before sewing again. You can really do some damage to your sewing machine if you don’t address the problem.

    Great article thanks.

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