What Is a Lightweight Summer Quilt? (Read The Facts)

When you think about making a quilt, you might think about working with three layers of fabrics to make your new quilt, but when you think about Summer, you might be wondering how you can make a quilt that can help you to stay fresh during those warm Summer nights.

What Is a Lightweight Summer Quilt? A lightweight Summer Quilt is made the same as a regular quilt, making the top with any Patchwork or Applique method, but at the time to make the quilting sandwich, you don’t add any batting, so these quilts are made with the top and the backing fabric, which makes them light and fresher that the winter quilts.

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What Is A Lightweight Summer Quilt?

A lightweight Summer Quilt is made the same way quilters make their regular quilts, making a top with a patchwork or applique method and then making the quilting sandwich with a wide fabric for the backing, but without the batting, making your quilt with only two layers of fabric will make your quilt lightweight.

Summer Quilts are not a new thing, quilters have been making them for centuries around the world.

As many quilters live in different parts of the world, the necessity of making a quilt warm and think it is not the same depending on where you live.

Different types of quilts have been made to keep warm your family members on those cold winter nights, at the same time to add some unique decoration style to any bedroom in your home, but when you think about keeping your bedroom decoration pretty during the hot Summer nights, quilters have been making some lightweight quilts with pretty tops, but fresh and lightweight.

To make a quilt to keep you and your family members fresh during the Summer nights, you will be making your quilt without the middle layer in the quilting sandwich, this way it will be easier to make and it will be also cheaper.

Summer quilts might be different from one place to another place around the world, as weather is different in each part of the world.

What Is The Right Weight Of A Summer Quilt

Any quilt weight can be tailored depending on what region of the country, or depending on what country you live, and you can make a Summer Quilt with a very light batting, or no batting layer on your quilt.

The weight of your quilt will depend on what type of cotton fabric or other type of fabric you use to make the top and the backing of your quilt, as some quilts will be made using only cotton fabric on the top, and a wide cotton fabric for the back of your quilt.

Flannel can be also used to make a Summer Quilt, and you will decide weather to use it to make the top or not, but you can decide to use a wide flannel fabric for the back of your quilt.

When using flannel to make a Summer Quilt, it will be heavier and warmer than using cotton fabric on your quilt.

What Is The Best Patchwork Top To Make A Summer Quilt?

At the time of making a quilt top for a Summer Quilt, you might need to think about making the top with regular or big size of pieces, as when working on the piecing by hand or with your sewing machine, you will have not many seams to stitch on, and this will help you to make the top with a lightweight.

When you go to the fabric store, you can also shop for cotton or linen fabric with a lightweight, and light colors and pretty patterns on it, this will help you to make a pretty quilt with a simple patchwork pattern.

What Is The Best Backing Fabric For A Summer Quilt?

At the time to choose a fabric for the backing for a Summer Quilt, there will be a few options where you can pick one, and it will depend on the weather during Summer in the region where you live:

– Cotton Quilting Fabric – At the fabric store or online, you can find pretty wide cotton fabrics made for the backing for your quilts, there will be many options where you can choose one for your new quilt: solid colors, pretty fabric patterns, and you can also buy one or more cotton fabrics to sew on the backing, making your quilt pretty on both sides.

– Bedding Sheets – When looking for a wide fabric to use for the back on your new quilt, the idea to use a bedding sheet is a good option, and there are different options where you can pick one: heavy weave, will give your quilt more weight, open weave will keep your quilt lightweight. You can also choose a bed sheet made of cotton, bamboo or a blend.

– Flannel – In some regions Summer nights can be fresh and then in the early morning hours can be a little bit cooler, for this reason you might want to make a Summer quilt that is light, but it can also keep you fresh and give you some warm at the same time, and flannel on the back of your quilt might be the fabric you might need to use.


When you love to make quilts, you make them because it’s a nice way to keep your family warm during those cool winter nights, but you make them also to give that homemade decoration style to your home.

Quilts have been made the same for centuries around the world, but quilters know well that making a quilt to be used during the Summer might be not the best idea, for this reason they know how to make a pretty quilt without the batting layer and this way it will be a lightweight quilt that will keep you fresh during those hot Summer nights.

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What Is a Lightweight Summer Quilt