Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review

Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review,  with this model your sewing projects will turn out excellent every time. I tested this model at the sewing classes this past week and I can say I like how well it works and I can say yes in deed it’s a well-made sewing machine by its brand and it will help any sewer to sew faster any project with professional finishes!

Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing MachineAs you sew with this model one of the first things you will notice is the 60 % more powerful motor that other sewing machines, it can sew up to 850 stitches per minute on high speed but you won’t have any problem to control the speed as you want to.

Another thing that I was impressed by this model it’s the good performance to sew thick textiles like denim, corduroy or fake leather, but it won’t have any problem to sew thin and delicate fabrics as cotton fabrics.

This is another great sewing machine made by the Singer Corporation with the same high quality of all their products.

Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review


It’s faster than the standard sewing machines with 1,100 stitches per minute being turned out by a stronger motor than a conventional sewing machine

Heavy Duty Frame

The interior frame is made of heavy-duty metal, that ensures you will have skip free sewing, and making this machine very durable, and as the sewing goes – its built to last.

Drop In Bobbins

There is a top drop – in bobbin that’s easy to insert and remove, and with a clear view cover you can see how the thread supply is lasting, and it’s surrounded by a stainless steel bed plate for a very smooth feeding of the fabric you’re sewing.

Auto Needle Threader

You will find the instructions for the threading of this machine printed right on it, and with the automatic needle threader it makes the joy of sewing that much easier, and less eye strain


It has 32 built – in stitches, 6 basic, 7 stretch, 18 decorative, fully automatic. One – step buttonhole.

All of these stitches are perfect for craft making, home decor, clothing construction and more.

Even Feed Foot

You can use the even feed / walking foot whenever you are sewing thicker fabrics and you will have a steady feeding from the top and the bottom of the fabric.

Non Stick Foot

When you are sewing vinyl or leather, the non-stick foot works great for this, and the clearance plate is a must have when sewing over denim seams, and size 16 needles are included for these thicker fabrics.


There is a fully automatic 1 – step buttonhole maker also on this sewing machine.


This machine is 15.5 inches long by 12 inches high and 6.2 inches wide, and weighs 17.4 pounds.

The width of the stitches are 6 mm and it sews at 1100 spm, so it’s a fast sewing machine and strong, and you can adjust the speed down if that is what you prefer for some projects.

Storage For The Accessories

There’s a few extra pieces with this sewing machine, such as:

  • one seam ripper
  • lint brush
  • one set of number 16 size needles
  • quilting guide
  • clearance plate
  • extra spool pin
  • bobbins
  • screwdriver
  • sewing machine dust cover

You won’t have to take extra time looking for extra sewing tools.

Few Other Features Sewers Love

  • Runs fairly quiet
  • Detachable foot controller
  • The handy top drop in bobbin system
  • An LED light for when needed
  • The free arm is removable
  • Has a thread cutter
  • There are 3 needle positions
  • Even a reverse lever
  • A clearance plate
  • The drop feed lever
  • Six different feet included.

Free Motion Quilting, yes you can do this feature with this heavy-duty sewing machine, however, this model doesn’t come with the free motion foot you need so you need to order it online or from the sewing machine dealer in your area or directly from Singer.

The Negatives

About the only negative with this machine is that because of its high sewing speed, and if you’re working on a large sewing project, you will find the thread on the bobbin can disappear in a hurry

This model has no manual speed control.

Foot Controller

The foot controller can take a little getting used to, as it is sensitive to the touch, but after practicing you will be able to control the speed.

This is a heavy-duty sewing machine but can easily be moved around weighing only 17.4 pound, and it’s very versatile for any of your sewing projects.

Singer Sewing Machine Service

This model has 25 years limited warranty, and can be returned within the first 30 days, but having been built tough to last, it should keep on sewing


Another good thing about this machine is you don’t have to sell the farm to buy it, as it has a very reasonable price tag.

Which is the best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine?

You can find on the market that most known sewing machine brands have a heavy-duty model, but among all of them the Singer 4452 Heavy Duty sewing machine is the top pick for many sewers of all level as it’s known as one of the best to work on it daily for all type of sewing projects.

Singer Sewing Machine Manual

Singer Company makes everything easy for user of its products with an online service all the time, today you also can count with an app with the Singer Sewing Assistance App and with its YouTube channel to watch videos and tutorial on how to use this model and others from this brand.

Old Singer Sewing Machine

As I’ve used a few models from this brand, starting with the original Singer Feather Weight (it belongs to my mom) I must say I have no complaints from this brand, you can trust on the quality of each model and it will help you to sew any project with easy and with professional finishes.

When you think about giving a try to your passion for sewing, and starting to work on your sewing machine more, no matter if you just want to make some home decor or garments for yourself or for your family, or if you have in mind to start a sewing home based business, you can trust this machine is the one you want to have at home or in your sewing workshop.

Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing MachineIt will work perfect for hours with the high quality that it is made of.


So for a sewing machine that’s a little stronger than average, and that can be used by any sewer no matter the skill level then have a look at this one.

If you’re shopping for the Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine, you’ll find there’s 3 different models, all of them are great, but my pick will be the Singer 4452 as it comes with all the features including the automatic 1 step needle threader, you might notice the price of this model can be from 20 to $30 higher than Singers other heavy weights, but having this feature will help you to set up your sewing machine in no time and work on any project you want to make.

If you want to take a look to another sewing machine that is more beginner friendly, take a look to the Brother SR3774 Sewing Machine

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10 thoughts on “Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review”

  1. I have never used a sewing machine before so a lot of that went over my head but you give a lot of information (for people who understand what it all means) and it seems to come with a lot of extras that make it a bit of a storage for anything you’d need.

    One thing I didn’t understand was this 

    “This model has no manual speed control.”

    but then you say:

    “Foot Controller

    The foot controller can take a little getting used to, as it is sensitive to the touch, but after practicing you will be able to control the speed.”

    So isn’t that contradicting? You say there’s no manual speed control but then say after practicing you will be able to control the speed?  Am I missing something?  (Remember I’ve NEVER used one before lol)

    • Hi Kristina,

      It’s OK to ask, and I’m glad you did, as you’re a beginner, you’re right to ask about how to control the speed in a sewing machine.

      Some sewing machine models have a foot pedal to start and control the speed and some other sewing machines, newest model and computerized sewing machine have a touch on/off button and some have another button so you can set the speed you want to work with (slow to fast speed)

      With practice any sewing enthusiast will get used to different ways to control the sewing speed in a sewing machine.

      If you have more question, leave a comment and I’ll reply to you. 

  2. I’veseen mg Grandma use singer sewing machine since I was very young, i grew to make it my first experience with sewing machine and i must say the machine is still very much alive till now. The quality is very great and durability is assured, I believe that this Singer 4452 heavy duty won’t be an exception. I like the speed and it’s stitches capability. Thanks

  3. Hi and thanks for this informative article.

    I am thinking of buying myself a Christmas present and this seems like a sewing machine I’d really like. 

    My only concern is about the speed of the sewing. I’ve sewed a bit in my time – my wedding dress, skating dresses etc but I’m not a regular sewer so I worry that this machine might be a bit too advanced for my ability. 

    What do you think? And if you agree, could you please recommend something more appropriate for my ability 

    Thanks so much 

    • Hi Marketa,

      Just try the sewing machine on small fabric pieces to test on the speed until you feel comfortable to control it, the sewing machine is designed to sew fast, but you can control the speed on it.

      You can also take a look to the sewing machines for beginners, they are slower in speed.

  4. Wow, It is a very good opportunity for me to come across this article, I’m into fabric making and sewing though not a large scale thing but I still find it needful to make use of a sewing machine that offers a lot of good stuff, I like it’s ability of being able to handle thick clothes like denims and co. I’ll definitely work towards getting a new Singer 4452, I’ve been able to use other products as well as singer, this will be of great help to my work.

    • Hi,

      I’m glad you found helpful this article and I’m sure you’ll find the Singer 4452 Heavy Duty a great sewing machine to start your small business!

    • Hi Barbara Griffin

      You can e-mail to Singer to ask if they sell a printed manual for your Singer 4452, or you can get the PDF online and print it up.

      Alex B

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