Brother FB1757T Review

Brother FB1757T Review, this is a basic mechanical sewing machine for light sewing and mending, and is very easy to use and set up.

The machine comes with an extra wide extension table and will make any of your quilting projects easier to work on, or even more advanced projects.

This is a lightweight machine and has a carrying handle for easy transportation to sewing classes or crafting with friends.

Even if you’re a beginner sewer, you will find that this machine is easy to set up, and very easy to use, making it a good addition to any sewing room, plus it is not an expensive machine to own.

If you would like to find out if this machine is a good fit for your sewing projects, we will mention its features to give you a better idea.

Brother FB1757T Review

Why To Buy The Brother FB1757T Sewing Machine?

If you are a beginner sewer or someone who is looking to start sewing, this basic sewing machine is well-designed and built to help you to learn the basic of sewing and start making many different sewing projects.

For any beginner who is looking for a model to learn the basic of sewing without the need to break the bank, this is a good model to start your sewing hobby.

Stitch on The Brother FB1757T

Brother FB1757T ReviewThis machine comes with 17 unique utility and decorative stitches, and also has the automatic 4-step buttonhole maker.

The stitches are displayed on the front face of the machine, as well as on the selection dial which can be turned both ways for a stitch selection.

It has zigzag stitches, straight, blind hem, elastic, stretch blind hem, over edge, double action, and a bridging stitch, and there are illustrations in the instruction manual for all the stitches as a reference.

This machine can stitch up to 800 stitches per minute with the speed being controlled by the foot pedal, which with a little practice you can sew at the speed you prefer.

The reverse stitching lever is located just below the stitch selection dial, and is good for reinforcing at the start and finish of a run, plus the length of the reverse stitch is set at 2 mm.

The machine has a stitch length of 4 mm, and a stitch width of 5 mm and has a preset width and length for the different stitches.

Winding The Bobbing And Threading Of The Brother FB1757T

For This machine is best to use type 15 bobbins that are designed for this model.

Winding the bobbin is the same as most machines, and just follow the guides, and the instruction manual has excellent diagrams for this procedure also, Once the bobbin is full, remove your foot from the foot controller, remove the bobbin and slide bobbin winding shaft back to the left.

As this is a top loading machine just raise the needle and presser foot, then slide the cover towards you lifting it. Drop the bobbin with thread coming off counterclockwise, and be sure thread goes through tension adjusting spring correctly, leaving about 4 to 5 inches of thread toward the back of the machine.

Upper Threading.

For this, just raise the needle and presser foot, and follow the numbered guides imprinted on the machine down to the needle, and thread it by hand from front to back by turning the hand wheel towards you, leaving about 4 inches of both upper and lower threads under the presser foot, and towards the back of the machine.

In the instruction manual is a chart recommending the thread and needle to use for different fabrics you sew with.

Just above the sewing area is a dial for adjusting the upper thread tension, and we do recommend first sewing on a spare piece of fabric first for a test run.

Is There Free Arm Sewing

Yes, by removing the flat bed attachment with its accessory compartment gives access to the free arm for sewing cuffs, pants or other hard to sew fabrics.

Presser Feet

This machine comes with 4 presser feet, and others can be purchased separately for this model. (affiliate)

  • Zigzag foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Button sewing foot

To change presser feet just push the black button at the back of foot to release it then snaps a new one in place, and you can also raise the presser foot lever for when sewing thicker fabrics.


This machines has a bright LED light above the sewing area for when ever you have to sew dark fabrics, it is very handy and will turn on when the machine is powered up.

Feed Dogs

There is a 6 point feed dog system on this machine that will provide a smooth flow of the fabric while sewing.

A darning plate can be put over the feed dogs if you are doing free hand sewing or quilting.

Accessories for the Brother FB1757T

  • 4 presser feet
  • Package of needles
  • Darning plate
  • Oval screwdriver
  • Brother FB1757T manual
  • Foot pedal
  • Power cord
  • Bobbins
  • Extra-wide extension table
  • Spool pin a double needle

Brother FB1757T ReviewSpecifications For The Brother FB1757T Sewing Machine

  • 800 stitches per minute
  • 4 mm stitch length
  • 5 mm stitch width
  • 17 built in stitches
  • 4 Step buttonhole
  • Class 15 bobbins
  • 15.3 inches long by 12 inches high by 5.87 inches wide
  • 6 point feed dogs system

The Dials And Levers On The Brother FB1757T Sewing Machine

  • Stitch selection dial on front of the machine with the numbered stitches
  • Thread tension dial above sewing area
  • Reverse sewing lever just below stitch dial
  • Presser foot lifter behind needle to the right
  • Handwheel on the right end
  • Power and light switch on the right end
  • Manual thread cutter on left end above sewing area


There is a 25-year limited warranty on Bother machines, which is 25 years on any defective materials, and 2 years on the electrical parts, and 1 year for parts, labor, and accessories.

We always suggest reading the warranty when first purchasing.

The Pros And Cons


  • Easy to use basic mechanical sewing machine
  • Light enough with handle to take to sewing classes
  • Has the free arm
  • Set up takes very little time
  • Enough stitches for most projects
  • The best part is that this is a low priced machine for all that it does.


  • No automatic thread cutter

Is The Brother FB1757T Sewing Machine Good For A Beginner?

This is a well-designed and built machine by Brother, it comes with the basic features a beginner needs in a machine to start learning to sew and to work on many different easy sewing projects.

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Is The Brother FB1757T Good For Making Quilts?

When thinking about working on making a new top for any size quilt, you won’t have any problem at all, this is a well-designed model that will help you to make the top for any quilt.

At the time to think about working on the Free Motion Quilting, this might not be the best model I would recommend to a quilter, but if you are a beginner and you want to learn how to do the free motion quilting on small projects, then this is a good model to work with, it comes with a darning plate to cover the feed dogs and you can learn the basic of machine quilting a project.

If you like how the Free Motion Quilting is done on a machine, then I will recommend you to upgrade to a better model from Brother or from Bernina.

Where To Buy The Brother FB1757T Sewing Machine?

You can find it on the specialty stores shelves, with the sewing machine dealer in your area or you can also purchase it online (affiliate)

Brother FB1757T Review Our Final Thoughts

We would recommend this sewing machine for any beginner or the more experienced sewer as it gives excellent stitches.

As Brother is well-known for their quality machines, we are sure that this one would be a good fit for any sewing room.

As a basic sewing machine at a low price, you might want to try this one out to see how it goes, and see if it can handle your sewing projects.

Wishing you all the best on your sewing projects, happy sewing!

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Brother FB1757T Review

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  1. My sister in law love to sewing, and she always has a great idea. But now she is looking for new sewing machine, because her old one is broken. I will tell her about this review of your, and recomendat. She will sure love it,because it is not complicated to set up and it is easy to use. 

  2. Hi Alex. Thank you for great review. Im big fan of DYI, and Im crocheting and sewing myself. Recently my niece showed interest (and talent) in this area and I couldn’t be happier to learn her. I was thinking about her birthday, and recommended by you Brother machine seems as a great starting point for all beginners. Its small, provides decent quality and price is really reasonable. Looking forward to test it in practice and I hope my niece will love it.

  3. I am looking for an easy-to-use and light-weight sewing machine. And I think this is the one. Right now I have simple projects I want to complete. But I would also like to do some complex stuff and this FB1757T won’t limit me when I am ready to pursue those projects. Thanks for this helpful review.

  4. Brother is a well-known and reputed brand in sewing machines for a long time. I have seen their age-old black color models that had manual footer pedals. They have a come long way to improve on quality and comfort for sewing.

    This reviewed model is a perfect example for people who want to learn and excel in sewing. The sewing needs control while pedaling. This is where this model is very useful for beginners to have proper control with an improved foot pedal. With so many stitching options, and automation brother FB1757T is worth buying for home-made sewing.

  5. I must admit I am interested in this product as the machine is lightweight and easy to set up for a newbie in the business. I have lots of family members that would love to read this review and learn how to sew using this type of sewing machine. Thanks for the informative review!


  6. For a basic sewing machine, this machine certainly has a lot of features. So beginners could actually do a lot on this machine, including zips and button holes which are not easy to master. Brother also has a really good name in the industry, so the machine would probably last and be hardy.

    I see that you say that you thread it by hand. One thing that I would look for on a machine when I get a new one is one that has a needle threader, as my eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be, so this feature would help a lot.

  7. I was thinking of my sister in law all the way through reading your article. She has been wanting to make her own clothing and things for ages. Always talked about it but never actually got around to doing it. 

    Until recently, when my brother bought her the exact same machine you have written about. It hasn’t taken her long to get the hang of it, and now she is buying patterns and turning out some reasonably good baby clothes. 

    A timely post I will forward it her.

  8. This looks like the perfect machine for me to get started with sewing again. I am glad that sewing is still a thing that people do! Will probably become more and more relevant in the future I can imagine due to people wanting to buy more local clothing/quilts than something that has been shipped from over seas. My experience with sewing goes back to my high school days. The frustration of getting the thread stuck in the machine or material being bunched up because I went too fast was off putting for me. But this machine looks easier to handle, so I appreciate this review.

  9. I absolutely love that you have a good review for a sewing machine that would be good for a newbie!

    My girlfriend has one and we have been thinking about getting a new. But one that I can use too for my day job. I rip up the back side of my jeans pretty often because I am on rooks a lot of the shingles totally shred my pants!

    I also love that you have on this article the different stitches that are built in! You are a rock star!!

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