Is Sewing An Expensive Hobby

Is Sewing An Expensive Hobby when you start it may look it is, but there’s always a good way to get a sewing machine and the tools you ned to learn how to sew and make your own clothes!

Is Sewing An Expensive Hobby

Sewing can be an expensive hobby if you get a high-end sewing machine and with a high price fabric, but it’s more about the skills you’ll learn that will help you to be good at it and then you’ll be amazed on how creative you will get, with an affordable machine you can transform any piece of fabric into an amazing piece of clothing everyone will admire!

Anyone who wants to get started at sewing, doesn’t need an expensive sewing machine, there are many good models on the market, where you can choose one to bring home and start making your first projects.

How To Start Sewing Without Breaking The Bank

Sewing is a very creative hobby that can get started with fabric and some tools you might have already at home, but getting a basic sewing machine that comes with a few features will help you to learn the basic sewing skills that you need to make your projects with ease, below we list a few things that will help you to get started at sewing.

Get an affordable Sewing Machine, there are in the market many good models that can be found at a good price tag and that comes with enough features to make many different projects, and if you’re looking for a model with a few more features you can always look for a second hand sewing machine or ask to a friend who also loves to sew if she/he knows about who might be interested on selling a machine.

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Learn Basic Sewing Skills, as a beginner you might start working with a basic sewing machine with just a few features, believe me on this, many dressmakers do amazing projects with models with only with straight stitching, but they learn how to do some hand sewing techniques to give their projects the professional and unique finish to their projects.

Learning how to sew by hand and how to sew on a button or how to make a buttonhole by hand, will help you to work with ease on any project.

Use fabric you have already at home, when starting on your new hobby, you can start sewing easy to make projects with fabric you already have around the house, a dress that you don’t use anymore, or some of your children clothing they don’t ware anymore, another idea is to use old bed clothing, by making some projects with these fabrics you don’t need to think about the cost of a fabric, and you will get skilled as you make more projects.

Start with the essential sewing tools, you don’t need to have a full collection of the updated tools to start sewing, any sewer was a beginner one day and most of them started with what they had at home.

You also can be in touch with friends who share the same hobby and they might be upgrading their sewing tools and might be interested on selling their tools to you.

Is Sewing Clothes Cheaper Than Buying?

In general, we could say, sewing your own clothes or your family clothes will help you to save some money, as some clothing you buy in stores tend to have a good price nowadays, when you learn to sew, you will learn how to make your own clothing with any fabric even better that the garments you can buy at any store.

Is It Worth Learning To Sew?

When you learn to sew, you’ll be amazed on how skilled you can get and you will be also amazed on how well you can make any projects. From starting as a beginner and making easy to make projects, as you get skilled you will be making different projects.

When you’re good at sewing, there will be no limits for you, from making an easy to make project like a new pair of pillowcases to make a new garment for anyone in your family, with the right size and even better than the one you saw on the store.

The feeling of accomplishment of making any handmade project for yourself, or for anyone of your family, and even for your home, sewing will give you the power to create beautiful things on a budget.


Sewing can be a useful and rewarding hobby, and it doesn’t need to be expensive, as you can start sewing with a basic sewing machine and sewing tools that you might have at home already.

As you learn how to sew, you will get to know what type of projects you like to make and what are the tools you need to make them, there are always good opportunities to get a better sewing machine or some extra tools that will help you to work with ease on all your projects in the market.

You can even start sewing by hand and get very skilled at it, the most important is that you love what you do and that you have fun making all of your projects.

As you keep on sewing different projects, you will learn what type of projects you love to make and you will know more about what sewing tools you might need.

We hope you find all the information on this article to help you to start sewing, start with the fabric and tools you have at home and as you get more skilled get a sewing machine and more tools.

Sewing doesn’t need to be an expensive hobby, it’s all about how good you are at it and it’s also about learning more skills.

Let us know on a comment, what type of sewing projects you love to make, we love to hear from our readers.

Happy Sewing!

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Is Sewing An Expensive Hobby


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  1. Review is sewing an expensive hobby.
    Straight away I notice how clean and tidy it looks, a lot of information head lines to each part have tested machine for beginners link and that works fine.
    Pages sewing and quilting Club.
    As I move on down the page with all the headlines want to know anything like, is selling clothes cheaper than buying, is it worth learning to sew etc, giving me an insight to most of need to know for the begginer.
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    down to the bottom a nice picture nice closing paragraph, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook logos all coming and working so everything looks fine very nice site well done.
    Going onto reviews there are plenty of reviews to look at so nobody should have any trouble deciding what to get what not to get which machines is the best.
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    I know it’s going round a bit backwards but the blog again well laid out plenty of information I was to go through it all this review would go on forever and ever well done on this site.
    I hope mine turns out as well not the it will because I you feel I have the wrong looking websites, I have the one I was given when I first started takes a lot of tweaking but I’m putting up with it as I’m a newbie.
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    I don’t know a lot about sewing I used to do cross stitching that was my limit apart from sewing buttons on.
    Very Good Work 100% you have put a lot into the site I hope you go far well do!!
    Ian Jackson

  2. Hi Alex,

    I quite enjoy sewing.  Being able to sew a button or hem my own pants and jeans is very rewarding and satisfying.  I wouldn’t say that I am an avid sewer, but I do sew on occasion.  I first learned how to sew when I was in middle school, we would make tote bags and aprons, as a child I didn’t enjoy it too much, but it is certainly a valuable skill to have as you get older.  I think that everyone should at least learn the basics of sewing, when I first met my husband, I was very impressed with his sewing capabilities.

  3. I think that after you make the initial investment of getting a sewing machine, you will get that investment back by saving money on all the clothes you are going to make. In clothing stores it is so much more expensive, so you’ll save a lot of money when you make your own clothes. 

    Can a beginner make clothes? Is it easy to learn? I had not considered it before but I think that sewing at home would be a nice project, and since we’re still on lockdown in my state, it would be good to sew at home.

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