Sewing VS Embroidery (Here Are The Facts!)

When your hobby is about needlework you’ll be working with the same tools and supplies whether you are making a new piece of clothing or just adding some decorative stitches on it, some people might think these two types of needlework are the same, but they are not, so let’s take a look to what is the difference between the two of them.

Sewing VS Embroidery

Sewing and Embroidery are two different types of needlework, while you use the same supplies (needles and threads) to make them, each one is different, one is for making a new piece of garment or item, while the second is about polishing what you made by adding some decorative stitches.

Sewing A New Garment

Sewing is for making a new garment or any other item by joining the pieces together, whether is a new piece of clothing, and accessory, or some decor item. You’ll be cutting the different pieces of fabric, to later join them by hand or with your sewing machine to construct the new item. The stitching will hold the different pieces together to create a new piece.

Sewing can also be used to patch or to mend a piece of clothing or a home decor item that has been used for some time and it starts to fray off, the stitching can be done by hand or with your sewing machine to patch a hole or to join an open seam again.

Embroidery To Polish A Piece Of Clothing

Whether you make a new piece of clothing or if you want to do some embroidery stitches on a piece you already have, embroidery stitches will add to each piece a unique style to make it prettier to stand out from the rest.

Any garment can be turned into a pretty piece of clothing by adding some easy to make or elaborate embroidery stitches.

Embroidery is a needlework technique that can be done on a piece of clothing, on any accessory or on any home decor item made of fabric.

From early times, people learned how to add embroidery stitches to their garments by hand, today you can do it by hand or with your embroidery machine, both techniques are good and you can make any garment prettier and unique whether you do it by hand or with a machine.

Sewing VS Embroidery, Closing Thoughts

When you love to do needlework, sewing and embroidery will be on top of your list to make new garments, accessories or home decor items.

Whether you’re new at sewing or embroidery, you might start working on easy to make projects, but soon you’re learn new methods and techniques, then you will be making garments that will stand out from the rest.

Give yourself time to learn, as both techniques will help you to be more creative whether you do it for yourself, for your family or as a business idea.

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Sewing VS Embroidery