Best Sewing Tables And Cabinets 2022

Don’t lose time looking to find the right thread spool, some pins or that little piece of fabric in an untidy box where you keep everything for your next sewing project, Best Sewing Tables And Cabinets will help you to have everything well organized in your sewing room.

As you started on your sewing hobby (or business) little by little you have purchased more tools to work with and different types of fabric, in one moment you already have not only one box full of sewing stuff but two and maybe three.

Best Sewing Tables And Cabinets

With the idea to find the way to get your work space tidy and well organized in your mind, it comes to you the time to find the right sewing table to have everything at hand and well organized.

Keeping all the different materials you’ll often be using on different sewing projects, you’ll be saving tons of time and you can focus on the sewing project you’re working on with no need to spend some time to find where did you leave the pins the last time you used them.

Which is the best Sewing Table?

From the most simple portable table with the right size to be placed in the room where you’ll be working on your new hobby to the most efficient table with different drawers and places to keep everything organized, it’s important to have one table for your sewing projects.

No more using the kitchen table every time you want to sew or mend one thing.

What is a Sewing Table?

As a definition I could say it’s a table that was made for sewing purposes, it has a surface where you can place your sewing machine, it’s big enough to have some room where you can work to cut the fabric with no problem at all for your next project and it also has drawers and compartments where you can store fabric, scissors, thread spools, pins and other kinds of different sewing tools you’ll be working with.

When you decide to get a sewing machine, this means the place where you used to work on will be ready for your projects anytime you want to work on it.

A sewing table can be made from different materials, you can find them already made from wood, metal, and particleboard

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Sewing Table?

One of the main benefits of having a sewing table is to have one place for your sewing ready anytime you want to work on it.

If the sewing table has different drawers and departments, then you can have everything in one place and you won’t be losing time looking for anything everywhere. As you get used to keeping everything in its place you’ll be saving tons of time.

Some sewing tables come with lockable caster feet which will help you to move easily the table to the place where you’ll be working and as you finish for the day you can place the table to another place even with a heavy sewing machine on the table.

Some tables have an extendable part that will give you extra surface to work on and it can be taken down again when you finish working that day.

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best sewing tables

Southern Enterprises Sewing Table

2 This sewing table was designed with easy portability in mind, it has wheels that will make it easy to take from one place to another, as it’s a compact table it will not take much room to keep it somewhere while you’re not working on your sewing projects.

The fold down leaf table will give you the extra space when it’s open so you have more space to work on.


  • Has an expandable work top with rotating lockable caster for easy mobility
  • Durable construction with an easy to clean white laminate surface


  • Has no drawers

best sewing tables


Studio Designs 13332 Comet Sewing Table

The Studio Designs 13332 Comet Sewing Table simple and modern designed best feature is that you can use this table as a sewing table or as a desk for your computer.

The table has a platform that can adjust it down to place your sewing machine or the keyboard for your computer, it has a bottom shelf for storage purposes, it’s well-built with heavy gauge steel construction for durability


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • It has four floor levelers for stability


  • It has no drawers

best sewing tables

Studio Designs 13333 Comet Sewing Desk with Drawer

3 When you want to find a modern and well-designed sewing table with enough space to work on, and with some storage feature, the Studio Designs 13333 Comet Sewing Desk with Drawer will be the first one on your list!

This sewing table has a contemporary design that gives it extra stability, the open shelves will help you to have everything you need in one place and with easy access.


  • Has a platform to adjust down to fit your sewing machine
  • Has a folding side shelf that will give you extra space to work
  • Has a side drawer and two open shelves


  • Has no wheels

best sewing tables

Studio Designs 13373.0 Sew Ready Folding Multipurpose

4 The Studio Designs 13373 will give you plenty of space to work on the different sewing projects you’ll be working on, it’s a well-designed and sturdy table that will be good for your sewing hobby but also you can use it as a desk for different purposes, and is easy to set up everything for your sewing adventures anytime you want to work on them.

To make it better, the platform for your sewing machine can be adjusted in six different heights settings.


  • This table is a multipurpose, but it will be perfect for your sewing adventures.
  • Fold in legs that lock for safety
  • Sewing machine platform with six heights adjustable settings
  • Can be used also as a desk or as a craft table


  • Has no wheels
  • Has no drawers

sewing tables

Studio Designs Eclipse Sewing Center

5 Created as a versatile and functional sewing table, it will be good also for you to work on your different craft projects, this table offers a good space to store all the sewing supplies and a large platform to set your sewing machine on that you can adjust.

This table will offer the versatility to use it as a sewing machine, a craft table, or as a desk, which make it multi functional.

As a plus, this table comes with an adjustable platform and side shelves to give you extra space for storage of your sewing supplies.


  • Has plenty of storage space
  • Has a good space to work
  • Has an adjustable platform
  • It’s lite in weight


  • Has no wheels
  • It can vibrate when using with a powerful sewing machine

best sewing tables

Sauders Folding Sewing Table

6 This sewing center will give you a good space to work and to storage all your sewing supplies, it has a nice looking design and it comes with a door that will look nice when you’re not sewing.

Keeping your sewing machine and all the sewing supplies in one place whether you’re working or not on your new hobby.

The good- looking of this sewing table will add that plus to any room!


  • Drop leaf table to give you extra space for work
  • Has plenty storage for supplies and for your sewing machine
  • Melamine surface that will last long to stay in good condition
  • Easy roll casters
  • Easy to assemble

best sewing tables

Arrow Sewing Cabinets 601 Gidget

7 It’s a great sewing table that will give you enough space to work while sewing, it’s made thinking about you, it has airdropped technology to run the sewing machine up and down by simply pushing a button.


  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy
  • Your sewing machine will fit quite good on this table
  • Portable and with the right size


  • Lack of locking wheels to move it easily around any room

best sewing tables

South Shore Crea Sewing Craft Table

8 The South shore Crea Sewing Craft Table was created thinking of all the needs any crafter will need while working on different sewing projects, with a smooth flat top and is waterproof from any spills. It provides you enough space to storage all your sewing supplies including your sewing machine, you won’t have any problem to find a good place to keep this sewing table in any room, it’s easy to open and setup everything for you and it’s easy to clean everything after you finish your sewing.


  • Has a plenty of work space on the top surface
  • Durable and sturdy
  • It’s easy to keep it in good conditions as it’s made to prevent scratches and also it’s waterproof


  • It’s a little heavy, this makes it hard to move from one place to another.
  • Has no wheels
  • It will require two people during the assembly of it

Sewing Tables And Cabinets Guide.

Best Sewing Tables And Cabinets As you can see there’s a few sewing tables and cabinets where you can pick out the one for you, most of them are made thinking on the needs of every person who love to sew, whether you’re a part-time hobbiest or professional sewer.

You need to get a table where you can get the most out of it and it can help you to get everything in one place and have enough space to work on.

To find the right one for you can take from you time, this is why I’m sharing some tips to help you to chose the best sewing table or cabinet for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quality and Built Material

It’s true that buying a sewing table can cost some money, and you want to buy one that can last long and stay in good condition.

Taking the time to check on the quality of how it’s made, this will mean when you buy it, it will be a good investment that will last you a long time.

Today, some sewing tables are made thinking on the environment, they are made environment friendly.

You also need to think that you’ll often be working on the table surface with different types of fabric and different tools like scissors, rulers, and pins, for this reason you want to buy a table that has a high quality and withstanding material.

Storage Space

You’ll be working with so many materials and tools, a good sewing table needs to help you to have everything in its place and near to you when you’re working on your new hobby.

Some sewing tables come with different drawers and departments to help you to keep everything in its place, some other lack of it.

At the time to pick the right table for you, take some time to think on how you’ll be storing everything for your sewing projects.

Mobility And Portability

Do you need to move the sewing machine from one place to another when you need to sew?

You can find tables with lockable caster feet that will help you to move the table from one place to another with ease, and this feature will be so useful to lock the wheels up while you work. Nothing better that having a table that can stay in one place while you don’t use it and take it to a place where you can get better day light while you use it.

If you have a sewing room big enough and you know in advance that you won’t be moving around the table, you might want to get a table that can stay in one place all the time.

Wood Or Metal?

Another feature you need to pay attention is about how well it is built, a sewing table needs to have stability and it needs to be well-built to support all the work you’ll be doing while you do the different tasks like cutting patterns and sewing.

Some sewing machines can be heavy and while they work they’ll make vibrations, so the table needs to be sturdy enough to support long hours of working with your sewing machine.

What Size Should Be A Sewing Table?

You can find a wide range of sizes in sewing machines, if you know in advance how big or how small is the place where you’ll be working that will make it easier for the search to find the right table for your machine.

If you’re planning to sew as a hobby and you want to make some different projects for your home, a small or medium size table will fit your needs.

If you’re planning to be working a lot on your sewing machine and going from a hobby to a business, a big table might be better from the beginning.

When you plan to start sewing as a business, (small or big) it’s better to buy a good size table where you can be working for long hours with no problems at all. The price of the table can be seen as investment for your sewing business.

Is Easy To Assemble A Sewing Table?

Most of the tables in the market come in a box and you’ll be in charge to assemble it at home, some are not too difficult to do but some are.

Some tables have some difficulties to be assembled by one person, you might need to get the help from someone who has some experience to assemble this kind of furniture.

Does A Sewing Table Should Have Rounded Edges?

This is a feature many will not think about it on a table, but as you’ll be sewing and working with different types of fabrics and materials, the edges of the table should be round and smooth.

This will help you to work with all kind of materials without making any damage on them.

Pneumatic Lift

Some new sewing table come with the feature to provide a pneumatic lift that will help to adjust the height of the sewing machine, with a touch of a button you’ll have no problem at all to raise the sewing machine to the height that is best for you, you might need to pay some extra dollars for this new feature but as you use it you’ll be sure it was worth it.


Taking the time to think about your needs at the time to work with your sewing machine will help you to shop around and find the sewing table that will work best for you.

Getting a sewing table for your sewing room will provide you with a good surface to work on and it will also provide you with good storage space for all your sewing supplies.

No need to break the bank to buy the right sewing table for you, there are several affordable models where you can pick one for your needs in the market.

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  1. Oh this is helpful. My mum uses the old modeled sewing ta or and I told her that they are no longer in vogue. She needs something that she can feel comfortable in. You have put together a good list and I will show her this post to make a goof selection here. Nice one!

  2. My first introduction to sewing tables was when I was a child. It was a Singer Sewing Machine that was operated using a foot pedal. Sewing machines have come a long way since then that required updates in the variety of sewing tables available. 

    When checking out the variety of tables shown I could’t help noticing the similarities to tables designed for desktop computers. This makes sense as sewing and operating a computer requires adequate storage areas. I think you have provided anyone looking for a sewing table with excellent choices.


    • Hi Edwin,

      Thanks so much for your visit to my blog today and taking the time to leave a comment, I’m glad to read it, it’s amazing how a simple thing like a sewing machine can take us to early memories!

      Yes, some sewing machines are used as a computer desk too, the feature of you can manage the height where the sewing machine is set, it’s perfect to place the computer keyboard too. 


  3. When I saw the title to this post I could not help thinking back to the days when my mother used to sew clothes for us for school, summers, and even the winter months. This saved a lot of money and since there was so many of us, she was quite busy doing this.

    It was a hobby and she loved it though, and she had a sewing table that was set up for production as you might imagine since she was sewing for 8 people. Her sewing table was the epitome of efficiency, with a place for everything and where everything had a place.

    This is why I can relate to your guidance and totally agree with everything you have advised. It is well worth it to invest in a work area where you are not only going to be comfortable but also you will have access to all the things you need at your fingertips.  

    The Sauders is the one most like my Mom’s. Iy has a lot of storage space and although there are some cons that you mention, overall it is the one that I would select. The others are also nice, I just somehow like that one the best. You put a lot of thought into this post, and hobbyists and professionals alike would do well to follow it! Thanks!

    • Hi Dave,

      Reading your comment it took me to the time at my grand-mom’s house when she did the same, sewing and mending the family clothing, it’s amazing how something like sewing can take us to early memories.

      I can see your mom was busy making clothing for everyone in your family, for many families a sewing table was always a piece of furniture that should be in the house, making and mending clothing did a lot of saving for sure.

      Today, sewing is coming back, many people are finding it as a good hobby to get creative and some are finding it a good way to start a home based business.

      Thanks so much for your visit to my blog today and taking the time to leave a comment. 

  4. Hi

    Thank you for this great review on sewing tables, as you have clearly gone into every factor you must consider before purchasing one. I must admit some of them are very beautiful and would look graceful inside people’s home. TOo have all your sewing equipment in one place sounds  ideal, as there is nothing worse in trying to make or repair a garment and to go  looking for a tool and can’t find it. I am not a tailor by anybody’s imagination but my sister is, and I think she would appreciate one of these sewing tables. It makes sense and more comfortable than using a dining room table. The only thing is that some of them look like iron boards.



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