Embroidery Hoop VS Quilting Hoop (Beginners Guide)

When your hobby is needlework, embroidery and making quilts will be on top of your list you love to do, both share the sames tools and some tools will be only for one or the other, and the hoop should be for each one of them.

Embroidery Hoop VS Quilting Hoop – Wooden hoops are made from the same material but each one of these two types should have specific characteristics to help you to keep the material on it taut and help you to work on your project with ease.

As a needlework hobbiest or artist, you might be doing these two types of projects, embroidery and making quilts, but at the time to shop for the supplies you need to have at home, you need to know what are the difference between an embroidery hoop and a quilting hoop, as they are made with different characteristics that will help you to get the best results from each needlework technique with ease.

Let’s take a look to the characteristics of each one of these two types of Hoops.

Embroidery Hoop: It’s made round and thin, it can be found in any craft and fabric store with ease, it’s light and it’s made with a depth of 1/2 inch with straight edges to keep tight your fabric on the hoop. It can be found with an affordable price and because of its size and lightweight you can carry it around the house or to your embroidery classes or retreats. When working on a project, it will depend on the project size you will need to move the piece frequently if the pattern is big.

Round Quilting Hoop: It’s made round and deep, it can be called a tambour, it can be found with mid-price, it’s made strong enough to carry heavyweight fabric, as quilts are made with two or more layers of fabrics, this hoop can be moved in your quilt as you keep working on the quilting, when working on a quilt tightness is not an issue. It’s made with slightly round edges to help you to keep the thick layers of your quilt on the hoop with ease. This type of hoop is made with 3/4 to 1 inch of depth,


When you love to do embroidery and making quilts, having at home all the supplies you need will help you to work with ease and get better results from your needlework.

Each one of these two types of hoops are made with specific characteristics, one is made to keep light fabrics taut on the hoop while you work on your embroidery pattern, while the other is made to help you to hold your quilting project made with three layers of fabrics while you work on the quilting.

The embroidery hoop is found with ease in many crafts and fabric stores, and it can be found in many different sizes and shapes (round and oval), you might need to get a few of them as they come with an affordable price tag. When talking about the Quilting hoop, you might need to get just one, as it’s made with hard wood and it’s made strong enough to last for many years, these type of hoops come with a mid-price tag, and in some cases it will have a high price, but it is worth to get it when you learn how to do the quilting on a hoop.

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Embroidery Hoop VS Quilting Hoop