Singer M3330 Review – Sewing Machine For Beginners

Singer M3330 Review, this is an easy to set up and start sewing machine that comes with enough features any beginner or an occasional sewer will love to have.

If you’re looking for an affordable sewing machine that comes with enough features to make different sewing projects to learn how to sew, this is the machine you might want to bring into your sewing room.

Singer M3330 Review

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Why You Should Bring The Singer M3330 Sewing Machine Into Your Sewing Room

If you’re a beginner looking to learn to sew on different projects, learning on a mechanical sewing machine will help you to learn how a machine works and the basic features on it.

When starting to learn how to sew, it’s always a good option to start with a model that comes with basic sewing features and you can work on it easily to make sewing projects.

This sewing machine comes with a front loading bobbin that is similar to many other machines in the sewing industry and it will help you to get used to this bobbin system from the beginning, it might be hard to work with it at the beginning, but I will recommend it to you, as it’s designed this way to give a professional stitching on this model.

Who Is The Singer M3330 Sewing Machine For?

Beginner sewers will love to work on an easy to set up and start sewing with the Singer M3330, as this is a model that comes with all the features you want to have in a machine to start learning the basics of sewing.

Intermediate and advanced sewers who are looking to have a back up sewing machine in their sewing room will love to have this model, as it’s designed and built to help all level sewers to work with ease in many different sewing projects.

If you’re looking for a machine for a young sewer who is asking to get their own machine, you don’t need to look far, this machine is well-built with a metal frame that will last for many years.

What Are The Singer M3330 Features?

The Singer M3330 is a well-designed and built sewing machine, we will list some of the features you can find on this model:

Metal Frame

This sewing machine has a metal frame under the cover and that means it will stay stable while you sew on it. The metal frame will help this machine to give you a good stitching quality every time and it will last for many years!

97 Stitch Applications

This machine comes with enough stitch applications to help you to work on any sewing project you want to make, the stitches are good for straight stitching, zigzag, buttonhole and many more!

Customize Stitches

On this machine you can customize your stitching as it comes with a dial to customize the width and length of the stitches.

Needle Threader

It will be easy for you to thread the machine and start stitching on your project.

1 Step Buttonhole

Nothing easier than making any buttonhole with the 1 Step Buttonhole feature on this machine.

Other features you will love on this machine: Bright LED lighting over the sewing area, and the free arm, and

Singer Warranty:

What Comes With The Singer M3330 Sewing Machine?

When you purchase the Singer M3330 this is what you get:

  • Singer M3330 Sewing Machine
  • Foot pedal and power cord
  • 3 Presser feet
  • Bobbin class 15 and extra needles
  • Other accessories: and darning plate

How To Use The Singer M3330

This is a basic mechanical sewing machine and it comes with a foot pedal, by this means you will use a pedal foot to work on your machine, start, sew and stop it.

For many years, sewers have been sewing on machines that work this way, you might need to time to get used to control the machine with your foot, but once you get used to it, it will go perfect as you make different projects.

When you press the foot pedal with your foot, the machine will sew forward, to reinforce your sewing when starting and at the end of a seam, the machine comes with a reverse stitching lever, all you need is to push it down and hold it at the same time as you push the foot pedal, whenever you stop pushing down the reverse lever, the machine will sew forward again.

Always be sure to take off your foot from the foot pedal to switch to any other feature on the machine, to prevent any accident.

Anytime you need to switch to a different stitching pattern, turn the hand wheel with your hand to raise the needle, this will prevent breaking the needle.

What Sewing Projects Can You Make With The Singer M3330?

You can work with ease with the Singer M3330 to make any sewing project you might have on your list!

From making easy sewing projects for the kitchen to work on making any type of new garment for anyone in the family, or to work on a new sewing project to make any project for home decoration.

The sewing machine is versatile and will help you to work on any project you want to make, from making an easy potholder to making a new garment for anyone in the family.

Is The Singer M3330 Good For Quilting?

The Singer M3330 comes with enough features to help you to sew any quilting top size you want to make.

At the time to think about working on the Free Motion Quilting on a small quilt, you won’t have any problem to set it up and start working on your small quilt, as it comes with a darning plate that will cover the feed dogs and will help you to work on the free motion quilting.

If you’re looking for a sewing machine to work on the free motion quilting on regular size quilts, you might want to take a look to the Best Sewing Machines For Quilting, we are sure you will find the machine that is designed and built to help you to work on your quilts with ease.

The Pros and Cons Of The Singer M3330 Sewing Machine

The Pros

This is a well-designed and built mechanical sewing machine that comes with a good number of features that will help you to work with ease on different projects, we will list the pros we found on this model below:

  • Easy to set up and start sewing
  • Good for beginners or young sewers
  • Good as a back up machine for intermediate or advanced sewers.
  • Lightweight that makes it portable to carry to your sewing classes or retreats
  • Affordable price

The Cons

While it is a good basic sewing machine that comes with enough features, it might not be the perfect model for you if you are an advanced sewer or if you have a particular sewing project to make like working with denim or other type of thick fabric.

  • As this is a mechanical basic machine, it won’t help you to work on specific sewing projects, you might need to upgrade your machine as you get more skilled.

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Where To Buy The Singer M3330 Sewing Machine?

You can find the Singer M3330 on the specialty stores shelves, with the sewing machine dealer in your area and you can also purchase this model online:

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Singer M3330 Review Closing Thoughts

We hope the Singer M3330 Review gives you an idea on how this machine works, we also hope this machine matches your sewing projects.

For anyone starting to sew or for any young sewer, this is a machine that comes with enough features and it will help you to get your projects done and learn new sewing skills.

Wishing you all the best on your sewing projects, happy sewing!

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Singer M3330 Review

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12 thoughts on “Singer M3330 Review – Sewing Machine For Beginners”

  1. Hi, I really liked this post you wrote! The only time that I have used a sewing machine was back in middle school but if I were to reconsider doing sewing as a hobby, I would look into using that product. Mainly because it’s beginner friendly and I haven’t had much experience. Thanks for the informative and detailed article!

  2. Sewing and quilting can be so intimidated at first, even after years if I go a while without using a sewing machine it can make me feel anxious and uncomfortable and i end up procrastinating and putting it off to keep from having to use the machine. Once I get started though, it’s so easy and I don’t know why i let it get to me.

  3. A very nice article to introduce to me about sewing. My daughter once mentioned that she wants to sew. 

    She only mentioned it once and never repeated. You have reminded me with your post. 

    I can probably give her Singer M3330 as you described to be good for beginners. I will also share your website to her for a guide. I saw your links on how to start. The potholders are good to start.

    Thanks for sharing this post!

  4. I have been trying to decide which sewing machine suits us best between Singer and Brother. And I have arrived at the conclusion that the Singer M3330 is what we need. It is quality and budget-friendly. And I like it has many different types of built stitches. Thank you for helping me decide.

  5. Reading your review brought back so many memories of buying my first Singer sewing machine when I was 16. I can’t believe that I still have it and use it now 42 years later. Singer sewing machines are really built to last. I’ve only had it serviced twice and once was to replace the foot pedal and it goes perfectly. I highly recommend any Singer for the new sewers and more advanced.

    This looks like a very sweet machine and I love that it has the one-step buttonholer and is so lightweight.

  6. This is great! I have been looking for a sewing machine for beginners for myself. My mom knows how to sew and she already has a big sewing machine which is truly great. But, it’s too heavy and it’s challenging when you want to lift it up and place it on the desk. I am so happy I read here that the Singer M3330 can be used by beginners like me and for those with an advanced level like my mom. 

    I am definitely going to go for it since I see it as 2 in 1 🙂 

  7. I learnt to sew on my grand mother’s old Singer hand sewing machine many years ago, so when I bought my first own sewing machine, Singer was the brand that I instinctively went to. So it is great to see that Singer is still making the same quality sewing machines. The Singer M3330 seems like the perfect machine for a beginner, or to have as a back-up. 

    When I was a beginner, I really struggled with buttonholes, as in those days they were not one-step. I think this feature would really be helpful for beginners.

  8. good day 

    great topic  i Really didnt saw those machine long time before but I remember my older family members ussually talking about those things I think some of them are working on Sewing Machines < Ill try to send this article to them I think this can help them more 

    thank you and have a good day

  9. Hi Alex. Thank you for another great review. I’m using sewing machines for years now, and presented model would be to basic for me but I was looking recently one for my nice to start teaching her, and it looks perfect. Its simple, produced by well know company and price is really reasonable. Looking forward to test it in practice.

    • I don’t know your nice’s age, but this sewing machine is perfect for the beginner and the young sewist!

  10. When I was learning i insisted it had to the manual. I’m a strong believer that learning from an auto automobile is simply not the right way

    And when you mention this same concept here you got me excited. However it looks like a weak version of sewing my machine. And if i’m wrong please correct. I would like to recommend to some guy who has a quilting business.

    so my question is this singer m3330 sewing machine good for profesional /enterprise work?

    • Hi Sebastian Ephraim,

      As you well pointed on your comment, if you’re looking for a sewing machine for a workshop or a sewing business, this is not the best machine for this purpose. You need to get an industrial sewing machine, as it is designed to provide the features any sewing business need: speed, high quality stitching and it will be easier to work with it for long hours.

      The Singer M3330 sewing machine is designed for home use or small home sewing use. 

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