Bernina 570 QE Review

The Bernina 570 QE Review – This is a computerized sewing, quilting and embroidery machine, and the QE stands for quilters edition.

With an 8.5 inch sewing space to the right of the needle your bulkier quilts or large sewing projects will have plenty of room. You can quilt all the materials very easy on this machine, because of the Bernina dual feed system that feeds the fabric evenly from above and below, so you want have any folds or puckers in the fabric you’re sewing.

Bernina 570 QE Review - sewing machineThe system is easy to engage and folds away, when not needed, plus is a big help when sewing fine materials or a slippery fabric.

With many automatic features this sewing machine is a quilters dream as it gives you perfect stitches every time you use it. If you have a problem using all the features the instruction manual is well illustrated, and there is also help on the touch screen when needed.

The Bernina 570 QE Review

Below we will go though some of the main features found on this sewing machine.

1000 Stitches Per Minute

This machine will cruise along at 1000 stitches per minute, but also has the slide speed control on the front, so it can be set at any speed you prefer to sew at.

There are 1450 stitch patterns including:

  • 8 alphabets
  • 16 buttonholes – including the eyelets
  • 31 utility stitches
  • 450 decorative stitches
  • 73 quilting stitches
  • 34 cross stitch programs

The maximum stitch length is 6 mm, and the maximum stitch width is 9 mm.

On the computer you have the ability to create and save stitch combinations, and you can also change stitch settings while sewing.

There is also a USB for updating the computer or a PC connection.

On the 4.3 inch touch screen it will let you adjust the length and width of the stitches.

This machine also has the Bernina Stitch Regulator – BSR – which guarantees perfect stitch quality at any speed during free motion quilting.

The BSR presser foot reacts to the moving of the fabric, and will control the speed of the computer, so the faster the fabric is moved then the higher the speed.

7 Presser Feet

Bernina 570 QE Review - sewing machineThe machine comes with 7 presser feet

  • Reverse pattern foot – is ideal for sewing forward and reverse – feed utility and decorative stitches.
  • Buttonhole foot – determines length for identical buttonholes.
  • Zipper foot – for neatly sewing zippers.
  • Open embroidery foot – for embroidery
  • Patchwork foot – for exacting work
  • Blind stitch foot – edge stitching
  • BSR foot – stitch regulator.
  • Also when selecting a stitch of the screen the correct pressure foot will be displayed.

Quilters will love the patchwork foot for straight stitching, and will give the most accurate feeding and stitching when piecing patchwork blocks.

When quilting, adjustments can be done safely and quick with hover function, which automatically raises the foot while the needle stays in the fabric making it easy to turn as you applique and quilt, and also has the automatic presser foot pressure.

The Bobbin and Threading

For bobbin winding follow the arrows on the machine putting thread through rear guide and around pre tension stud winding thread 2 or 3 times around empty bobbin. The winding works automatically and the independent motor stops automatically when the bobbin is full, and bobbin can be wound while sewing.

To insert bobbin so thread comes off clockwise and goes under the spring and into the T shaped slit, then over to the thread cutter.

To thread the 570 QE follow the numbered arrows on the machine down to guides 5 and 6 and use the automatic threader to thread the needle.

The bobbin on this machine is 70 % larger than a standard bobbin, and there is a sensor to let you know when thread is getting low, plus the bobbin only fits in one way so you can’t go wrong.

There are 4 manual thread cutters at handy locations, and an automatic thread cutter for the bobbin and needle thread.

On the top of the machine is the thread tensioner, which need not be moved when sewing standard fabrics, but can be adjusted for special fabrics.

Feed Dogs

The feed dogs can be lowered with the push of a button located on the end of the sewing machine, which will give you free motion sewing or quilting.

With each stitch the feed dogs system moves forward by one step determined by the stitch length, so pushing or holding fabric back will result in uneven stitches.


The 570QE comes with 12 LED lights to give a very bright work area.

Free Arm

The free arm on this machine is easily accessible for doing cuffs, sleeves or any other hard to reach sewing areas. When the free arm is not being used, there is a slide on table that just slides into place giving an increased sewing surface.

Control Buttons

On the front of the machine just above the sewing area are three buttons placed at a convenient height for your fingers.

  1. Quick reverse button – secures the seam and end, and will sew in reverse as long as button is pressed, and used to determine end of stitching in straight stitches.
  2. Start/stop button – starts and stops the sewing computer when operating with or without foot control, and will start and stops the BSR function if the foot is attached.
  3. Pattern end button – pressing this will stop the sewing computer at the end of a pattern
  4. Speed control – with this slide control speed can be controlled easily
  5. Needle stop button – raises and lowers the needle, and by pushing your heel on the foot controller it does the same.
  6. Pattern begin button – stitch pattern will start.
  7. Right and left needle position buttons, there is a total of 11 needle positions.
  8. Stitch width and length adjustment knobs.
  9. On the computer screen at the bottom are the system settings, and on the right are the menu selections, and even the color of the display can be changed on the screen.
  10. On the front of sewing machine at bottom right is the presser foot lifter connection which you can work with your knee.
  11. On the end is the hand wheel dial and the power switch and power cord socket.
  12. The feed dog button, which drops the dogs is on this end also.
  13. Then you have the USB connection, and PC connection for embroidery module, then the foot control socket.
  14. The thread tension wheel is located on top above sewing area, and pressure foot pressure wheel on the end.

Accessories With The Bernina 570 QE

  • Carrying bag
  • Accessory box
  • Foot control
  • Power cord
  • Seam guide
  • Slide on table for extra space
  • Pressure foot knee lifter
  • 5 bobbins
  • Selection of needles
  • Height leveling tool
  • Seam ripper
  • Screwdriver
  • Torx wrench
  • Lint brush
  • Lubricator
  • 2 foam pads
  • 3 spool disc
  • 7 presser feet

Specifications For The Bernina 570 QE

  • 1000 stitches per minute
  • 8.5 inch sewing space to right of the needle
  • 12 LED lights
  • 18.1 inches long by 12.9 inches high by 7.9 inches wide
  • 9 mm stitch width
  • 6 mm stitch length
  • 24 pounds, and has carrying handle


The warranty for the Bernina sewing machine is usually 20 years on the mechanical parts, and 2 years on the circuit boards plus 2 years on the electrics, but always check your warranty to be sure as some only have a 10-year warranty on mechanical parts.

Pros And Cons For The Bernina 570 QE


  • Extremely high quality sewing machine
  • Made for advanced quilters and sewers
  • Strong motor
  • Gives perfect stitches
  • Light enough to carry
  • Can also be used for embroidery
  • Has every advanced sewing feature that you need for quilting or sewing


  • Pricey
  • Not for a beginner sewer

Is The Bernina 570 QE Good For Beginners?

This is one of the top sewing machine from the Bernina brand and is not designed with the beginner sewer in mind, this machine comes with many features to help advanced sewers to work on their sewing projects, for this reason we recommend the Bernette B35 for any beginner that wants to learn sewing skills.

How Often Do You Need To Oil This Machine?

When this machine is shipped to your country, it might be shipped with no oil, for this reason a good tip is to dip a drop of oil in the machine before you use it for the first 6 months.

Where To Purchase The Bernina 570 QE?

Bernina 570 QE Review - sewing machineYou won’t find this sewing machine on the shelves of the big stores, you need to call the sewing machine dealer in your area to check if they have this model, in case they do, you can ask them if you can get a test run to check if this is the model you want to bring into your sewing room

Bernina 570 QE Review – Our Final Thoughts

This is one of the top of the line models from Bernina that will give years of trouble free sewing and quilting.

With this sewing machine you will find there are all the up to date features that you will ever need to create your sewing and quilting crafts.

The pros for this sewing machine outweigh any negatives in the sewing and quilting area.

We must admit that the price might be a little heavy for some, but if you’re looking for a machine that does it all, and is built to last, then have a look at this one, or take it for a test run.

Wishing you all the best on your sewing projects – Happy quilting and sewing.

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  1. A really thorough review. I’m not into sewing per se but I have had some experience with sewing machines as I had to make some garments for a class when I was at school. I had no idea that technology had come such a long way that they are now computerised, does this take some of the fun out of sewing though, or has it added to the enjoyment of it? I remember my grandmother had one of the very first models which you controlled by turning a wheel to move the needle up and down. Is the fact that this is computerised good for beginners, or would you recommend starting with a more ‘old-fashioned’ model to learn the craft first?  

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