Embroidery Coloring Pages (FREE Printable)

When you love to do Embroidery, you might be a creative person who also loves to do coloring pages to decorate the walls of the room where you spend your time working on your new project, or you might be looking for a cover for your new notebook where you write down all the information about your projects.

Embroidery Coloring Pages free printables are easy to download on A4 (copy paper) to add color with color pencils or markers, these pages can be used as a cover of a notebook or they can be framed to be hung on any wall to decorate any corner of your home.

How To Download The Embroidery Coloring Pages

The Embroidery Coloring Pages Free Printables can be downloaded here, print them as many times as you want to and share them with your friends or family members who loves to do coloring pages and shares the same interest on doing embroidery like you.

Embroidery Coloring Pages

Embroidery Coloring Pages As Notebook Covers

As a person who loves to do embroidery, I’m sure you face the same problem as I do, it’s hard to find a notebook with a nice cover to keep all the embroidery projects I do on it.

The same problem is when I’m looking for a binder to keep all the embroidery designs and patterns on it, most of the binders come with a cover with solid color, which makes it hard to find the binder I’m looking for right away.

When you have a notebook or a binder with a cover related to your hobby, it will be easier for you to find it to read the instructions about the project you’re working on or to make the notes about the project you’re making.

When you add some color to these Embroidery Coloring Pages, you can place them on the cover of your notebook by using double-sided tape or add some glue to stick the colored page on the cover.

When you want to place the colored page on a binder cover, it will be easier for you, as some binders come with a clear plastic pocket on their cover, if the A4 paper is hard to place in the pocket of your binder, trim the paper on both sides with the help of a cutter and a ruler or with a pair of scissors to cut paper.

Embroidery Coloring Pages To Display On A Wall

If you have a room in your home where you love to spend your time working on your embroidery projects, you might love to frame the colored pages to make your room more personal or more about your embroidery hobby.

When you finish adding color on the embroidery coloring pages, all you need to do is to find a frame you like and place the colored pages on them, they will be ready to be hung on any wall.

Hope you like the Embroidery Coloring Pages and share them with your friends or family members who also love to do embroidery.

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Embroidery Coloring Pages