Embroidery Fabrics For Beginners (Here Are The Facts!)

Any type of embroidery can be made on any type of fabric, and even on paper and other materials, but when you’re planing your next embroidery project, you might want to find the right type of fabric for it.

Embroidery Fabrics For Beginners are made with different thread counts and the best are linen, cotton and blends, when planning your next project, you should think on what technique you will be working with to choose the type of fabric you’ll be working on.

On your next visit to the fabrics store, there is plenty of fabrics that are made for embroidery, where you can select one for the embroidery technique you’ll be working with.

Linen / Cotton Blend

Linen Cotton Blend is a great fabric to work with embroidery as it’s easy to do the stitching on it, it’s a little bit tougher then 100% cotton or linen but it works great, the needle can go through the threads with ease and the thread doesn’t show much from the back. This fabric can be found in many color choices and is soft to the touch, it’s good to be used on small and big embroidery projects as pillows, bags, curtains, and some childrens clothing.

Cotton 100%

When thinking about doing some embroidery on a piece of fabric, you can not go wrong if you pick a cotton fabric, as it’s made of natural fibers and it’s woven made, it will work great and your needle can go through the threads with ease. There are many options to choose your cotton fabric at the store, as it’s made with neutral color for any type of embroidery, but if you’re looking for any other colored cotton fabric for your embroidery project, you won’t have any problem to find it, as once you’re at the fabric store, you might want to look at all the cotton fabric that is made for quilting and I’m sure you will find one fabric for your next project with ease.

There is a wide range of prices when we talk about cotton fabric, but there’s always affordable options and you can find the fabric you’re looking for your next embroidery as a fat quarter.

Cotton fabric is an excellent option for many embroidery projects, from making a home decoration item like a pillow, curtains, napkins or a tablecloth, to any garment construction such as blouses, dresses and clothing for children.

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100% Linen

Linen is a great fabric for many different types of embroidery, as this is a woven fabric your needle can go through the fabric threads with ease, it’s soft to the touch and works great on a hoop, it can be found in different thread counts and in many color choices, so you won’t have any problem to find one for your next embroidery project.

Linen can be used to work on many different embroidery styles and it will work great as you get started on embroidery as a beginner, this fabric can be used to make many different embroidery projects like any home decor item like pillows, curtains, kitchen towels or napkins, and also you can use it for garment construction with some embroidery like blouses, dresses, pants for adults and children as well.

If there’s any disadvantage about linen fabric, I would say is the price tag, as it can be high, but its quality makes it to be one of the favorite fabric for many embroidery hobbiest and artists.


As a beginner you might want to follow the instructions that your teacher tells you, as there are some embroidery techniques for each type of fabric. But as you get skilled and more creative, you might want to try some different type of fabric for your next project.

When working on your embroidery hobby, there are no limits, you can do an embroidery on any type of fabric, some are easier to work with, while other might be a challenge, it will depend on you and what you’re next embroidery project will be.

As a suggestion, I will recommend to always make a test first on a piece of fabric and using the embroidery technique you might want to work with, and if you like the results, you’re ready to give it a try.

Other types of fabric to work with are silk, wool, denim and even knits.

If you’re looking for something different, don’t forget there are many different items where you can also do embroidery and they are already made for you and available at the craft’s store and online.

Embroidery Fabrics For Beginners