Best Sewing Machine For Quilting

Best Sewing Machine For Quilting should help quilters, beginners, and more advanced to work on their quilting projects from the start to finishing a quilt on one sewing machine.

Every day more quilters around the globe are starting to work on the quilting on their sewing machines, the traditional quilting system made by hand remains among the more traditional for quilters or to those who are in no rush to finish a quilt, as you might know working on hand quilting can take not only a few days to finish a quilt, but a few weeks, months and even one or more year.

Best Sewing Machine For Quilting – Editor’s Choice

Best Sewing Machine For QuiltingQuilters around the globe are testing their quilting skills to give it a try with a sewing machine, most of them might need to spend some time learning the basics of machine quilting and the free motion quilting.

Most of them will master their quilting skills for coming up with the most beautiful quilts with outstanding machine quilting designs.

Nowadays any sewer who wants to give quilt making a try, wants to know in advance which is the best sewing machine for quilting.

Searching on the market to find which is the best quilting machine for beginners or advanced quilters can take some time as you’ll find many options and models that offer many sewing and quilting features, but when you think about getting focused on a sewing machine that can perform well with the features you need to help you to work on your quilts, you might agree with me that you might not need many different features on the sewing machine but just the features you need to work on the piecing of the top of the quilt and to make the quilting.

Straight Stitching

Best Sewing Machine For QuiltingI’ve been working on making quilts for over 30 years, I’ve made quilts mini, small and full time quilts, and I also have tried sewing machines of different brands and models, at the end I know a good machine for making quilts doesn’t need too many features on it, Straight stitching will do the job of helping you to make quilt tops of all kind and sizes.

When you think about sewing 100, 300 and even more small triangles and squares of fabric to make a quilt block and then the top, you’ll find yourself working only with straight stitching and working on chain stitching.

You want to find a sewing machine that will help you to work on the sewing of a small block but also to work with no problems on a top for the quilt. You want to own a sewing machine that will handle those quilt tops the best without moving all around the table.

Straight Line Machine Quilting

Best Sewing Machine For QuiltingWhen the top of the quilting is finished, the next step will be to make the quilting sandwich, this step requires you to set up the three layers of fabric to make the quilt.

Once you get the quilt sandwich ready, you might want to work on your quilt with Straight Line Quilting by sewing long straight lines all around the quilt, once again you need to have a sewing machine that performs well handing small and big quilts while you work on this step.

You want to own a sewing machine that will work great with no problem on the straight line quilting so you can be making those beautiful quilts.

Free Motion Quilting

Nowadays, quilters are making the most beautiful free motion quilting on their quilts, by designing the quilting on their quilts as beautiful as the quilt by itself.

Being a hand quilter for all my life, I must say I admire the great job many quilters are doing with the free motion quilting on their quilts.

If you’re a beginner or if you want a seasoned quilter but you want to give the free motion quilting a try, you want to own a sewing machine that is designed to help you to work on this step the best way.

Brother Quilting And Sewing Machine PQ1500SL

Built strong and efficient, this model is backed up with the high quality of the Brother sewing machines brand, it will help quilters beginners and advanced to create with it the most beautiful top quilts and also to work on it to create outstanding machine quilting designs.

Stitching Speed

This model can sew up to 1500 stitches per minute, with this speed you won’t have any problem to work on the making of the blocks, and to finish in less time any top for a quilt.


But at the time to work on the machine quilting, you can adjust the speed of the stitching, or you can control the speed with the foot pedal.

Thread Trimming

Having this feature on this sewing and quilting machine is a plus at the time of working on the quilting, you can stop working on the free motion quilting to trim the thread and move your quilt to another section to work without the need to lift the whole quilt to trim the thread.

Knee Foot Lifter

This is another feature I love having on this model, at the time when you’re working on the quilting of a big quilt, you don’t need to lift the presser foot with your hand, all you need is to lift it by touching with your knee the foot lifter.

This feature is a time saver, you might need some time to get used to work with it, but after you get used to the knee foot lifter, you’ll miss it whenever you sew with any other sewing machine.

Feed Dog Adjuster

You won’t have any problem at the time to select the feed dog level when you work on the making of a quilt top or the quilting.

Fabric Extension Table

When you love to work on making quilts, you know you need a big surface on your table to work with ease, with the excellent size of the extension table on this model, you’ll get plenty of space to work on your quilts.

Automatic Needle Up/Down Feature

You can select to finish with your needle up or down as you work on the making of your quilts, with this feature you won’t have any problem to work with ease on the making of blocks or the quilting.

7 Presser Feet

This model comes with 7 presser feet, among them you’ll find the 1/4 inch presser foot, this foot will help you to sew all those small pieces of fabric very accurate with no problem at all.

Another bonus you get when you get this model is the Spring Free Motion Quilting Foot, before you noticed you’ll be working on the free motion quilting and making your own quilting designs.

Bright Led Light

You won’t have any problem at the time to work on dark color fabrics with this model.


  • This model can handle a good speed of stitching, by this means you can work faster at the time of piecing the tops for your quilts.
  • Easy threader
  • It’s a heavy sewing machine, and its weight will help you to work with ease on big quilts.
  • It has a good space on the throat, you can roll up big quilts to fit well on this space while you work on the quilting.
  • You can quilt any size quilt on this model working on the straight stitching quilting or with the free motion quilting.

Best Sewing Machine For QuiltingNegatives

  • This is a heavy sewing machine, it’s not made to be taking with you to the sewing and quilting classes, it’s made to stay in the sewing room.
  • It only has the feature of straight stitching, if you need to make buttonholes or work with different stitches, you might need to get a second sewing machine in the sewing room.

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Brother Quilting And Sewing Machine PQ1500SL Veredic

As a quilter of many years making quilts small and full size, I must say I love to work on a strong and fast sewing machine like the Brother PQ1500SL. I find it has all the features any quilter will need to create the most beautiful top quilts and the quilting on their quilts.

It might have a learning curve for beginners and medium level quilters because this is a high speed sewing machine, but once you get to know how to work with it and how to control the speed on it, it will become the best partner you need to have in the sewing room to make your quilts.

If you want to get serious about making quilts, this is the model you might want to try.

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4 thoughts on “Best Sewing Machine For Quilting”

  1. This sounds like by far the best sewing machine for quilting! Do you have any other related posts or comparisons out of curiosity? I always like to search the market and see what else is out there before diving in as it’s such a big purchase. Thanks for leaving such a detailed review though. I am looking for a lighter machine if possible?

  2. Quilting is a skill I’ve been looking to develop mainly for my daughter’s sake, she loves quilting! As I was checking the price for the Brother Quilting and Sewing Machine, PQ1500SL, I also noticed the SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine. Are these two sewing machines very similar? Can the Singer one be used for quilting or would you recommend only the brother one for quilting?

    • Hi Padma

      The Brother PQ1500SL is not a computerized sewing machine and the Singer 9960 is, this is a big difference as the Singer 9960 comes with many built-in stitches and can make buttonholes and many other features.

      The Brother PQ1500SL is a straight stitching machine, but it’s made thinking on the needs quilters have.

      You need to take your time to see what sewing projects you and your daughter want to make, if your daughter wants to make quilts and another sewing projects that require straight stitching I will recommend this model, but if your daughter wants to make garments construction and button holes and use decorative stitching, then the Singer 9960 will a good option for you. 

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