Hello, we are happy you’re here and that you are interested in the wonderful world of sewing!

Let me tell you something about who are behind the Sewing And Quilting Club website:

We create Sewing And Quilting Club website to share my journey sewing and making quilts for some years now (30) when I started I was a beginner like you, but as I kept working it got better and I enjoyed every moment of it and I still do.

My goal is to share my expertise and to give you some tips and hack so you can learn to sew and enjoy the art of sewing.

Alex B

She discovered the art of sewing when she was pretty young and since that moment she wanted to learn more about it.

At the beginning she sewed everything by hand, then her mother taught her to work on the Singer Feather Weight, the first thing she made was a Cotton dress, hand by hand with a sewing teacher, who taught her how do draw her first dress patterns and how to sew them.

When she was a teenager her father gave her a second hand portable German sewing machine, she used it to develop more her love for sewing and designing her own clothing.

When she finished school, she decided to work in this field and started to create her own sewing business, mostly she worked for the sewing industry by sewing doll dresses on commission.

At the same time she made a few quilts for her family and it was then when some of her friends asked her to give some quilting classes. Since that moment she decided to work in this field and since then she has worked on making and designing her own quilt patterns.

When she married Wayne (about 10 years ago) she moved to live in Canada where she keeps working on her own quilts.


He is so skilled with all types of machines,

One day when Alex B was working on a new quilt, the sewing machine had a problem that she could not fix at all, she talked to Wayne telling him that she needed to bring the sewing machine to a technician, but Wayne told her he could fix it.

For Alex B surprise he could fix the sewing machine in a few minutes as he can take apart any machine and rebuild it with no problem at all.

Wayne is part of this website and he will be sharing with all of us his knowledge about sewing machines and he will give us the best tips to keep them in the best shape so we can work on them making any sewing project.

Alex B Loves To Sew and To Make Quilts

She created this website as a way to help you to start working on your new hobby, to give you some tips about sewing and making quilts

She will be in charge to create content to help you to develop better skills so you can learn how to sew and quilt, and Wayne will be here in charge of our sewing machines to stay in the best shape so we can work with them as much as we need.

You can find Alex B almost everyday working on her sewing machine making a new sewing tutorial to share it with you.

The Goal of Sewing And Quilting Club

We think that by creating this website, no matter where you live, you can find the information you need to work better on your sewing as a new hobby.

We will be in charge to provide you the best content, so you can find the best sewing equipment and the tutorials so you can work on it better everyday!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Alex B and Wayne

Sewing And Quilting.com