Embroidery Project Planner (FREE Download)

When you love to do embroidery, you might get asked by a friend who shares the same hobby about the instructions, the pattern and threads you used to make it, in most cases you don’t have any of this information ready to hand it to your friend.

Embroidery Project Planner is the perfect tool to keep all your patterns and designs well organized with their full information about how to make them and the thread and supplies you used to make your projects.

As you start planning your new embroidery project, a good idea is to keep all the information you need about it in one place, or to keep an Embroidery Planner.

Forget about writing the pattern or the website where you saw all the information about the new project you want to do, on a piece of paper than later you won’t find anymore!

Keeping all the information you need in one place about all your Embroidery projects, will help you to keep everything well organized and it will help you find anything you need in just a few seconds, giving you more free time to spend working on your project.

You can download the Free Embroidery Project Planner here, and print it out as many times as you need to, then you can punch the paper to keep it in a binder.

What Information To Keep In Your Embroidery Project Planner

Name of the Embroidery Project – It will help you to organize your planner in alphabetical order, and it will help you find any project in just a few seconds anytime you need to read it again.

Pattern Name and Website – Whether you’ll be working with a pattern that can be found on a website or in a book, it’s always better to take note where it can be found again.

Start date / Finish date – Not all the embroidery projects can be made in the same day, some might take a few days working on them and some might take a few weeks, months or even years to be finished.

Who Will Be The Recipient – As many embroidery hobbyists and artist do, you might start a project to give it as a gift to a friend or to a member in your family, is always a good idea to keep track to who got it, so you won’t be making it again for the same person.

Materials – Keeping track of the materials you need to make a project will help you to do it again and to know how much money you spent doing it.

Picture – It’s always a great idea to keep a picture of your new project near you for reference.

Embroidery steps – Some projects are made with one stitch, but some need more than one stitch and some projects need to follow some steps.

Your Embroidery Project Planner Could Be A Family Treasure

Many Embroidery artist began their work as a hobby, but they kept a notebook near them to write all their projects and the information on how they made each project, today these notebooks are considered as a family treasure for new needlework artist in the family, some of these notebooks are now published as an embroidery books for beginners and more advanced needlework enthusiastics.

You never know if one of your children, grandchildren or a friend will be interested to learn from you how to do embroidery, keeping all the information about projects you have done in your embroidery planner, will help you to help others to begin their journey on the needlework art.

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Embroidery Project Planner, Closing Thoughts

I hope you find helpful the Embroidery Planner to help you to write down all the information about your projects as you work on them.

Feel free to download it and print it out as many times as you need, punch the printed paper and keep the planner in a binder, it will be easy for you to manage and keep organized your planner.

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Embroidery Project Planner