Juki HZL-80HD Review

The Juki HZL-80HD Review, this is a computerized sewing machine with many of the up to date features to make all your sewing projects so much easier to do.

Juki is a leader in sewing machine technology for over 75 years now, supplying 175 countries, and are very well-known, in the heavy-duty sewing market supplying automotive companies, upholstery, footwear, leather products and much more, plus their line of home sewing machines in the home sewing market.

Juki HZL-80HD Review - Sewing MachineThis machine is easy to set up and start sewing, and comes with everything necessary to make your sewing projects easy.

As a home sewing machine and computerized, this one is reasonably priced for most sewers budget.

Juki HZL 80-HD Review

If you think this one would be a match for your sewing needs, we will go through the features this model has.

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197 Built-In Stitches

The Juki HZL-80HD comes with 197 built-in stitches, and are displayed on a pull out chart at the bottom front of the machine.

Included with the stitches are 7 buttonhole patterns and 1 lettering font.

On the computer screen when a stitch is selected, the machine will automatically set the recommended width and length for that stitch, and both can be adjusted by the buttons just below the screen.

The machine also has reverse stitching to secure the thread at the beginning and end of a seam, and sew 3 locking stitches.

There are straight stitches, zigzag, stretch, overcast, bling hem, buttonhole, darning, bar tack, satin, quilting stitches and many more, which can be checked out in the instruction manual.

This sewing machine has the speed adjustment lever on the front, and is capable of sewing up to 800 stitches per minute.

Winding the Bobbin and Threading

To wind the bobbin and threading the needle is basically the same as most sewing machines, but we will mention it here for any beginner.

To wind your bobbin just follow the guides on top of the machine, then pass the thread through the hole on the bobbin and push the bobbin spindle to the right, then a symbol will appear on the LCD screen indicating the bobbin is ready to wind.

You can use the foot pedal, or the on/off button, and when the bobbin is full it will slow down.

As this machine has the easy top loading system, just remove the cover and insert the bobbin with the thread running counterclockwise, and follow the guides.

To thread down to the needle also follow the arrowed guides down to the needle, and you can use the automatic needle threader to make threading easier on the eyes.

Then just turn the hand wheel toward you to bring up the bobbin thread, and guide the upper and lower threads under the presser foot towards the back of the machine.

This machine has the thread tension adjustment dial on the top, with the basic setting being about 4 for most sewing, and you can check the manual for settings recommended for thicker or thin fabrics.

The Manuel also has the needle fabric, and thread selection guide for easy referencing.

The machine does not have the automatic thread cutter, but has the manual one on the end.

The Free Arm

The free arm on this sewing machine can be accessed by pulling off the sewing table which also acts as an accessory drawer, and giving you the ability to sew cuffs, pants, jeans, etc.


This machine has a bright LED light, for the working area, making it easier on the eyes when sewing darker fabrics.

7 Presser Feet

Juki has provided 7 presser feet for this model, and more can be purchased separately.

  1. Standard presser foot – for general sewing.
  2. Zipper foot
  3. Buttonhole foot.
  4. Blind stitch foot.
  5. Overcasting foot.
  6. Decorative stitch foot.

To change the presser feet just press the black lever behind the foot and it drops off, then lower the holder onto a new one.

There is a 2 step presser foot lifter, so that the foot can be raised into a second position for sewing thicker fabrics or layers, and a clack button on the right side of the presser foot that will lock the foot in position when starting to sew layered fabrics, and releases automatically after a few stitches.

The pressure on the foot can be adjusted if needed, but is preset at 2 and will work perfect for most sewing.

Feed Dogs

This machine will feed the fabrics very smoothly when sewing, and has the ability to drop or raise the feed dogs by a switch at the back of the free arm if you wish to do free motion sewing or quilting.

The Working Buttons on the Juki HZL-80HD

  1. the start/stop button
  2. Reverse button for reinforcing stitches
  3. Auto-lock/step button – sews 3 locking stitches.
  4. Needle up/down button
  5. Sliding lever to control the speed.
  6. Thread tension dial adjuster.
  7. Presser foot pressure adjuster.
  8. Drop feed lever.
  9. Stitch length and width adjustment.

Buttons Below LCD Screen

  • Stitch selection buttons
  • Memory buttons.

Accessories For The Juki HZL 80-HD

  • 7 presser feet.
  • Seam ripper and lint brush.
  • Screwdrivers – straight and L shape
  • Auxiliary spool pin
  • 3 bobbins – class 15 type
  • Quilt guide
  • Spool cap small and large
  • Spool pin felt
  • Package of needles
  • Foot controler
  • Power cord
  • Hard carrying case
  • Instructional DVD
  • Juki HZL 80-HD manual


  • 800 stitches per minute
  • 7 mm maximum stitch width
  • 4.5 mm maximum stitch length
  • 197 stitches
  • 13 pounds weight
  • 20.2 inches by 15.1 inches by 10.7 inches
  • 7 Buttonhole patterns

Warranty For The Juki HZL 80-HD

This Juki machine has a 5-year limited warranty, which is 5 year against defective material and workmanship. 2 years on the motor, and electrical components.

It’s always best to check the warranty when purchasing.

The Pros and Cons For the Juki HZL 80-HD


  • Easy to set up and start sewing
  • Up to date features to make sewing easy
  • Has a reasonable price tag for a computerized sewing machine.
  • Light enough to move around easily or take to sewing classes.
  • Does quality stitches.
  • Has a large amount of stitches to work with.


  • No automatic thread cutter.
  • A beginner sewer will need to practice with the controls for the computer.

Where To Buy The Juki HZL 80-HD?

Our Final Thoughts on the Juki HZL 80-HD Review

Juki HZL-80HD Review - Sewing MachineWe have found this to be an excellent sewing machine, and as a computerized model with many up to date features your sewing projects will be easier to work on.

If you find this model meets with your sewing needs, then you might want to take it for a test run.

Wishing you all the best on your sewing projects – Happy Sewing

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