Free Sewing Project Planner Template

The Free Sewing Project Planner Template will help you to keep all the information from your sewing projects in one place.

  • Tired of keeping notes and drawings on pieces of paper
  • Hard for you to find where did you leave that note
  • Want to make that project again, but you don’t remember what pattern or fabric did you use to make it?

I understand you, I was just like that!

Free Sewing Project Planner Template

Free Sewing Project Planner TemplateEvery time my friends from my sewing and quilting group asked me for some directions on a project I did in the past, I had hard times to give them the right directions to make it.

This is why I started to take notes and keep everything on a binder, it was easier for me to find everything anytime I wanted to do a project again or when my sewing and quilting friends asked me for some directions.

As I started to using a notebook first to keep everything about each of my sewing projects, it was easier to find the instructions later.

Working on a regular note means every time you want to take some notes from a new project you’re working on, you need to write down everything again, and that is time-consuming.

When you love to sew and to make quilts, all you want to have is more free time, and taking notes takes up much of your time.

Having a template with the most important things that you need to take notes from on any sewing or quilting projects will help you to take notes fast and get back to sewing and quilting in no time!

The Sewing Planner Will Help You To Keep Track of Your Projects

Nothing more simpler than downloading the FREE Sewing Planner PDF and print it out as many times as you want to, I made about 20 and I can make more copies of it when I start working on more projects.

A Sewing Planner will help you for planning out projects, keeping track of swatches, materials and measurements, and your personal notes you did on each project.

Nothing simpler that to have all the sewing projects you have done well organized.

The Benefits of Having A Sewing Planner Are Many

  • Keep track of the materials you use to make a project
  • keep track of the steps you did to make a project
  • Know what material and how much did you use to make it
  • Write some tips and notes to help you to do it better the next time you want to make another same project
  • When one of your sewing or quilting friends ask you how you made it, just make a copy of the project and you can give your friend the exact instructions you followed to make it.

Free Sewing Project Planner TemplateThe Sewing Planner Can Be One Of Your Most Beloved Treasures

As you keep taking notes and write the steps you followed to make the sewing and quilting projects on your sewing planner, you can create a sewing planner to hand down to the next generations.

Just like some families members get the treasure of getting their grandma or their mothers cookbook, a sewing planner can be seen as something valuable later in time.

Make Your Sewing Planner More Personal

The sewing planner template is just in black and white, but as you work on it, you can add some drawings of the projects you are working on and also some notes.

Add some doodles on it, and write your thoughts about the project you’re currently working on, in a few months you’ll be amazed on how many lovely projects you have made.

FREE sewing project planner template

I hope you like the sewing planner template and it help you to get more organized.

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  1. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .The Free Sewing Project Planner template helped me keep all the information from my sewing projects in one place .Tired of putting notes and drawings on a piece of paper and later I couldn’t find where to put it .In that case, the Free Sewing Project Planner Template helped me a lot .For proper guidance I definitely recommend the Free Sewing Project Planner Template .Also, by reading your article, I have learned about the many benefits of being a sewing planner .I love sewing planner templates and it has helped me become more consistent .

    Finally, I hope that by reading your article, everyone will know the details about Free Sewing Project Planner Template and will definitely share with you their new experience. Your article is really very informative and instructive .

    • Hi Shanta Rahman

      I’m glad that you found the sewing project planner template will be helpful for many!

  2. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article about Free Sewing Project Planner Template. I think your article will benefit my sister a lot because she does work sewing. When I read your article, I learned all about this Sewing Project Planner Template and I think it is a very useful thing for those who are learning to sew and who are doing sewing. I must tell my sister about your article and of course, I will download the Sewing Project Planner template for my sister. I hope everyone benefits this. So I want to share this article on my social media and I think if I share your article on my social media everyone will know about it. Thanks

    • Hi Sbrinamou

      I think your sister will love to get all her notes organized as she works on new projects with this sewing project planner template.

      Thanks so much for your visit 

  3. This is brilliant!  I wish my Momma would have taken notes like this when she was sewing almost weekly!

    This free sewing project planner template would really cut down on the “I don’t remember” conversations in our sewing circles!

    I’m a visual learner so this would help me personally stay organized and, as you said, it would be so much easier to share your projects with others. 

    Keeping track of fabrics too is a huge plus in my crafting and sewing group!  Would you agree that it’s really handy to not only have swatches but, to also note where you purchased it?  

    • Hi Fyre

      I agree with you, keeping organized all those swatches in one notebook will help anyone who is into sewing or quilting to know more about the fabrics for current or future projects.

  4. Really great article. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to read your Nice Post. I think the Free Sewing Project  will be very useful.
    I am not currently associated with any project. I enjoyed your post. Your free sewing project encouraged me. I also read your “Best Sewing Machine For Beginners 2020” post. I will buy the Singer 1304 Start Basic Everyday Free Arm Sewing Machine from Amazon as a beginner. And I will download a free sewing planner PDF later.
    I will definitely share my next great experience with you.
    I believe this post will benefit others.

  5. Hello there, Although I am not a big fan of sewing but do have an aunty who is a professional and one the most important thing that I have seen her filling is sewing planing template. Over the years I studied her and how deligent she was when it came to filling it,After my curiosity had grown I had to ask her why took her time in filling the template then she told me”This is the secret behind my excellent and astonishing design’s”.

    Thanks for review this I think I would get this one as it’s layout is quite different from the other I have see I use that why I would it as a present for her



    • Hi David Nelson

      I really enjoyed reading your comment, I just loved how your aunt answered to your question about why to take her time to write down all those notes “This is the secret behind her excellent and astonishing design’s”!

      I agree with her! She must be so good at her work!

      Thanks for sharing!


  6. This sewing planner is gold! I’m not a sewer, but my lifelong friends who run an upholstery business could undoubtedly use this! I watch them sew quality, expensive, classic seats for clients, and at times they’re a bit scrambled. I will bring this sewing planner to their attention. I appreciate the downloadable PDF. Many thanks from my upholstery pals and me!

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