7 Benefits Of Sewing You Should Try It

When you decide to start a new hobby you might want to find the right one for you that will give you the feeling your doing great, the Benefits Of Sewing can be many, from making your own clothing to saving you money and to help save the planet!

Starting to work on this craft might be fast and easy or it might take you some time to learn the tasks to do it. Some are already talented and some need to work a little harder, but at the end everyone can do it!

From starting with easy projects to make to an outstanding outfit, with time and patience you’ll master your new hobby.

I started to sew when I was about 8 or 9 years old, I had the best teachers anyone could have, my great-grand-mother and a cleaning lady who loved to sew and to knit.

I still remember spending time with them both and making clothing for my dolls (Barbies)

So I learn the trade almost with no effort from me and my dolls always had some new clothing to wear!

From there, I always remember me sewing and making something, whether for my home, my children (3 boys) or for my business.

I can tell you, my hobby helped me to have a better life and I will tell you after a few years working on it, today I know some of the benefits of sewing.

Making Your New Clothing.

You can start with simple things to make like pajamas or tote bags, both are easy to make and you can make as many projects of them without thinking they should be perfect.

As you get better at it, you can try to make some other pieces of clothing, and you’ll always have new clothing to wear as you’ll be saving a lot of money!

A Unique And Perfect Look.

No matter what are you making this week, it will fit you great and you’ll be the only one to wear it!

You’ll get to know what fits you best and what style is not good for you, you’ll get to know the different types of fabric and you’ll be working with those you love to wear.

When a piece of clothing is made for you, everyone will note how pretty you look that day!

Benefits Of Sewing

Hand Eye Co-Ordination

As you start to work on this new hobby you might notice you’re not too good at it, your might feel your hands are not too skilled to work with a needle in your fingers, what you feel is true for many.

Many will quit because of this reason, but it you keep at it, you’ll see how well you get at it as you keep working on new projects.

If you keep the first piece of clothing you made, take a look at it a few years later and you’ll notice how far you have come.

Your hands will get better and better as you keep at it, what you have in your mind to make on a new project will be easy to follow with your eyes and your hands will know what to do on every step of the project.

Some time after, you’ll notice how good you’ve become at it, as soon as you think on a new project to make, your mind will know exactly how much material (fabric) you’ll need and the steps to follow to make it.

And if you ask me about how good your fingers will become at the time to do basic stitches or embroidery stitches, you don’t need to worry, you’ll be able to most of the elaborated embroidery stitches with no problem at all!

Emotional Well Being

When you love to work on this hobby, you won’t have any problem to see how happy you are when you’re working on a sewing project.

You can feel calmer and happier.

You’ll find yourself able to conquer any sewing challenge as you keep working on different projects, your self-esteem will improve.

Benefits Of Sewing

Helping The Planet.

Learning to sew and making your own clothing has an environmental impact for the best.

Buying all the time your clothing means buying clothing that was made in far countries, and I don’t want to say, this is not good, as many people can get a job because of this reason, but buying clothing that was made in a different country and also produce pollution because of the shipping.

Making your own clothing, you help the environment to be cleaner and safer.

Becoming A More Creative Person

Working on a sewing project is like working on a puzzle, you’ll need to learn a few skills to follow a pattern or to make different stitches.

As you work on this hobby, your brain will get more creative, it will learn how to work with the different pieces of a pattern, how to change a size for a new size, and how to work with different types of fabric.

You’ll get more creative in many different ways!

Keeping Yourself Young

One of the skills that will help you to keep yourself young is the capacity of learning.

Sewing will be a challenge for you many times, I’ve been sewing and quilting for many years and every time there’s a new technique I just want to learn how to do it.

Learning a new way to work with a pattern, or learning how a new sewing machine does this or that.

You won’t get bored at all, there are so many things to make and so many sewing techniques to learn that you’ll be busy at the same time, and you’re happy you decided to start working on this new hobby.

Closing Thoughts

Sewing is one of the most creative hobbies you can find, and it will help you to be busy and happy.

You won’t lack of projects to make.

As you keep working at it, you’ll see how skilled you are and how good you have become at it!

From sewing small and easy sewing projects to sewing a big challenge, you can conquer them all!

Don’t be afraid to start cutting a fabric with your scissors, start with small projects and a cheap piece of fabric and you’ll see how easy it can be.

As you learn how to do it, try to work with nicer fabrics and you’ll see making the first cut with your scissors will be a moment you’ll always enjoy!

There are multiple benefits of sewing as a hobby, from saving a lot of money on clothing, to make your own clothing that will make you look better and happier because you made it for yourself, but also you can start working on it because it also has some benefits that will help you to feel better!

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7 Benefits Of Sewing You Should Try It

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  1. The creativity that goes into sewing is what makes it a masterclass. It helps to bring out the best out of our imagination and helps to recreate our imagination in the most creative means ever. Though I am a man, I was introduced to the art of sewing right from little because my mom loves to sew a lot. I also like the blend of elegance that accompanies the uniqueness of the clothes sown. This article is spot on. Thanks

    • Thank you Roland for taking the time to write a comment.

      As you said, it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man, both can learn to sew, and it will help you many times in life, no matter you need to add a few stitches to a piece of clothing, so you don’t miss a button or if you want to add a few more stitches to make from a unique piece that everybody will love!

  2. I love sewing, having been taught by my grandmother before I can even remember. It was never an optional activity, but never a chore either, it was just what you did while watching TV or listening to the radio. Although she’s sadly long gone I still have things sewn by her for me, along with fabric scraps, needles and buttons that all belonged to her. It is a soothing and very practical skill and you’re right – everyone should try it!

    • Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, I love to read stories about how people started with sewing, so you too learned it from your grandmother! 🙂


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