How To Store Your Sewing Machine

When you sew as a hobby, you might be working with you’re sewing machine from time to time, today I will share some tips to help you to know How To Store Your Sewing Machine, and keep it in its best shape so it will be ready to work with it on your next project.

You might have bought you’re sewing machine to work with it on your crafts, home decorations, or to make a new garment or to mend a piece of clothing, no matter what is your main purpose to use it, a sewing machine is an investment and you might want to keep it in its best shape to last for many years.

It’s often well-known that any machine including sewing machines, when stored for a long time, the motor could get dry or will have too much dust and it can give you hard times to keep it running again in good shape.

A few steps to do on you’re sewing machine before you store it, will help you to be sure it will stay at its best until the next time you need it.

Properly Clean Your Sewing Machine Before Storing it

How To Store Your Sewing Machine - Sewing Machine CoverAfter you are working with you’re sewing machine on a project, it is well-known that the motor will get some lint, before you store you’re sewing machine, take some minutes to clean out all the lint and dust from your last project.

Dust the machine with a soft cloth, and with the lint brush clean out all the lint from the needle area and open the bobbin area to get rid of any more lint.

Oil Your Sewing Machine Before You Store It

How To Store Your Sewing Machine - Sewing Machine Presser FootIf you’re sewing machine is a mechanical one, you need to oil it often, and a good tip is to oil it before being stored until you use it on your next project.

Follow the instruction in your manual to know the different places where you need to put a drop of oil, after you oil the machine, move the wheel with your hand one or twice so the oil get in all the parts.

Place a small piece of fabric, folded under the needle, keep it this way, many times the drop of oil you put in the machine tends to drip and it will get on this piece of cloth.

Next time you use the sewing machine, remove the piece of cloth from the needle and with a soft piece of cloth, dust the machine, this way if there’s any spot with the oil, you will prevent the oil to get into the material for your next project.

With your computerized sewing machine, it will be better to read your manual to know how often you need to oil your machine.

Cover Your Sewing Machine Before You Store it

It’s very often nowadays that sewing machines come with no cover, if you’re planning to store you’re sewing machine for some time, you need to cover it with a piece of cloth or with a piece of another material like plastic that will protect the machine from dust.

If you have a hard cover for you’re sewing machine, you can place it in before you store the machine.

If you want you can cover the machine with a soft piece of fabric before you place it in its cover, it will give more protection to the sewing machine.

Store Your Sewing Machine In A Protected Place

Find a good place to keep you’re sewing machine while it is stored, out of the traffic in your home, like in a closet or in a shelf where it can remain without the need to move it to get something else.

If you store you’re sewing machine in a closed place it will give it more protection.

What To Do Next Time You Use Your Sewing Machine

When a sewing machine has been stored for a long time, you will need to pay attention for a few steps to take before you plug it in, turn it on and start working with it.

Remove the cover from you’re sewing machine, and dust it with a soft piece of fabric.

Remove the piece of fabric you left under the needle and check if there is any spot of the oil, in case you see some, take a piece of soft fabric and dust the area until you see it clear from any sign of oil.

Check the sewing machine before you plug it in, by this means, take the wheel with your hand and gently move it, if it moves good, this means you’re sewing machine is good to work with it.

If the sewing machine has been stored for a long time, it might have gotten dry and the wheel won’t move, in this case, you will need to open the machine and oil it before you can work with it, I only recommend to do this if you know about how to repair a sewing machine.

If the sewing machine won’t work after it has been stored for a long time, and you don’t know how to repair it, it’s better to call the sewing machine center in your area and take it to be repaired by a professional who have all the proper tools to repair and clean your machine.

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How To Store Your Sewing Machine - Sewing Machine CoverClosing Thoughts

A sewing machine is an investment, and it will work great for many years, if you take your time to store your machine at its best, it will work great the next time you want to make your next project.

Most sewing machine brands make great quality sewing machines to help us to work on many different projects, taking care of our machines will ensure us to have the best tool to work on anything we want to make, a new dress, some home decorations projects or a new quilt!

Hope these tips help you to store you’re sewing machine and keep it on its best, happy sewing!

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  1. Cloth making is an art that I fancy a lot and it’s always a delight to watch my wife work at her sewing machine. This tip has been quite helpful and I agree to a lot of the points about storing away a sewing machine. When my wife got at job at pharmaceuticals and had to put away her machine, she followed several of the steps mentioned here before I helped her wheel her manual sewing machine into a closet. 

  2. Wow! So much to do before one is permitted to put the sewing machine away in store. Wow! I never would have thought all these tips are necessary especially about oiling and cleaning the machine before storing it. However, this is really great to see in here and thanks so much for sharing here. I really appreciate it

  3. This is a great idea to make our sewing machine last longer. My sister do sew often and atimes she battles with her sewing machine when it becomes faulty. This could be due to the way she stores it atimes. I have not seen her apply oil to it. This idea will be helpful as I’m going to instruct  her on the things to do in order to always keep the machine in good condition.


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