Brother DZ3000 Review

The Brother DZ3000 Review, this computerized sewing and quilting machine is feature packed with 240 unique built-in stitches.

Just on the front of the machine you will find the start/stop button, back stitch and the up/down needle button, grouped together in a handy location just above the needle area.

Also on the front is the sliding speed controller to set the machine at what speed is best for what you are sewing and this also controls the speed of the foot pedal.

What is very handy with this model is the stitch chart located just below the LCD screen, which also has a flip up chart revealing all the patterns, and is numbered for each stitch. Making it very easy to bring up on the display screen.

Brother DZ3000 ReviewThe Brother DZ3000 Features

This in another great model from the Brother Sewing Machine Industries that any sewer will be happy to have it at her/his sewing room, it comes with all the features to help sewers to work with ease on almost all the sewing and quilting projects!

240 Built-In Stitches

As mentioned above, it has 240 unique stitches which include 110 alphanumeric stitches giving you a large variety for any creative projects that you have.

Included with the stitches are a large amount of decorative stitches, heirloom, and utility stitches, also 2 fonts, and it has 8 one-step buttonhole styles, plus the two sewing fonts, each have the 55 alphanumeric stitches.

14 Presser Feet And A Circular Sewing Attachment

The machine also has a circular attachment, so you can sew with straight stitches, zigzag or decorative stitches, and include a cording foot and a blinding foot which can be used with or without the circular sewing attachment.

  • Zigzag foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Monogram foot
  • Braiding foot
  • 1/4 inch quilting foot
  • Cording foot
  • Adjustable zipper piping foot
  • Overcasting foot
  • Button fitting foot
  • Open toe foot
  • Stitch guide foot
  • Walking foot
  • Quilting foot
  • Blind stitch foot
  • Buttonhole foot

With these many presser feet, you can’t go wrong, and they are easy to change by pressing the release button behind the needle, removing the foot and the next one just snaps into place.

LCD Screen

On the LCD screen, you also have the choice to adjust the length or width of the stitching to what ever you like, and another neat feature is it displays the letter of the foot to use with that stitch.

The instruction manual contains diagrams for the stitches and what to use them for, and is always an easy reference for you.

Bobbin And Threading

This machine has a jam resistant quick set drop-in bobbin that loads from the top by removing the plastic see through cover.

Just put in the bobbin and follow the guide with the thread which makes it very easy to load.

Winding the bobbin is very easy also by just following the diagram on top.

Threading the machine is just a matter of following the numbered diagrams down to the automatic threader, than by pushing the lever down it automatically pushes the thread through the eye of your needle.

Circular Attachment

With the circular attachment, you are able to sew circles of different sizes as the attachment is easily adjustable, and you can create some really neat designs for pillows or what ever else you have for your projects.

7 Points Feed Dogs System

With this machine as well as many other of the Brother models, you are able to drop the feed dogs by a button on the back, which is so handy when quilting or free hand sewing when you want to sew a design.

It has the 7 point feed dogs system that gives a very smooth feeding of any fabric you are using.

LED Lighting

There is a bright LED light to brighten up the work area as well, the display screen is back lit for easy viewing.

Storage And Free Arm

On the front of the machine is a storage accessory drawer that just pulls off, and than that gives you the free arm for sewing sleeves, cuffs or pants, or any of the more difficult sewing areas.

Wide Table

Included with this machine is a wider table which is so helpful when doing quilts or costumes providing you with more room to maneuver your projects.


Brother DZ3000 ReviewThis machine comes with a load of accessories, probably more than most, and the variety of sewing presser feet are a good bonus.

  • Power cord
  • A hard case for dust protection with a handle
  • Foot pedal
  • Wide extension table
  • instructional DVD
  • 14 presser feet
  • Spool cap- large, medium, and small
  • 4 bobbins
  • Screwdriver
  • Cleaning brush
  • Disc shaped screwdriver
  • Etra spool pin
  • Circular attachment
  • Quilting guide
  • Pivot pin
  • Seam ripper
  • Needle set
  • Twin needle
  • Ball point needles

The machine size is 21.3 by 13.7 by 17.9 inches and is easily portable with its handle.


As with most of the Brother sewing machines, this model comes with the 25-year limited warranty, and offers free technical support via online, live chat, or phone for the life of your machine.

Pros And Cons

What Do People Like About The Brother DZ3000?

  • Wide variety of stitches
  • 14 presser feet
  • Feature rich
  • Not expensive for all that you get
  • Easy to set up
  • Versatile
  • Portable

What Do People Not Like About The Brother DZ3000?

  • Not good for large quilting projects, as throat could be a little larger.
  • Many plastic components

What User Like Of The Brother DZ3000?

Users of this model have left good reviews giving good ratings, users like it’s an affordable model packet with rich features, large sewing surface, large display for stitches and fonts, and it comes with a large amount of accessories, if you want to read the users reviews, you can read them here!

Does This Sewing Machine Come With USB?

There is no USB port available on this model, so it can’t be upgraded.

Who Is The Brother DZ3000 Best Suited For?

From beginners to the most advanced sewers will love to work with this model, as this is an easy to set up sewing machine beginners will have no problem at all to start sewing with it.

As any beginner keeps working on it, they will get more skilled, soon new sewers will be working on this model on any project.

Brother DZ3000 ReviewWhat Kind Of Projects Can I Make With The Brother DZ3000?

I will recommend this model for sewers that are interested to work on any sewing project and repairs.

This is a great model that will help you to work with ease on garment constructions, home decor, and making crafts.

Is This Sewing Machine Good For Professional Sewing?

If you’re a professional sewer and you’re looking for a workhorse, I would recommend you to take a look to a semi industrial sewing machine that will help you to work on different projects.

Are you looking for a sewing machine to work with all your big quilting projects? Take a look to the Best Sewing Machine For Quilting!

Where To Buy The Brother DZ3000?

You can buy this sewing machine from online retailers and you can check its latest price here!


This computerized sewing and quilting machine will certainly pique the interest of any sewing artist with its large variety of features.

If you’re looking for a sewing machine that can provide all your sewing needs, than take a look at this one or try it out.

Wishing your all the best on your sewing projects – Happy sewing!

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  1. Another awesome machine from the brother. This dz3000 seems a lot like a great one that is capable of making the process of sewing more easier and quite more enjoyable for the sewer. Just get right at it and keep doing it. This is really great and I’m very delighted for what you have shared here. Thank you so much for this post

    • Hi Rodarrick

      Yes, this another awesome sewing machine from the Brother Industries that will help beginners and advanced sewers to work on their projects!

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .The sewing machine is very nice to look at and this rock machine my sister uses it makes her feel very comfortable.Because this sewing machine’s needle is in the right place, sewing clothes is much easier and will feel much more comfortable.And using this machine my sister can do a lot more work than ever before and make more money than ever before.And feeding this sewing machine method is a lot less difficult and much more affordable.After reading your article, everyone will know about the Brother DZ3000 machine and will share new experiences with you after using it.

    • Hi Shariful Islam

      Thanks so much for reading my blog today and leave a comment, I’m always looking to hear from people who already have this sewing machine and have a good review to share.

      I’m glad to know you’re sister has already the Brother DZ3000 sewing machine and she is doing better at her sewing business!

  3. Hello there! This is an amazing machine with great features, I admire the fact that it has variable speed settings and the self-threader and also the machine is quite easy to control and adapt and this is enhanced by a decent tension and a lack of noise that lets users work late into the night. I love it, thanks!

    • Hi Chimmhogevagreenesnr

      Thanks so much for reading my blog today, yes this is another great sewing machine from the Brother Industries that will help sewers to work on their projects with ease even late at night!

  4. I like the innovation Brother DZ3000 has which is an LCD screen attached to it. Truly modern in style.

    My brother bought a similar modern electricity-powered sewing for my mother but with a different brand. She likes the machine except that she can’t find that place where the pool of thread should be hanged or attached. I watched the video at the end of the article but can’t find where’s it located.

    • Hi Gomer

      Thanks so much for reading my blog today, the link to Amazon where you can get this sewing machine is located on the “Where you can get this sewing Machine” just before the conclusion. 

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