How To Start Your Sewing Business

How To Start Your Sewing Business, you love to sew and you would love to know if sewing can be a profitable business, this time I will answer some questions about if sewing is a good business or not.

Why To Start A Sewing Business

How To Start Your Sewing BusinessYou love to sew and you would love to spend your time sewing, why not give it a try to start making money from it?

When you get the idea of turning your sewing hobby into a profitable business, the first step you need to work on is to be clear on why you want to do it.

Do you just want to make tons of money from sewing? Making one project is easy, but when you need to make 10, 25 or even 100 of the same project, it might start to be not that easy.

You need to know your “why to start this business” to be sure you want to work on it, this way when you get an order to make one project many times, you will know your business purpose and no matter how small or big the order can be, you will have the will to work on it.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Sewing Business

Unless you want to start your sewing business or hand sewing business, you will need to make a starting investment to be able to start your sewing business.

And I want to be clear, that a hand sewing business can be as profitable business as any other sewing business that require some sewing machines to work with.

If you want to get some inspiration about what type of hand sewing business can be a really a good profitable business, here is a list:

  • Hand embroidery
  • Hand embroidery ethical clothing (you can find reasonable price clothing, but there are also high price clothing made by hand)
  • Bridal dress making
  • Religious clothing

Let’s get back to the sewing room, as you think about starting your sewing business, you will need the basic sewing equipment and tools to start. A sewing machine can cost you from $ 125 to up to 6,000 or even more.

Before you start thinking on spending money on a sewing machine, you need to be clear about what type of garments or accessories you want to make, this way it will be easier for you to know exactly what type of sewing machine you will need.

You need also to make a list of all the sewing tools you will need to help you to work with more efficiency, and this list needs to be complete, from pins, scissors, cutting table, iron, and everything you need to think of before you start.

Once you get your list complete, you can figure out how much can it cost for you.

Home based business or will you rent a place? This is the next question you need to ask yourself. Many sewing business have started as a home based business and later with time and when they have a bigger client files, these business have made the next step to rent a place.

Can You Really Make Money From Sewing?

Yes, you can. Every type of business when it is well managed can grow well into a profitable business, and a sewing business is no different from any other type of business.

We all might know about someone who started baking an apple pie, and a few years later the business grew well into a profitable business.

The same can happen with a sewing business, many people have started small and with good work and time, these business have also grown well into a profitable business.

Define Your Business Plan

Any dream can be a reality if you work well on it, it might take work and time to grow into a profitable business, but you can do it.

Every goal needs to have a good plan, and a sewing business is no different from any other business and you need to sit down and make a plan for it.

Think about the steps you will work on to start on it, think about the first year of your business. Then make a plan for the first 5 years and then for the next 10 years.

By making a plan for your sewing business, it will help you to know your business needs in advance to help you to grow your business.

Know Your Sewing Skills And Start From There

Are you going to work on sewing garments? Are you good at it, or do you need to get some training before you start your sewing business?

Today there are many options for everyone who is interested on starting a sewing business.

No matter in what country you live, there’s always someone that needs a sewing business. You might see there are a few sewing business that have done well just doing some mending work, from changing a zipper, to making smaller a piece of clothing or even sewing on a button.

Today the sewing business is no different from any other business, you need to find your niche, you can not please everyone, and this will make it easier for you.

  • Garment construction
  • Tailoring
  • Baby clothing
  • Sewing accessories like purses, bags,
  • Home decor
  • Doll’s making

No matter what niche you want to work on, you need to be good at it, if you need to learn more about it, give yourself time to learn the skills you need before you start your business, and you will be doing better as you work on your sewing business.

Learn Your Sewing Machine

Maybe you learned to sew with a basic sewing machine, and you might be great at starting with that sewing machine in your business, but later you might want to sew better and faster, you will need a new sewing machine.

You will need to learn about your sewing machine to its best, today most of the sewing machines come with many features that will help you to work better and faster.

A good sewing machine will be your business best tool that will help you to grow your business and it will also save you tons of work and time.

Before you get a new sewing machine, learn everything about it and be sure it is the right sewing machine for you and for your business.

Take a look to the Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

Learn About Business Management

You’ll be working on a business, it won’t be anymore your hobby, you need to learn something about business management and how to grow your business.

From keeping your tickets to know how much you spend on a sewing order, to know how much time did one order take you to make it, you need to know how much you’re spending to make your sewing projects to know later the price of your products or how much you need to charge to every client.

At the beginning, you might be pricing your products too low or too high, as you learn how to keep track of your cost and your time, you will learn how to price your products the right way.

As you keep working on your sewing business, you will learn more about it, you will learn if making a product is profitable for your business or not, find a good product line that is profitable for your business and which it has a good demand on the market.

Wrapping Up

How To Start Your Sewing BusinessA little story about my sewing business, I started at a very young age making hand sewing products, I asked a store if they were interested on them and to my surprise they were, I got my first order.

I started working with a basic sewing machine, and when I got a bigger order, my dad asked me if I wanted a loan from him to buy an industrial sewing machine and I got that deal.

I got two industrial sewing machines to start my sewing business, everything went well and the business grew.

Later, as my life changed and I started my own family, I had to change my business to be a full time mother, but I never stopped sewing, I kept sewing and selling my products.

I narrowed my niche into making dresses for young girls, I learned how to make them and I grew a good clients list, I always got some orders to work on and I could work on my sewing business as my children were growing up.

A few years later, I learned how to make quilts and my sewing business changed into a quilt business.

Today, my children are young adults and they are on their own, I’m still making quilts.

With the internet, all of us who love sewing and who love to grow a sewing business, we have new opportunities, I’m learning today how to work on a new type of sewing business at the same time as I keep making my quilts.

If you are thinking of starting your own sewing business, I hope you find the story of my sewing business encouraging for you.

I started small and it grew well, find your niche, not all the sewing business are about garment construction, there are many good opportunities for you to start your own sewing business.

If you have any question, write a comment, I will read what you have to say, and if I can help you, be sure I will, as I love to share my passion about sewing and growing a small home based business.

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  1. Hello there,thanks for sharing this very vital information as I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I have always wanted to start up a sewing business where I would employ workers and pay them but I have just made a few steps by taking out money for a shop, although m aunt is help me out but most of her ideas are really vintage so I have been looking for some extra tips and this article has really give me more that the extra that I need thanks allot.

    • Hi David Nelson

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  2. Wow 🤩! This is amazing. I’ve been into sewing for a while now and this is my first time of actually learning on hoe to define my business Plan as the sewing / fashion design line of business is indeed a thriving line of business and pretty much active in the world. It generates several millions of US dollars annually from several registered and unregistered small – scale, medium scale and big fashion design / sewing business scattered all around. 

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