Make A Sewing Machine Quieter

When you love to sew but keeping the noise low is important for you, you would love how to Make A Sewing Machine Quieter.

I know by experience some sewing machines can be noisier than others, and I also know for some sewers noise coming from their sewing machine is part of the trade, but for some sewers keeping the noise low is important, and I need to agree with them.

A sewing machine is a machine after all, and machines makes noise but not all the sewing machines makes the same amount of noise. I still remember my grandmother sewing on one of the first Singer Sewing machines with no power, those machines used to make a lot of noise.

Make A Sewing Machine QuieterToday sewers can find in the market a wide variety of different sewing machines, these machines are designed and built for different sewing projects, some will be quieter than others, it’s important for you if you’re in the market to buy a new machine and if keeping noise low is important for you, to look for a model that is build quieter, with this you might know a sewing machine quieter might come with a higher price. We will take a look later on this post to what machines are quieter.

When you have at home a noisy sewing machine and this keeps you away from working on your projects, there are a few things to do to see if you can fix the noise problem on your machine, so let’s take a look at what can be causing that noise on your machine.

Make A Sewing Machine Quieter

Make A Sewing Machine Quieter

What Can Cause Your Sewing Machine To Make Loud Noise

There can be some different problems that are making your machine to make a lot of noise, let’s take a look to the more common causes of a sewing machine to be noisey.

Poor Sewing Machine Table

A good sewing table is designed and build thinking of all the needs any sewer has at the time to work on any project. Sewing machine tables are made to fit all the needs you will have as a sewer, producers pay attention to build sturdy tables for your machines that will help to keep the noise low.

I know by my own experience, buying a sewing table means to put a few more dollars into your hobby, but if to keep noise low as you sew is important for you, buying a good quality sewing table will be worth the investment.

If you don’t want to buy a sewing machine table, look for a sturdy table you might have at home and test it, you might find the best table you have at home and it could be your kitchen table or you’re dinning table, but it might be also a small desk you might have at home already.

Poor Sewing Machine Maintenance

As you work on different projects using different types of fabric, your machine will accumulate lint and dust inside, this will make your machine not work as it should, and some parts of you’re sewing machine will not be oiled enough to work properly, with this your machine will start making more noise, a proper maintenance program will help you to avoid any louder noise coming from your machine.

Locate The Noise Source On Your Sewing Machine

Many times a sewing machine will start to make more noise as a result that something is not working as it should be, if you have been sewing for a while with the same sewing machine, you might notice as soon as you start sewing on a new project that the noise from you’re sewing machine is different.

For new sewers this might not be something they can notice at the moment, and the risk to break the machine will be bigger.

If you decide to sew as a hobby or as a home based business, take a few minutes to make a test on you’re sewing machine with any scrap of fabric, but this time, don’t pay much attention on the stitching, this time is important to pay attention to the noise you’re sewing machine does when it works good.

Try to have a good memory of this noise, this way any time your machine is not working good, you can detect a different noise coming from your machine and you will stop sewing immediately and look for a reason of that noise.

As you can detect a different noise and repair what is not working good in your machine, you will save yourself a few headaches and a few dollars.

It’s always better to stop sewing when something is not working good on your machine and get it fixed, the project you need to finish will need to wait until your machine is good to be used again.

Easy Steps To Make A Sewing Machine Quieter

Make A Sewing Machine Quieter

1 – Keep Your Sewing Machine Well Balanced

Most of the machines need to be well-balanced when you work with them, any difference in balance on your machine or on you’re sewing table can be the cause your machine produces more noise.

2 – Get An Anti-Vibration Pad

Make A Sewing Machine Quieter

As you work on any project, your machine will be running in low or high speed, this will produce some vibration on your machine and this may produce more noise, to avoid your machine from vibrating as you work on it, you can put an anti-vibration pad underneath the machine, this pad will help to reduce the noise by about 40 % less. It will worth to invest to purchase an anti-vibration pad. (Link to

3 – Use a Solid Table

You can use a sewing machine table designed and made for this purpose or you can find one thick and solid table at home to use as you’re sewing table, this will help you to work on a solid table and it will help to make less noise as you work on any project.

4 – Reduce The Sewing Speed

I know by experience myself, when you use you’re sewing machine at high speed, the machine will sew fast but it will be vibrate more and it will make more noise, if you keep the sewing speed moderate or slow, the sewing machine will also work better and it will make less noise.

5 – Keep a Maintenance Schedule

Any machine will work better when you take care of it and sewing machines are the same, if you keep a good maintenance schedule to do a light and deep cleaning of the machine, remove all dust and lint and if the manual recommends it, you should oil your machine often to keep it at its best, by doing it you will assure that your machine will run smoothly and it will make less noise.

6 – Change The Needles Often

A sharp point needle will go through the fibers easier and will do less noise, as you keep sewing you will get used to the noise of a sharp needle and a needle that needs to get changed. You can also touch the point of the needle to check if the point is good to keep working with it or to know if needs to be changed.

7 – Upgrade Your Sewing Machine

If you love to sew and the noise from you’re sewing machine is loud and gives you hard times as you work on your projects, the last resource would be to upgrade you’re sewing machine.

There are sewing machines brands that are known for producing quite machines, but it comes with better technology and with a higher price tag.

You can consider upgrading to a computerized sewing machine from a well-known brand and it will be quieter than a mechanical machine.

I have at home a basic Brother machine that works perfect after almost 10 years from when I bought it, but last year I decided I wanted to get a computerized sewing machine from the same brand, just to see how it works, the first thing I noticed when I set up the new sewing machine on the table and I started to sew on it, how quite is this machine compared to the basic machine.

Today as I work on any project, I can listen to music or talk with a friend as the machine is quite enough.

If you can’t upgrade to a quieter model, and the noise of you’re sewing machine is a problem for you, consider to get a good pair of ear plugs to use them as you work with it. It’s important to protect your ears from loud noises.

Take a look to some sewing machines recommended by their owners as quiet machines:

Make A Sewing Machine Quieter Closing Thoughts

Make A Sewing Machine QuieterI hope you can find these 7 tips to make a sewing machine quieter helpful and you can find why your machine is louder than other models.

All sewing machines make noise as you sew on your projects, but there’s a difference between a machine that is well balanced on a sewing table and well oiled and a sewing machine that is making more noise than normal.

As you keep your machine well balanced on a sewing table and oiled, not only will be quieter, but it will be in better conditions to work with it for many years.

If you have another idea that can help our readers to keep their machines quieter, leave your tip on a comment, we love to read from you!

Happy Sewing.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips to make sewing a quieter hobby. I spend more time on my computer than my sewing machine, and I was surprised at how much nicer it was to work at my computer after I purchased a “whisper quiet” mouse (it doesn’t make any clicking sound). I hadn’t thought about doing these things to tune-up and make the machine run smoother and quieter too. Thank you so much!

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