Health Benefits Of Embroidery (Read This First)

If you have been working on an embroidery project, you might know how well you feel as you keep doing every stitch on your project, it looks like there’s no time measure anymore and all you think about is where to do the next stitch and how pretty your work looks like!

Health Benefits Of Embroidery are many and they can go from feeling better as you work on your project, to feeling proud of yourself and your own clothing and your home as you will be working to create pretty garments and home decor items, with decorative stitches on them.

As embroidery has been one of my hobbies for a few years now, I can say it has helped me to make many clothing pieces for myself, my children and today for my grandchildren too, along the way I’ve also made some items to give as presents to other members of my family and some of my friends, but I would include here that embroidery has also been part of my business as I’ve created some pieces for sale and I’ve never had any problem to find someone interested to buy my embroidery work, so this will add the benefit of lowering my worries about creating an income.

As I have asked also to teach family members and friends to teach them how to do embroidery, I also could see how they learned to do embroidery and how proud of themselves they are when they can create a piece of clothing with some embroidery on it, to turn an ordinary piece into a unique and prettier piece.

Health Benefits Of Embroidry

1. Lower Stress – As you learn how to do embroidery, you will notice that your stress levels can be lower and as you keep doing more stitches on your project, you will feel joy to see the results of your work.

2. Reduce Anxiety – Taking your time to look for a new project to do, shopping for the thread you’ll be using and taking your time to work on your project, is an activity you will enjoy, and when your needlework piece is finished, you will feel proud of yourself.

3. Keep your eye’s sharp – When you do embroidery in a room with good light and you keep your work in the right distance, embroidery can help you to keep your eye’s in good health. (If you feel any eye’s problem when doing embroidery, I suggest you should get an appointment with your eye’s doctor to get an eye’s exam, tell your doctor you love to do embroidery and your doctor will give you the best advice and tips).

4. Be Mindful – Embroidery is an activity that needs your attention all the time, this will help you to be focused on your project and will help you to stop thinking about other things that you worry about.

5. Build Self Confidence – Doing an embroidery project is something that will require time and work from you, some projects are easy to do, while others are more difficult, but as you keep working on your project you will get skilled and you will find time to work on it, when your project is done, you will feel so proud of yourself.

6. Express Yourself – When you can say with words something, doing an embroidery project can help you to express yourself, your emotions and your point of view, your work can be only for yourself or to be shared with the world.

7. Help Others – Whether you’re an embroidery artist or a professional, or you’re just beginning and you can do just a few stitches, you always can share your knowledge with others, by doing this, it will help you to feel good as you see others learning from you and finding joy on their projects.

Closing Thoughts

Embroidery has many benefits for your health and your mind, as an embroidery hobbiest or artist myself, I have done easy to do and small projects, and I’ve also done big and more complicated projects.

I would add here that if you’re just starting with embroidery, enjoy your project and give yourself time to learn how to do it, don’t be so hard on yourself if the first stitches don’t look as they should be, times have changed, and those times when embroidery teachers used to look for perfection, today most of the teachers are really nice and they will encourage you to find your personal style, instead of working hard for perfection.

Embroidery needs to be something you enjoy doing, whether is perfect of not, and today there are many ways to learn how to do it from any part of the work, it’s affordable and it can be done on any piece of fabric.

As you keep working on a few pieces, you might get interested to learn more different stitches and do different projects, and today you won’t have any problem to find a friend who will be willing to share some good tips with you, or to find a teacher off or online where you can take your next embroidery course to learn more.

If you find a project is not going as you want to, take a break, let it stand for a few days or week without working on it, then go back to it and you will see it will be easier to work on it.

If you have any more questions about how embroidery be good for you, leave your question on a comment and I will reply to you shortly.

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Health Benefits Of Embroidery

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