How To Make Patchwork Skirt

Make Patchwork Skirt any young girl will love, using pretty square pieces of fabric by following the easy step by step sewing tutorial

When you love to sew, you might end up having some pieces of pretty fabric after you made a few sewing projects, whether you need to make the patchwork skirt for a young girl in the family or to give it as a gift to a girl on her birthday or a special day.

Learning to sew will make it easier for you to make a unique patchwork skirt any girl will love to have, today in the sewing tutorial I will give you the pieces of fabric you need to make a skirt for a girl size 4, in case, you need to make it bigger you can add more pieces on each row and add an extra row, but keep the same size fabric pieces, it will look better this way.

In case, you need to make a patchwork skirt size 2, you can cut out the squares of fabric 5 x 5 inches, and keep the same number of squares by row and the same number of rows.

How To Make Patchwork Skirt

Materials and Sewing Supplies

To make a patchwork skirt size 4 you will need:

  • 24 pieces of cotton 100% fabric, any color and prints, 6 x 6 inches each square
  • 1 elastic piece (to know the elastic size you need, measure the girls’ waist and subtract 1/2 inch or 1 inch)
  • Patchwork and Quilting Tools
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine

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Make Patchwork Skirt, Step by Step

Step 1 – Cut Out The 24 Fabric Pieces To Make The Patchwork Skirt

With the help of a rotary cutter, a patchwork ruler and a cutting mat, cut out all the fabric pieces you need to make the patchwork skirt.

Make Patchwork Skirt

Step 2 – Lay Out 12 Squares On Your Work Table

Position 12 fabric squares on your work table and lay out the squares the way you like them to be, you will need to do this step twice, to make the two parts for the skirt.

Once you like how the squares looks like on the work table, pin the squares to make three lines. Do this step on the two pieces for making the skirt, by this means, you will need to pin 6 lines of 4 squares.

Stitch on each strip, 1/4 inch seam and press.

Make Patchwork Skirt

Step 3 – Overlock Stitching

If you’re sewing machine has an overlock stitching pattern, overlock each seam, if your machine doesn’t have any overlock stitching pattern you can do zigzag stitching, it will protect seams from fraying.

Press all 6 strips.

Make Patchwork Skirt

Step 4 – How To Sew Rows Together

Lay 3 rows on your work table and flip first row over the second row, right side to right side, and match the seams, pin it and stitch on, open and press.

Flip row 3 over row 2, match seams and pin the two rows, stitch on, open and press.

Follow the sames steps to do the same with the other 3 rows to make the piece 2 for the skirt.

Once you finish stitching on the 6 rows to make the two pieces for the skirt, you can overlock all the seams, press both pieces.

Make Patchwork Skirt

Step 5 – How To Sew On The Two Pieces To Make The Patchwork Skirt

Lay over your work table one piece for the skirt, right side up, and lay over it the second piece for the skirt, right side down, match the row seams and pin both sides.

Stitch on both sides, overlock stitching both sides. Press.

Make Patchwork Skirt

Step 6 – How To Hem The Patchwork Skirt

Turn the skirt right side out, and do an overlock or zigzag stitching all along the bottom and top edge, by doing this it will help you to do the hemming and the waist without bulky seams.

Fold the bottom edge inside 1 inch and pin it.

Make Patchwork Skirt

Sew along the folded edge, press.

Make Patchwork Skirt

Step 7 – How To Sew The Patchwork Skirt Waist

Fold the top edge inside 1 inch and pin it, sew along the overlock edge, and leave an 1 1/2 inch opening.

Insert the elastic with a safety pin.

Make Patchwork Skirt

On the image below, you can see how to insert the elastic and keep both elastic ends out.

Make Patchwork Skirt

Overlap the two elastic ends (3/4 inch) and sew on with zigzag stitching, this step can be done by hand as well. Tuck in the elastic in the skirt waist and sew on to close the opening.

Make Patchwork Skirt

The Patchwork Skirt is done!

Make Patchwork Skirt

What Are The Best Fabrics To Make A Patchwork Skirt For A Girl?

I like to use cotton 100% fabrics in any color and prints, but you can also use cotton knit fabrics or light denim. If you plan to make a skirt to be used in Autumn or winter, you can make the skirt using corduroy or wool too.

How To Wash The Patchwork Skirt?

As the skirt is made by you, and you took the time to reinforce every seam at the beginning and at the end, the skirt can be washed in the laundry machine in a regular cycle, it can also be put in the dryer and can be pressed after drying. Don’t press the waist.

Is The Patchwork Skirt Sewing Project Good For A Beginner?

This is the perfect sewing project any beginner will love to Make Patchwork Skirt, as it has easy steps to follow and all seams are straight.


How Long Does It Take To Make Patchwork Skirt?

The step that will take longer is to chose all the fabrics you want to use and cut out the squares, it will take you also some time to sew on the squares to make the rows, from the beginning to the end it took me like one hour.

What Sewing Machine Is Needed To Make A Patchwork Skirt?

Any sewing machine will ge good to make the patchwork skirt, most of the steps need straight stitching, and you can use a serger or the same sewing machine with an overlock or zigzag stitching pattern to give a professional finish to all the seams.

I used a Brother Computerized Sewing Machine, with the multipurpose foot, straight stitching (3 mm) on high speed.

Make Patchwork Skirt – Final Thoughts

We hope you like the sewing tutorial to make a patchwork skirt any girl will love to have, it won’t take long to make it and this is a great project to use those fabrics that you have in your stash after you have made a few sewing projects!

Happy Sewing!

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Make Patchwork Skirt


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  2. Beautiful article! I have done a fashion course but never even attempted to make a patchwork skirt so I have printed your article and will get to it, will let you know how I get on:)

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