DIY Childrens Apron

DIY Childrens Apron this is an easy and fun sewing tutorial to make a pretty apron for the young cook in your family!

When you have a young kid who loves to help you to prepare any meal, you might know he or she might be a great cook later, one nice way to encourage their cooking talents is to sew an apron for their size.

Sewing a children’s apron is an easy project to make for any beginner or the more experience sewer will love to make, whether you’re making it for a young cook in your family or if you want to make it to give it as a gift to a young kid you know that likes to cook!

DIY Childrens Apron

Materials and Supplies

  • 2 pieces cotton 100% fabric of 24 x 21 inches
  • 2 pieces of cotton 100% fabric of 3 x 34 inches
  • 1 piece of cotton 100% fabric of 3 x 17 inches
  • 1 piece of Velcro of 1 inch
  • 1 piece of Velcro of 3 inches
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Patchwork ruler
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pencil for fabric

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DIY Childrens Apron Step by Step

Step 1 – Cut Out All The Fabric

Prewash and press all the fabric, measure and cut out all the pieces you need to make the Children’s apron.

DIY Childrens Apron

Step 2 – How To Make The Straps For The DIY Childrens Apron

Fold to the back 1/4 inch on each side lengthwise on both sides of each strap, press.

Fold in the middle lengthwise each strap, pin it and fold one end inside, stitch on each strap all the way. Reinforce the stitching on the folded end.

DIY Childrens Apron

Step 3 – Cut Out The Armholes On The Apron

Fold the two pieces of fabric on your work table and with the help of a measuring tape or the patchwork ruler and a pencil, trace a square of 7 inches down and 5 1/5 inches to the center, trace a curve in the inside corner, cut out the four pieces with a pair of scissors for fabric.

DIY Childrens Apron

Step 4 – How To Assemble The Kid’s Apron

Lay on your work table one piece for the apron open and with the right side up, lay the two straps for the waist 1/2 inch down from the armholes, pin both straps.

Lay the strap for the neck on one side on the top of the apron, pin it.

DIY Childrens Apron

Lay the second piece for the apron on and take the pins from the strips and pin them again on the same place to hold all the pieces together, you might need to pinch more pins all around the apron.

DIY Childrens Apron

Step 5 – Stitch All Around The Children’s Apron

Stitch on all around the children’s apron, 1/4 inch seam, and leave a 2 inches opening on one side.

Trim all corners and clip all curved seams on the armholes. Turn out the apron and with the help of a rounded point pair of scissors, push out all the seams from the inside, press.

DIY Childrens Apron

Step 6 – Top Stitching The Children’s Apron

Top stitching all around the children’s apron, tuck in the seams in the opening to close it at the same time.

DIY Childrens Apron

Step 7 – How To Sew A Pocket On The DIY Childrens Apron

With the help of a measuring tape, mark up the place to sew a pocket to the children’s apron, mark also the aprons middle, as it will help you to align the pocket.

DIY Childrens Apron

Step 8 – How To Sew An Apron Pocket

This time I’m using the fabric I cut out from the armholes, so the first thing you need to do is to stitch on two pieces together, open and press, do the same steps with the other two pieces.

Lay on your work table one piece, right side up, and lay over it the second piece, right side down, pin the two pieces and stitch all around, 1/4 inch, leave an opening of 1 1/2 inches on one side.

Trim the two corners and clip all the curved seams, turn out the piece and with the help of a rounded point pair of scissors, punch out from the inside the two corners and also punch out all the seam. Press.

Top stitching 1/4 inch the top.

DIY Childrens Apron

Lay the pocket in its place on the apron and pin it. Stitch on the pocket to the apron. When you work on this step, tuck in the seams from the opening to be stitched to close at the same time. Remove the pins.

DIY Childrens Apron

Step 9 – Stitch On the Velcro

There are a few different ways to sew the neck strap to an apron, you can sew both ends to the top of the apron, or you can leave it open as I did.

As the apron is made for a young kid, it will be easier for them if you sew a Velcro to help the kid to put on the apron.

Sew on the hook piece to the apron and sew on a larger loop piece on the strap, this will help the kid to attach the strip on the length needed.

DIY Childrens Apron

The DIY Childrens Apron is finished and it looks amazing. We are sure the young cook in your family will love it!

DIY Childrens Apron

What Is The Best Fabric To Make A Children’s Apron?

As all cook’s clothing are made from cotton 100% fabric, we believe it is better to follow with this rule to make a children’s apron, you can find many different cotton fabrics with bright colors that any kid will love to use, and you will have no problem at all to find a pretty fabric with a beautiful prints on it.

How To Wash The Children’s Apron?

As this apron is made by you, it will be well-made and it can go to the laundry machine with the rest of the laundry, if you are used to washing all the kitchen laundry together in one cycle, then add it in, and it can also be put in the dryer to skip the press.

How To Make A Childrens Apron For A Taller Kid?

We share the measures to make an apron for a kid here age 6 to 8 years old, in case you need to make an apron for a taller kid, just measure how big the apron needs to be and add the inches needed to the bottom of the apron, the top can be the same.

What Type Of Sewing Machine Is Needed To Make A Children’s Apron?

This is an easy to sew project, you can make with a basic sewing machine, at home I used a Brother Computerized Sewing Machine, (affiliate ) with an all-purpose presser foot, straight stitching (3 mm)

*This post sahres affiliate links.

Can the Children Apron Be Made With Denim?

Yes, it can be made with denim, but be sure you’re sewing machine can sew thicker fabrics, we recommend a Heavy Duty Sewing Machine to sew any project with denim.

Who Can Sew A Children’s Apron?

This is an easy and fun sewing project to make for any beginner and even the more experienced sewer will love to make!

DIY Childrens Apron – Closing Thoughts

We hope you like this new sewing tutorial to make a pretty and useful apron that any child will love to use when is helping you to prepare a good and tasty meal.

When you have in your family a young cook, a great way to encourage him or her to prepare a good and tasty meal for the family is by sewing an apron for him or her.

Cooking is a good way to learn one skill that will help them to prepare their own meals, but having an apron on their size will make that moment memorable!

If you make the children’s apron and you blog about it or if you share it on your social media, leave a comment with the link so we can take a look at it, we’d love to see it!

Happy Sewing!

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DIY Childrens Apron

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