Is An Embroidery Hoop Necessary? (Read This First)

When starting to work on an embroidery project, a hoop will help you to keep the fabric with the same strength so you can do the different stitches with ease.

Is An Embroidery Hoop Necessary

Is An Embroidery Hoop Necessary for hand embroidery. Many new needlework hobbiests might be wondering, as you start working on your new project, a hoop will hold your fabric so you can do your stitches the right way and get the best results from your needle work.

When working on any type of hand embroidery, there are some stitches that made by with one, two and even more steps, as you get your needle through the fabric, you will be pulling the needle down and up and this requires to hold your fabric always with the same strength and the hoop will be your best tool to have in your hands, as it will hold your fabric as you work on making the different embroidery stitches on your project.

How To Choose A Hand Embroidery Hoop?

You can find hoops for needlework in different sizes and shapes.

The hoop size for your new embroidery project will be as big or as small as the size of your project, hoops can be found in sizes from 4 to 14 inches, to choose one for your project, it needs to be big enough to hold your fabric with some overhang. When working on your project with a hoop, your fabric should be taut on the hoop, but not too tight as it can be damaged as you work on making your stitches.

The best size of hoop to work on your project, should fit comfortable in one hand as you work with the other hand to make your stitches. The hoop doesn’t need to hold all the embroidery design on it, as you can move the fabric on the hoop as you keep working on your project, the important point here is that you feel comfortable holding your project in your hands as you work on it.

Hoops Shapes

You can find round and oval embroidery hoops at the needlework and crafts stores, round hoops are the most used by hobbiest and embroidery artist, but it will depend on your embroidery design you’ll be working at the shape of the hoop you need to have.

Hoops Materials: Wooden Or Plastic

Embroidery hoops made of wood have been used for many needlework hobbiest and artists for many years, they are made from wood or from bamboo. These hoops can hold your fabric well to give you the support you need to work on your project with ease.

When shopping for a new embroidery hoop made of wood, always look for a good quality, as they are made to hold your fabric with the right tension to give you the best support on your needlework.

Plastic embroidery hoops are made with a groove or lip on the inside where the inner locks into the outer loop, they are also made with a screw hardware, will help you to tighten the hoops together, this will help you to hold your fabric taut on the hoop as you keep working on your project.

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Is An Embroidery Hoop Necessary