Best Sewing Machine For Under $200

When you’re looking to find a Best Sewing Machine For Under $200 with all the features for garment construction, mending clothes, making home decor or others for a budget under $200, look no more as the Brother CS6000i is the sewing machine that is great for beginners and more advanced sewers who are looking to have it all.

Why is the Brother CS6000i the Best Sewing Machine For Under $200

When you shop in the market to find a sewing machine unit with the features every sewer needs to work with, on different projects, you’ll find a few models that are packed with more or less the same features: straight stitching, zigzag stitching, buttonholer, and some other features.

If you want to find a sewing machine that is made to last for many years (20 -30) and with a good list of features that will help you to work on different projects for sewing and quilting, you might notice the Brother Corporation has thought about you and they made the Brother CS6000i.

A lightweight sewing machine that is easy to carry around the house or to your sewing classes and workshops.

Easy to set up and ready to work anytime you need it, no matter if you just want to mend a piece of clothing or if you want to make a new piece of clothing.

A sewing machine that will help you to work on many different sewing projects for many years without the need to upgrade it even if you get better at your sewing skills.

Packed with all the features any sewer needs to work on any project.

When you think about shopping for a sewing machine with a limited budget, you might think you won’t find any good models that can help beginners and more advanced sewers to work on different projects, as it might be a limited feature model for that price.

You might be wrong, as once again Brother has put together all those features every sewer needs to work on and they have come up with a great sewing machine packed with most of the features every sewer dreamed to have in one unit.

  • Straight stitching – From sewing easy projects to making the most elaborate quilting tops, you can work on small and big projects with no problem at all
  • Zigzag stitching – Or using any of the 60 built-it stitches to decorate any project by adding your personal touch.
  • Easy threading system – It will take no time at all to change the thread every time you need to do it.
  • Simple to use LCD display – Push a button to select the stitch you want to work with.
  • Adjustable stitching speed – Select the slow or high speed to work with on your sewing projects.
  • Oversize table – Designed for making quilts and other big projects.
  • Easy to see, super bright sewing area – Working full time or in your free time, you won’t have any problem at the time to work by night or on any dark fabric.
  • Easy bobbing winding system – Get all those bobbins wound and start working on your next project, Brother makes it easier for you.
  • Built-in free arm for sewing cuffs and sleeves – Or making any other project like sewing bags or doll’s clothing.
  • Hard protective case – It’s not a carrying case, but it will protect your sewing machine from dust and when carrying it to your classes and workshops it has an opening on the top to make it easier to carry the machine protected.
  • 8 Sewing and quilting feet – Walking foot, monogramming foot, spring quilting foot, overcasting foot, zipper foot, blind stitch foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot.
  • See-through bobbin case – Easy to know when the bobbin thread is close to finish so you can drop-in the next bobbin.
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • Walking foot – Work with easy on the straight line quilting.

All these features make of the Brother CS6000i a light versatile sewing machine you might want to have in the sewing room.

The Brother CS6000i is acclaimed as the best sewing machine for under $200 because it is affordable, and with a great variety of features.

Creating Quilts Is Easy

Everyone loves to have all the sewing features you need on this sewing machine, beginners and more experienced quilters will love to work on it when making the piecing of the quilt tops, working on the free motion quilting will be fun and easy with this model.

Spend your time to create your own personalized quilting designs for your next quilt, with the spring free motion foot, you’ll be amazed on what you quilt.

Working on the smallest pieces of fabric will be as easy as setting the stitching speed on low, worry no more, all your piecing will be well done!


  • Beginners friendly
  • Designed for large projects
  • Speed control feature
  • Light enough to carry around the house
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with a protective case


  • Tension issues

Best Sewing Machine For Under $200Best Sewing Maching For Under $200 Veredic

The Brother CS6000i is a good all-around sewing machine that is well-made to help any beginner to start their sewing journey without any problem.

It’s also well-made to help any sewer to work on any sewing project for any sewing skill level.

It comes with all the features you might need, to work on small and big projects, this sewing machine allows you to work with the simple options of computerized sewing machines and combined them with the simple nature of the mechanical sewing machines.

If you need a sewing machine with power and the versatility to work on different sewing projects and quilt making, look no more and give the Brother CS6000i a try!

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  1. Brother make fantastic sewing machines and I chose what looks like an older version of this model when I upgraded from my hobby machine (never buy a sewing machine for less than $100, it’s a waste of money!) which was rubbish. I seriously considered Singer, a brand I was more familiar with, but tried them out at a local shop and decided on the Brother. Fantastic quality, never any problems with it, it does everything I need. Brilliant purchase that has saved me so much money on curtains etc.

    • Brother sewing machines are made and designed to work great for many years, as you said, this sewing machine can help us to save so much money on many different home decor projects we can make.

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