Is Felt Embroidery Easy For Beginners

When embroidery is your new hobby, you might want to start with an easy to make project, and you might wonder if felt is easy to work on.

Is Felt Embroidery Easy For Beginners?

Felt embroidery Is Easy For Beginners as is easy to handle and easy to make different basic embroidery stitches on it. As a beginner there are easy projects to make with felt and they will look amazing.

Felt is a type of fabric easy to get, as it can be found at fabric and crafts stores, and you can also find it at the dollar store. Felt can be found in many different colors that will help you to work on your project with a few embroidery stitches and it will look always pretty.

There are plenty of easy embroidery projects to make for beginners, so it won’t be hard to find one that you want to make.

Let’s take a look to some easy steps to follow when you’re just starting to make your first embroidery project with felt.

What Type Of Embroidery Thread Is Used On Felt

There are many threads that will work good when making some embroidery on felt, cotton floss, silk, wool and even some ribbon, but as a first project for a beginner, I will suggest you to choose to work with cotton floss.

You can use one, two or three strands on your needle, it will work great, it’s easy to get your needle and thread through felt.

Embroidery Stitches

As a project for a beginner, I would suggest to work with some basic embroidery stitches:

  • Back stitch
  • Satin stitch
  • Daisy Stitch
  • Blanket stitch
  • French knot

There are many embroidery designs to make with basic stitches and your project will look great after finished.


Felt is a soft material to cut with any scissor you might have at home to cut fabric, it can be a regular type of scissor or you can also use pinky scissors to give felt edge a nice pinky cut.

How To Transfer An Embroidery Pattern To Felt

This is the part where you might need some practice before you start working on an elaborate design, most embroidery projects made on felt, tend to be easy and simple, as felt is a material which is not easy to write or draw on it.

You always can make a test on a piece of felt, try some pencil for fabrics and see how well or not they work on felt.

If you’re good at drawing, you always can draw your own embroidery designs on paper, but if you prefer to work on an already made design, you will need to find one way to transfer the design on felt.

Hot Iron Transfer 

There are some embroidery designs made for embroidery with hot iron transfer with heat, these might work well on felt, but just be cautious on the heat you apply on the piece of felt you’ll be working on it, as the heat from your iron might ruin the felt.

You can protect the piece of felt with a piece of brown bag, to cover the felt where the embroidery design on the transfer ink paper is not.

Always try it first, and make a test.

Tracing Paper

Using a tracing paper to tranfer an embroidery design on felt, might be the best way to do it, use a tracing paper with ink color that will show up good on felt, light ink color for dark felt and black or blue for any other felt color.

When tracing your embroidery design on felt, you can pin the tracing paper and the design onto the felt, to hold the three layers of paper and felt as you work on it, without any layer moving around, when you finish to transfer the design, remove the pins and the design and the tracing paper.

Always keep the design around you for any reference, as any design traced on felt using this method tends to get faded with time and as you work on it.

What Type Of Needles To Use On Felt?

Use sharp needles with big eye, so you can thread your needle with ease and with the sharp point it will get through the felt with ease.

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How To Do An Embroidery On Felt?

Making an embroidery on felt is easy and you will need to follow the instructions for every embroidery stitch, start always with the simple back stitch to make the outlining of your embroidery and work with different types of stitches as your design tells you.

Start always with easy and small designs, so you can finish your project within a few hours and see the results the same day.


When working on any embroidery on felt, using a hoop is not recommended as it can make some hard marks on felt and it will be hard to get your felt back to normal.


When you want to start an embroidery project as a beginner, felt is an easy type of material to work with, it will help you to learn the basic embroidery stitches and see your work finished in just about a couple of hours, and any embroidery project made with felt, always look amazing!

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Is Felt Embroidery Easy For Beginners