How To Make Fabric Box

How To Make Fabric Box is an easy sewing tutorial to make, and all level sewers will love to make, you only need to pick a pretty fabric!

Making a fabric box with a pretty fabric will help you to keep everything well organized, no matter if you make it for the sewing room, to keep small toy from your children or some makeup!

The easy steps to follow on this sewing tutorial will take no more than 30 minutes to make the fabric box, after you finish making the first one, we are sure you’ll be making more, on this tutorial you will find the measures to cut the fabric to make the fabric box in two sizes.


How To Make Fabric Box

Materials and Sewing Supplies

  • 2 pieces of cotton 100% fabric any color of 8 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches
  • 2 pieces of any thin fabric for the lining of 8 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches
  • Rotary cutter (affiliate), patchwork ruler, cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine

How To Make Fabric Box Step by Step

We recommend to prewash and press all the fabric you will be using before making the fabric box.

Step 1 – Cut All Your Fabric Pieces

With the help of the rotary cutter, a patchwork ruler and the cutting mat, cut out the four pieces of fabric you need to make a fabric box.

How To Make Fabric Box

Step 2 – Stitch On The Two Pieces To Make A Fabric Box

Lay on your work table the four pieces of fabric to make the fabric box, you will need to lay one piece of fabric from each one (cotton fabric and lining) on the work table with the pretty side up, lay over each piece the second piece, pretty side down and pin each set of fabric.

Stitch on each set, three sides, leave the top on each set open. When stitching on the lining, leave a gap open of 1 1/2 inch to turn the fabric box out.

How To Make Fabric Box

Step 3 – How To Make Boxed Corners

The easiest way to make boxed corners is by laying the two pieces you already sewed on your work table and mark 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 inch on each corner (from the seams) and cut both corners out, you can cut out both corners on each piece with the help of a pair of scissors for fabric or with your rotary cutter.

How To Make Fabric Box

On the image below, you can take a look on how the two pieces looks like after you cut out both bottom corners on each piece.

How To Make Fabric Box

The next step is to open flat all seams and open each bottom corner and match the seams, stitch on each side.

How To Make Fabric Box

Step 4 – How To Sew The Fabric Box.

Turn one piece out, one piece will be wrong side out and the second piece will be pretty side out.

How To Make Fabric Box

Tuck in the piece with the pretty side out in the piece with the wrong side out, match the seams and pin the top of the fabric box all around.

How To Make Fabric Box

Stitch on all around the top of the fabric box, reinforce the stitching at the end.

How To Make Fabric Box

Step 5 – How To Turn Out The Fabric Box

Turn the fabric box out by pulling out the fabric box by the opening you left in the lining piece, push out all the corners and flat the seam on the top of the fabric box with your fingers.

How To Make Fabric Box

Tuck in the seam on the opening and stitch it on to close, this step can be done by hand with ladder stitching or by machine.

How To Make Fabric Box

Step 6 – How To Finish The Fabric Box.

Tuck in the lining in the fabric box, press to flat the top seam and do the top stitching on the fabric box top, it can be done 1/4 inch like I did.

Fold out the top and the Fabric Box is ready to be used, you can also make a smaller fabric box too.

How To Make Fabric Box

On the image below, you can take a look to how well and clean the fabric box inside looks like, and it can be used both ways, the main fabric out or the lining side out.

How To Make Fabric Box

We are sure that you’ll be making more than one Fabric Boxes after you see how easy is to make it!

All you need is to find a pretty fabric to make the Fabric Boxes.

Is The Fabric Boxes Tutorial Good For A Beginner?

Yes, this is a great sewing tutorial for any beginner sewer, it will help you to learn the basic of sewing and a few easy to make steps to make a boxed bottom fabric box or bag.

What Type Of Sewing Machine Is Best For Making A Fabric Box?

You can use any sewing machine you have at home if you use a regular fabric to make it, like cotton, polyester or any other thin fabric.

In case you want to make a Fabric Box with a thick fabric like denim, canva or any other material, we will suggest you to get a Heavy Duty Sewing Machine like the Singer 4423, and they are designed and built to deliver high quality stitching when working with thick materials.

How To Make The Small Fabric Box

You will need to cut the fabric and the lining pieces with these measure: 8 x 6 1/2 inches, and when cutting out both bottom corners, you will need to cut out a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch square on each bottom corner.

Follow the same steps on the sewing tutorial to make the bigger fabric box.

How To Make Fabric Box Closing Thoughs

We hope you like this sewing tutorial to make the Fabric Box, and we are sure that you will be making more than one!

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How To Make Fabric Box

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  2. Thank you for this intelligent way of creating fabric boxes. Although I am not a professional, but I sew once in a while to keep my children’s wears neat. With the fabric box, I am not just going to keep fabrics but my children’s socks and panties. I love the way you explain making boxed corners, it seams lot easier than what use to do

  3. Wow, thanks for the detailed tutorial! With all of the clear instructions plus the helpful photos, I do feel like this is something I could do! The box corners looked like they might be the trickiest part, so I’m glad you were able to explain that in a way that makes sense. Nice touch with the high contrast on the fabrics you chose — very helpful for visualizing the steps to take!

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