Is Quilting Cotton Good For Clothing? Here Are The Facts!

When you love to sew and you love to shop for new fabric for your projects, you might want to take your time to look at quilting cotton as it is pretty and it can be found in many colors and prints.

Is Quilting Cotton Good For Clothing? Yes, this cotton fabric can be used also for making cloths, but you need to keep in mind that it tends to be crispier than apparel cotton, is not soft and it has stiffer drape. It must be used for more casual apparel and it will need to be washed several times before it gets softer and it might need to get ironed.

Know More About Quilting Cotton

Quilting Cotton is easy to be found in many fabric stores and I could say it’s easy also to find it even in the big “box-stores”, which makes it easier for you to shop for this fabric to make your next quilt, but as you find one that is pretty, you might wonder if it will be good for making a new garment for you or for someone in your family.

Quilting Cotton is made for quilting projects and it tends to shrink, so you will need to pre-wash and iron the fabric before you cut any pattern to make.

When pre-washing this fabric, always use a gentle laundry soap on a gentle laundry cycle, it can be put in the dryer which will help to get your clothing softer and free of soft wrinkles, but it might need also some ironing.

Avoid leaving the garments made with this cotton for a long time on the laundry line as sunlight can damage it, and it will be best if you turn the clothing pretty side in.

When ironing your garments made of quilting cotton, you will need a hot iron with some steam.

What Thread To Use When Making Garments With Quilting Clothing?

It will be better if you use 50 wt cotton or polyester thread. I like to use polyester thread as it is stronger than cotton and you can find more colors easily.

Always use a sewing machine needle size and type according to the thread you’ll be using.

Making Childrens Clothing With Quilting Cotton

As Quilting cotton is made with pretty colors and prints, is great for making many different pieces of clothing for children, from soft toys and dolls, to easy bibs to make, to blouses, dresses and pants.

Quilting cotton is a good fabric to use to make a smock dress for a young girl, but it needs to be pre-washed and ironed to soften the fabric to be smocked. I have used this fabric to make a few of these dresses in the past.

Is Quilting Cotton Good For Clothing

Making Summer And Casual Clothing With Quilting Cotton

During the warm weather days of Summer, nothing is better than wearing garments made of natural fibers and you won’t have any problem to find a pretty quilting cotton to make a blouse or dress.

There are plenty of great patterns to use for making different garments for Summer, some will take no more than 30 minutes to make them, while others may take a little bit longer.

Making Pajamas With Quilting Cotton will be a fun project to make for kids and adults!

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I hope you find the information to learn more about making new garments with quilting cotton, as this fabric is made with pretty colors and prints, you won’t have many problems to find one for your next project.

Happy Sewing!

Is Quilting Cotton Good For Clothing