10 Must Have Sewing Tools

The 10 Must Have Sewing Tools that will make your sewing a pleasure and will save you tons of time and work, some you might have them already at home and some are so affordable that you can’t miss having them all!

10 Must Have Sewing ToolsI’ve been sewing for a few years and I know the importance to have the best sewing tools on the work table all the time, whether I work on a small or a big project, the use of these sewing tools make my work easier and I can get a professional finish on all my projects.

This is a short list that I’m sure will help you to know which sewing tools are a must have in the sewing room!

The 10 Must Have Sewing Tools

10 Must Have Sewing Tools

1 – Sewing Machine

When you like to sew, you might want to have the best sewing machine in your sewing room, but you don’t need to break the bank to purchase the model that comes with the latest up to date features, you can start sewing with the machine you have already at home or you can also get an affordable sewing machine designed and built with sewers and quilters in mind.

I have been sewing with a Brother sewing machine for years and it has helped me to make small and big projects, I just upgraded my sewing machine a few months ago, I used to have the modest model from Brother, a mechanical sewing machine that worked well for the past 8 or 9 years, (and it’s still in good conditions and I still work with it).

I just upgraded to a computerized sewing machine from Brother because I wanted to see firsthand how it works, and as I work to make more tutorials for my blog with it, I liked more how it works, it’s an affordable sewing machine, designed and built with high quality to last for many years. You can take a look to a Brother sewing machine available in your country on Amazon.

10 Must Have Sewing Tools

2 – Sewing Machine Needles

If you keep sewing with the sewing machine needle that came with your machine when you purchased it, you might want to take the time to change it for a new needle, it will make a big difference in the stitching quality and it will help you to get better results on the stitching.

You should have one or two needle packages made for the projects you use to work, this way if the needle in your machine breaks, you always will have a new needle to put in the machine to keep working on your current project!

10 Must Have Sewing Tools

3 – Scissors

A good pair of scissors that you can keep in the sewing room, and it will be used only for sewing purposes, there are some special and fancy models in the market where you can pick one, but you don’t need to pay lots of money to get a good quality pair of scissors that will work great always, I’ve had a pair of affordable Fiskars scissors at home, they do an excellent job!

10 Must Have Sewing Tools

4 – Presser Foot

After being sewing and quilting for a few years, today I know the importance to have the presser foot I need to help me to work on my projects better and easier. Some new sewing machines come with a good variety of presser feet that will help you to work better on the sewing projects you love to make, but in case you don’t have a specific presser foot for the type of projects you do, I will advise you to make the investment to purchase that presser foot as it will help you to work better and get professional finish on your projects all the time.

Most sewing machine brands have a good selection of presser feet that will fit the model you have at home and most have an affordable price.

5 – Measure Tape

Sewing success is all about taking the right measures, no matter if you’re making a simple potholder or if you want to make a new dress for a special event, you need a good measuring tape in your sewing tool box (I have at least two), it’s advised for experienced sewers to get a good brand measure tape as you can rely on its quality and measure prints.

6 – Seam Ripper

10 Must Have Sewing ToolsYou might not love to have this sewing tool in your sewing room, who loves to have to undo the work you just did? But a good seam ripper will save the day and will help you to undo those sewing mistakes you might do once in a while, as you get more skilled the seam ripper will stay in the sewing tool box all the time, but there are times when it will help you to open a buttonhole or to remove some extra stitches you did here and there!

It’s a must have tool and it’s better to get a good one, as sewers well know, when you buy a cheap one, it won’t help you to get the job don when you more need it!

10 Must Have Sewing Tools

7 – Quality Thread

When you love to sew, soon you will know a good quality thread will help you to work better on any project you want to make, I’ve been working with Guterman and Coats thread for the last years and I like to see how well any sewing project last in time in good conditions! Both brands Guterman and Coats have a good variety of thread color and type for all your projects.

8 – Pins

I love to have in the sewing room a pincushion with a few quality pins, they are always handy to help me to keep those layers of fabric in place as I sew on. Get a package of good quality pins as they will last long, sharp, and it’s easy to work with them all the time! It always worth it to get a good quality box of pins as they will help you to work faster and better on all your projects and they will last for many years, you can check the price on Amazon.

9 – Steam Iron

10 Must Have Sewing ToolsIf you love to sew and love to make quilts, another must have sewing tool to have at home is a steam iron, I bought mine a couple of years ago and I keep it ready to be used on the ironing table, whether you love to sew or to make quilts, you’ll be using the steam iron often to help you to press well all those seams, it will make your sewing easier and it will help you to get always a professional finish on all your projects. You can check today’s price of Rowenta DW5080 Steam Iron on Amazon.

10 – Sewing Journal

Sewers and quilters will often work on the same or similar projects, nothing better that keeping a Sewing Journal that will help you to read the steps you follow to make that project for the first time, it will save you tons of time and work, and your projects will be made perfect! You can download the FREE Sewing Journal I designed for you here!

10 Must Have Sewing Tools Closing Thoughts

10 Must Have Sewing ToolsWhether you’re new to sewing or if you have been sewing for some time, you might want to have in the sewing room the best sewing tools to help you to work on all your projects the best, and you know those tools will save you tons of time and work!

Sewing might be something you love to make, but if you love to make every project with a professional finish and not spending all the time in the sewing room, you might want to get the must have tools in the sewing room!

I know it by my own experience, as I try and use new sewing tools, I only keep the ones that help me to work better and in less time. I hope you find these 10 must have sewing tools article good and it helps you to know which sewing tools you need to get!

If you have other sewing tools that you love to have in the sewing tools basket, share it with us in a comment, it will help more sewers to get better results on all their projects!

Happy sewing!

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  1. Rather cool to see a very detailed post as this out here. Well, I am not too much into the details of tailoring or actually sewing but I know that the act is very rewarding if you have the necessary tools as it would save a lot and also make the whole concept of sewing easier. The tools listed here aare quite germane to have for anyone into this act

  2. Hello there, For me Straight Pins a one of the most important as these little thin lines of metal are a must have in the sewing basket. While I personally like to use them sparingly, they are mission critical for matching points and seams..thanks for sharing this with me I hope it helps others too.

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