Brother Project Runway PX9550PRW Review

When you’re shopping for a sewing machine to help you to work on your creativity to make garments and home decor projects, the Brother Project Runway XR9550PRW Review , this model will be on the top of your list as it’s a model rich feature for any sewer.

Brother corporation has thought about the sewers, beginners, and more advanced sewers wishing to have everything in one sewing machine, no matter if you just want to work on it to make the simplest home decor such as pillowcases or a tote bag or if you have the desire to start you’re sewing home based business, this model will help you to achieve all you’re sewing goals!

For any sewer who want to try sewing this is a beginner friendly sewing machine, easy to set up and easy to start working on it. It won’t take long before the beginner sewer ca get used to it, and start making different sewing projects with it.

If you’re a medium or advanced sewer lover, you’ll be amazed on how well the Brother Runway Computerized Sewing Machine can help you to work on any sewing project you want to make with it, garments constructions, textiles, designs and even making full size quilts, you won’t need any other sewing machine in you’re sewing room.

Brother Project Runway PX9550PRWComputerized Sewing Machine Review

110 Stitch Functions

Brother Project Runway PX9550PRW50 Unique Built-in Sewing Stitches, Including 5 Styles of 1-step Auto-size Buttonholes

The Project Runway Limited Edition computerized sewing machine includes 110 utility, decorative and heirloom stitches

8 Presser Feet

  • Monogramming
  • Blind Stitch Foot
  • Overcasting foot – You won’t need to buy a serger as this Brother sewing machine model comes with this foot, all your garments and sewing projects will have a great finishing
  • Button Sewing Foot – Sewing buttons on your projects will be no more a task that nobody wants to do, so easy to sew as many buttons you want to with this feature.
  • Buttonhole Foot – You will get the skill to sew eight different styles of buttonholes on your projects with the easy to work one step buttonhole foot that comes with this model.
  • Zipper Foot – Sewing zippers like a pro to any garment is a skill you always wanted to master, no more worries about not making this task as a professional, now you will be a master.
  • Zigzag Foot – This is the foot you’ll be using to sew most of your projects and you don’t need to change it to start sewing with the zigzag stitch.
  • Spring Action Quilting Foot – by using the quilting foot, you’ll be working with ease on the free motion quilting on your quilting projects, add your personal quilting and style designs to any quilts you’re making

Brightly Lit LED Work Area

This sewing machine comes with a bright lit LED work area that will help you to sew anytime on any project, no more hard on your eyes while sewing with dark color fabrics.

Free Arm for Sewing Cuffs and Sleeves

Easy to push in and out the accessories compartment to get the free arm for sewing cuffs, sleeves and jeans legs, also this feature is good when you want to sew any project for babies clothing or even thinking to make doll’s clothing with this model.

Advanced Easy Needle Threading System

This feature will save you tons of time and work, no more problems at the time to try to thread your needle in the sewing machine like in the old models, with the advanced easy needle threading system on this model it won’t take long to change the thread on it.

When you work on the free motion quilting, this feature will help you to change the thread from one color to the other and work with no problems at all when you work on your quilting with different color threads.

LCD Screen with Computerized Stitch Selection

Easy to view the LCD Screen, just with a push on button you can select the stitch you want to use and you’ll get the length and the width of the stitch and you know which foot to use.

Smooth Fabric Feeding Utilizing 7-point Feed Dogs

When you love to sew as a hobby or as a business, you like to spend your time on a sewing machine that helps you to work on your projects with ease, with this model you’ll be working with no problems at all, the smooth fabric feeding 7 point feed dogs will work fantastic to help you to do a professional sewing on any project you want to make.

What accessories are included with this model?

Screwdriver, Needle (3pcs), Twin needle, Extra Spool Pin, Ball point needle, Seam ripper, Cleaning brush, Large Spool Cap, Medium Spool Cap, Small Spool Cap

How Fast This Sewing Machine Is?

It can sew up to 850 stitches per minute, but you’ll find how easy it is to control the speed on your different sewing projects with the foot pedal.

If you’re a beginner, and this is your first sewing machine, I would advise you to take your time to try it and make as many test on some pieces (small and large) of some different types of fabric to learn how to control the speed before you try to sew any project.

You always can ask some friends who already do sewing for some extra pieces of fabric to start your practicing, or go to the nearest fabric store and buy some cotton mix fabric any color, so you can test the speed of your new sewing machine.

What Brother Product Service Do I Get?

The Brother corporation is always thinking to provide the best product services to all users, each sewing machine comes with free online and toll – free phone support for the life of the product.

Brother corporations has also thought on the best way to connect with other sewers around the globe and you can find the Brother’s community online.


Can I Do Free Motion Quilting With This Model?

Yes you can, and you’ll love how easy it is, it comes with the quilting free motion foot that is easy to set up and you’ll be working on the free motion on your quilts with ease.

The large table will provide an efficient work area to work with ease while you work on the quilting for your quilts.

Is This An Embroidery Machine?

This is not an embroidery machine that can be used to work on different embroidery designs on different types of garments, but this sewing machine does come with one built-in monogramming font, it has 55 alphanumeric stitches that come in one font only, if you have in your mind to work on doing some embroidery work with you’re sewing machine, you might consider finding a different machine.

The Pros

  • The computerized system makes you’re sewing easy and efficient
  • It has a smooth fabric feeding
  • The speed of the sewing is adjustable
  • It’s lightweight makes it portable
  • It comes with a hard case
  • As it’s made with the Brother Corporation technology so is made to be easy to work on it even for the beginners who want to learn to sew on it
  • It comes with all the features any sewer dreamed to have in one sewing machine, from straight stitching to the free motion quilting and many other features that will help you to work on any sewing project you have in mind with the professional finishes.

Brother Project Runway PX9550PRWThe Cons

  • It doesn’t come with many accessories you might need to sew different fashion garments, but you always can buy the different presser feet you’ll need as you grow you’re sewing skills.
  • If you have in mind to start a sewing business, you just need to keep in your mind this is not a heavy-duty sewing machine.


If you’re just starting to learn to sew with many sewing projects to make in your mind, you might want to take a look to the

Brother XR9550PRW as it’s sewing machine rich features but easy to set up and to work on it at a very affordable price that will last long and it will help you to work on a good deal of different sewing project from the simplest to the more professional and creative.

Whether you want to just start to learn to sew or if you want to grow your love for sewing this sewing machine will meet your needs and it will help you to sew a good deal of different sewing projects.

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16 thoughts on “Brother Project Runway PX9550PRW Review”

  1. Hello Alex, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I already heard about Brother XR9550PRW but I decided to first research about it on the Net. My mom likes to sew and she already has a very old sewing machine. I like it is pretty affordable yet it has so many great features, I will definitely get one as a New year present for my mom.

    • Hi Danijel

      I’m glad you like this article and your mother will get a new sewing machine as a New Year present, I think she will love it!

  2. Hi there,

    Such coincidence that I came across your article. My grandmother is quite experienced when it comes to sewing and such. As of right now, she is actually in need of a new sewing machine. The one you’re describing is more or less an advanced version of her previous one. I will be discussing this article with her. Thank you! 

    Have a great day! 

    • Hi Kevin

      I’m glad you liked this article and you’ll be discussing with your grandmother about getting this sewing machine for her. 

  3. Sewing machines have certainly come a long way in the past two decades. I own and old fashioned singer and I just got rid of the Empisal as I could never get the tension right.

    I think it is time to upgrade now, even though I don’t do a lot of sewing, maybe having a machine like this with all the bells and whistles may make me want to get sewing in earnest again.

    I have always also wanted a simple embroidery machine, and it’s great to see that this one offers various fonts one can do. This will be very useful, as the full embroidery machines are so expensive, and you don’t actually need much more than this.

    • Hi Michel

      The Brother Project Runway PX9550PRW comes with just one font, but it has many different embroidery stitches you can try on your sewing projects.

  4. Hi Alex, I am interested in this sewing machine and it might be what I need soon. I bought my current sewing machine when I just started to work. It was what I could afford at the time and it was enough because I was doing simple straight stitching. I stopped sewing for some time but then took it up again as a business. This means I need a machine that can deliver more than basic services. I like your description of a machine that will help with threading, button holes, cuffs and sleeves, and zippers and extra speed. Most of all I like the availability of support, if I need it. Thanks for your introduction to this product.

    • Hi JJ 

      I see you’re interested to get a new sewing machine to start your own business, the Brother Project Runway PX9550PRW was made thinking on people who want to sew to make some extra money or sewing as a business, if you’re thinking on making garments, home decor items with regular fabrics, this model will be the right one for you, but if you’re looking for a sewing machine to work with thick fabrics like denim or vinyl, you might want to take a look to the Heavy Duty Sewing Machine.

  5. I am no expert with sewing, however, my cousin is. She loves it, and the things she makes are incredible. 

    So, for christmas i was thinking of getting her a proper sewing machine to help her create more things with ease.

    You go on about how this machine is very good for beginners. Is it any good for people who would be more advanced? Or would you recommend me a different product for this scenario?

    Please get back to me soon.

    • Hi Conor,

      Yes, this sewing machine is for beginners and advanced sewers too, as it’s a model with great features your cousin might find it great for her sewing projects as she can work on it with small and big projects with professional finishes.

  6. I just recently dusted off my old sewing machine and began to take interest again. The machine I have is also a Brother model but it’s very old with only basic options available for use. I figure if I’m going to get serious about sewing, I need to update my machine and get with the times.

    Since I’m already familiar with a Brother machine and I was happy with it in the past, I thought I’d stick with the same brand. I cannot believe how many different stitches are built in to this machine! I think my older model has 6! For those of us not used to these computerized models, do you find many people having difficulties upgrading to these newer machines? Thanks so much for your input and expertise!

    • Hi Shan

      If you’re already familiar to work with a sewing machine, it won’t take long to get used to the new features of the new Brother Sewing Machines model, it’s known this brand is always thinking to produce products that are users friendly, I don’t think you’ll have any problem to get used to a newer model. 

  7. Wow, if I must confess, I’ve not been able to use a sewing machine as this, its very good to read about it. Brother project runway PX9550PRW is filled with amazing features that makes it really distinctive from some of it’s contenders in the market of sewing machines. I like the idea of having LED screen which makes it easy to make selection of stitches. Thanks

    • Thanks so much for reading my site today, yes the Brother Project Runway PX9550PRX LED screen is one of its features that sewers love more about this sewing machine, it helps them to select the stitch they want to use and it lets them know if there’s any problem with their sewing.

  8. Hello Alex, thank you for sharing this review of Brother Project Runway PX9550PRW. I have read some of your previous reviews of Brother’s Sewing machine. This brand tends to produce machines with great and amazing features that will sell themselves.

    The PX9550PRW becomes even better; packed with lots of features that will make sewing fun, easy and professional. I haven’t seen a sewing machine with an LCD screen before. This one is so so smart! I’m dazed!

    • Hi Vwegbah

      You are right when you say Brother is always producing high quality sewing machines to provide with the right model to many sewers, the Brother Project Runway PX9550PRW comes with rich features that any sewing enthusiast will love to work with. 

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