Reversible Bag For Girls (Sewing Tutorial)

Reversible Bag For Girls is an easy sewing tutorial to make a cute bag for a little girl, she will love to carry in it a doll or a notebook.

This is an easy to sew tutorial any beginner or more experienced sewer will love to make to give the reversible bag as a present to a little girl where she can carry a doll, a notebook and colored pencils or any toy.

Reversible Bag For Girls

We suggest to use a cotton fabric with a pretty pattern that every girl will love, whether is flowers, bubbles or cute little birds.


  • 2 pieces of fabric A of
  • 2 pieces of fabric B of
  • 1 piece of fabric for the strap of 3 x 25 inches from fabric A or B
  • 2 pieces of fabric A of
  • Coordinated thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing Tools

1 Cut All Your Fabrics

Cut all your fabrics with the help of the rotary cutter, a patchwork ruler and a cutting mat.

Reversible Bag For Girls

2 Stitch On The Strap And The Pocket

Fold the piece of fabric for the strap in the middle lengthwise, and stitch on 1/4 inch seam allowance. Turn the strap inside out, you can use a safety pin to help you to do this step, press.

Place the two pieces of fabric for the pocket, with right sides together, and pinch two pins, stitch on the four sides, 1/4 inch seam allowance and leave a gap open on the bottom.

To turn this piece inside out, trip the corners with a pair of scissors diagonally and turn this piece inside out. Press.

Reversible Bag For Girls

3 Top Stitching The Strap And The Pocket

Top stitch the strap on both sides, 3 mm stitching.

Top stitch the top of the pocket, 1/4 inch from the top.

Reversible Bag For Girls

4 Stitch On The Small Pocket On The Reversible Bag

Take one piece for the outside of the reversible bag, and fold the piece of fabric in the middle to mark the center, finger press the line, open the piece of fabric

Take the piece for the pocket and fold it in the middle and finger press the line in the center. Lay the pocket on the piece of fabric and center the pocket, pinch a couple of pins.

Top stitch on the pocket to the piece of fabric, reinforce the stitching at the beginning and at the end.

Reversible Bag For Girls

5 How To Sew The Two Parts Of The Reversible Bag

Place the two pieces of fabric from each fabric together, with right sides together. Pinch a few pins to hold the two layers of fabric on each set.

Sew each set at a time. start on the top of one side, and stitch on to the bottom, across the bottom and and up to the other side, 1/4 inch for the seam allowance, reinforce the stitching at the begining and at the end of the stitching. Leave the top open.

Do the same step with the set for the lining. And don’t forget to leave a gap open of 2 inches on the bottom.

Reversible Bag For Girls

6 Stitch On The Strap To The Reversible Bag

Turn the reversible bag main fabric piece out and place the strap on each side, align each end of the strap to the seam on each side of the bag, pinch one pin on each side.

Reversible Bag For Girls

7 How To Stitch On The Reversible Bag

Tuck in the piece with the strip inside the piece for the lining, align the seams and pinch a few pins along the top of the bag.

Stitch on all along the top of the bag, 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Reversible Bag For Girls

8 How To Turn Out The Reversible Bag

Remove all the pins from the top, and from the gap left on the bottom of the lining, turn the inside out of the reversible bag, it will be like its shown on the image below.

Stitch to close the gap on the lining.

Reversible Bag For Girls

9 How To Finish The Reversible Bag For Girls

Tuck in the lining inside the bag, and press the top, top stitch the top all around, 1/4 from the top.

You can make a button hole on one side of the top of the bag and sew on a button as I did, but you can also stitch on a piece of velcro or sew on a snap broch and you’re done!

Reversible Bag For Girls

The reversible bag for girls can be use both ways, with the lining out or inside and it looks so cute!

Reversible Bag For Girls

We hope you like this sewing tutorial and make one reversible bag for the young girl in the family or to give it as a gift on a birthday party or on a special event.

We are sure any girl will love to have at least one reversible bag and this is a great sewing project to use those pretty fabrics you have in your stach.

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Reversible Bag For Girls

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  1. Hello Alex, I’m pleased to meet you.

    I am very happy to have read about Reversible Bag For Girls you share and this is very important and interesting. Well, I have noted that you suggest to use a cotton fabric with a pretty pattern that every girl will love, whether is flowers, bubbles or cute little birds. This is very detailed and well presented, thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes.

  2. Hi there, thank you for these detailed instructions on how to make a reversible bag for a girl. Of course it does not have to be limited to girls, boys can also use it.I have made reversible bags for my boys that they used as gym bags for school, which was just perfect. But of course, it always gets dirty on the outside, and then they need it again for the next day. No problem, we just turn it inside out, and you have a clean bag again. 

    • Hello Line, yes of course, this bag can be made for girls and also for boys. Boys also carry a lot of things too, toys, notebooks, books coloring pencils and more, they will have lots of fun when they can carry with them everything they need to have a good day.


  3. I simply love this idea, and I am going to try and make this for my niece for Xmas. I think she will love it as long as I make one side purple as that is her favorite color. It will be like having two bags in one as if you get tired of the one side you simply turn it inside out and you have a whole new look.

    I am hoping that I have enough scraps of material for the other side. I wonder if I can make the reverse in a sort of patchwork style with all my odds and ends.

    • Hi Michel, I think your nice will love to get a reversible bag made by you, with some purple fabric and your idea about making one side with patchwork sounds great, it will make the bag looks pretty!

  4. Hi Alex, great job. You make it seems very easy, explain step by step and sharing picture for each one. I like to try this project for my daughter. She is only three and half years old and she starts to be selective in choosing her outfit. I love to try this reversible bag for her, including her in choosing the fabric design🙂. 

    I’m going to share this post and turn back to your site for a new project. 



  5. Hey Alex, I was actually thinking about finding a guide for my girlfriend who LOVES sewing so I found this article super helpful. I think this is a great guide with lots of actionable instructions. And I can appreciate the design of the bag in the images because I’m sure my girlfriend would want some inspiration for cute designs like birds or other animals. This is very good for beginners and I will be sure to visit your site again in the future. 

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