Embroidery Needles VS Sewing Needle

When you love to sew, sooner or later you will be adding some embroidery to any project you will be making. Hand embroidery adds the professional and uniqueness touch to any garment you make.

Embroidery Needles VS Sewing Needles is a guide for beginners and more advanced sewers to know the difference between these two sewing tools to help you to work with ease on your projects and get better results.


Learning More About Needles

Each needle is made for a particular sewing purpose, but all needles have four variables that any sewer, beginner or more advanced needs to know.

  • Needle point
  • Needle eye
  • Needle length
  • Needle diameter

When you choose a wrong needle to work on your project, you might face some problems, and this is a common mistake some sewers do, to have one type of needle to work on all their projects, when doing this it can be harder to work on a project as the type of fabric is different and the same goes with the type of thread you’re using.

Using a wrong needle on your project can make it harder for you to work, and it will take longer to finish it, thread can often break and the needle can get bent or damage the fabric you’re using on your project.

Needles can also wear over time, causing damage on your project or poor stitching quality.

Anytime you start working on a new project, it will be always better if you have the right type of needle to work on that particular type of fabric or with the thread or yarn you will be using.

Below I will share some points to have in consideration before you start making your new project.

Hand Sewing Needles are used to baste and stitch any project to make garments or home decoration, these needles need to be sharp and long enough to help you to work with ease and speed.

You can find on the market different types of needles for hand sewing, but if you’re looking to have one type in the sewing basket to do different sewing projects, you should get the Sharps needles.

Sharp Needles are medium length, they are very sharp and they can be found in size 2, 3, and 4, suitable for medium to heavy fabrics, size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 suitable for light to medium fabrics, and size 11 and 12 suitable for delicate fabrics.

Embroidery Needles have sharp point and bigger eyes than regular sewing needles, as they will be used to make decorative stitches with embroidery floss or yarn.

The larger eye on the embroidery needle will help you to thread the needle with ease when you’re using embroidery thread on your project.

The sharp point will help you to work with ease and get the thread through the type of fabric you’re using.

When looking for an embroidery needle for your new project, you need to know in advance what type of embroidery you’ll be making, as there are one type of embroidery needle for each type of embroidery.

  • Embroidery needles to make a design on a garment.
  • Tapestry needles when using wool thread, these needles have a bigger eye and ball point to slip in between thread in the fabric.
  • Ball Point Needles are used on Cross Stitching on Aida Fabric.

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Embroidery Needles VS Sewing Needle