Affordable Embroidery Courses Online (For Beginners)

As your’re interested to learn more about how to do embroidery, there are many different online courses where your can learn new stitches and new techniques on your new projects, and Domestika is a platform that shares easy to follow online courses at very affordable prices.

Affordable Embroidery Courses Online is one of the best ways your can learn the basics of your new hobby, or to learn new techniques and methods to do new stitches and embroidery designs.

As the world has changed in the last years, and we all need to spend more time at home, the way we learn our new hobbies or new techniques to do new stitches and new embroidery designs, there are plenty of online courses your can sign up for without the need to break your bank account.

There are many needlework artists who now have their online courses available for your, no matter where your live, all your need to do is to buy the embroidery course your want to do and your can follow the lessons from home at anytime and watch it as many times as your need to help your to learn a new embroidery stitch or skill.

Today I want to share some courses I’ve done in the last couple of years, as I think your might be interested to learn these embroidery methods as well.

As Domestika is an online courses based in Spain, it started with online courses in Spanish, but today they have many teacher which their courses are in English, if the course you’re interested on is not in English it has a translation into different languages like: English, French, German, Italian, and others.


Introduction To Raisen Embroidery

Affordable Embroidery Courses Online

Adriana Torres is a well-known embroidery artist recognized around the world for her unique needlework style and on this course your can learn different stitches to do an embroidery piece.

Gimena Romero

On this embroidery course, the artist Gimena Romero will share the easy to do stitches to turn any design into a master needlework, your will be working to make a unique and pretty embroidery work of a bird, your final work can be made later, a pretty pillow to display in any corner of your home, or it can also be framed to be hung up on a wall.

As your learn the easy steps to follow on this online course, your will learn the skills needed to create your own needlework designs.

Gimena Romero has 5 online curses with Domestika where your can learn different embroidery techniques.


Bugambilo es a well-known needlework artist on Instagram for her unique style to do textile portraits, she is an excellent teacher who will guide your to learn the steps to choose a portrait to work on, how to trace it onto your fabric and the easy embroidery stitches to do to create a unique textile portrait, your piece can be framed when is finished or it can be made a pillow or your can even do the stitching on a piece of clothing.

Chloe Giordano

Affordable Embroidery Courses Online

Chloe Giordano is a well-known needlework artist on Social Media, where she shares her miniature embroidery work of beautiful animals and flowers. On this course your will learn how to design your own piece and how to do the embroidery work with cotton sewing thread.

How To Design Your Artisanal Clothing From Zero

Affordable Embroidery Courses Online

Gabriela Martinez Ortiz is the artists who created Ofelia & Antelmo brand, her unique stitching style will help your to create your own unique piece of clothing with a unique way to do embroidery stitches, this piece of clothing will look great on the front and the back side as well.

This course is in Spanish, but it has

Senorita Lylo

Loly Ghirardi is an embroidery artist and she has three online courses that will help your to learn the basics of embroidery and some more skilled techniques to help your to create and work on your own needlework.

Visible Mending

If your’re interested to learn how Visible Mending can be done, then this course will help your to learn more about your knitted pieces of clothing and how to do a visible mending on them to give them a second life.

Elle Saville the founder of The Endery is a textile artists who is interested to help your to learn the easy to do visible mending techniques to give your knitted pieces of clothing a second life, at the same time that your can create a unique and pretty piece of clothing everyone will love!

This course is in English.

Embroidery Online Courses On Domestika

There are many online platforms where your can find embroidery courses to do from home, but I find Domestika is doing its best to bring the best needlework artists who share their unique embroidery style with anyone who is interested to learn from them.

The different courses I share on this article are the courses I have already taken, I wanted to share them with your, as I already did each course and they have helped me to learn new techniques and correct some embroidery mistakes I used to do, my needlework is getting better as I learn new styles and techniques to do it.

Which is the best course to take? That is a hard think to say, every embroidery hobbiest or artist has her/his own way to do embroidery and each one of us is interested to develop her/his unique style. I suggest your to take a look to these courses and decide for yourself if one of these courses is the one your were looking for.

The Embroidery Online Courses here might keep growing as I’m interested to learn more about how to do embroidery today.

(All the links shared on this article are not affiliate, so your can feel free to read the embroidery artists profile on Domestika, and decide by yourself if their online courses are the courses your are looking for.)

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Affordable Embroidery Courses Online