5 Ways To Store Your Quilts (Read This First!)

5 Ways To Store Your Quilt Quilts to keep them in their best condition as they can be valuable textiles made by you. You have invested money, and lots of time and work piecing and quilting your quilts, they will be part of your family inheritance that will go from one generation to the next, textiles can keep their beauty and value if you store them the right way.

Ways To Store A Quilt

An Unused Bed

If you have an extra bed in your house, this would be an excellent way to keep your quilts layered on an unused bed. Lay your quilts one by one on this bed and place one white sheet between every quilt, by doing this will help to prevent any permanent fold mark on your quilts. Lay over the last quilt a white sheet to protect this quilt from the sunlight.

Quilt Rack

A quilt rack is a good place to store some of your quilts, try to make the minimum folds on your quilts, and place the rack in a place far from sunlight. Try to change your quilts place on the rack at least once every month and place your quilts in a different folded way on the rack.

Roll Your Quilts

If you have a place to keep your quilts rolled, this will be a great way to store them. You can roll each quilt, and cover each roll with a white cotton sheet to protect the quilt from the dust and this will also protect your quilts from —- one roll from the rest, store your rolled quilts in a clean and dry place. You will need to move the rolls occasionally to prevent any flat spot on your quilts.

How To Fold A Quilt To Store It

When folding a quilt, try to make the minimum folds possibly, always keep the pretty side of the quilt inside, and it’s possible to lay a white cotton sheet on top of the quilt before you fold it, this will prevent the back of the quilt to touch the front.

When storing folded quilts, try not to keep many quilts on the same place as the weight will press the bottom quilts and will mark the folds easily.

Try to take out your folded quilts once every month and fold them in a different way to prevent any folded marks.

Store your folded quilts in a dark and clean place.

Storing Your Quilts On a Cabinet

Many quilters love to store their quilts on a cabinet and they look great displayed this way, but you need to keep your quilts safe.

Remember any furniture made of wood has some wood oils that within time could damage your quilts, avoid any direct contact between your quilts and the wood. If you want to keep your quilts in a cabinet made of wood, you can place an acid free white paper between your quilts and the wood.

Keep the cabinet far from sunlight and remember to take your quilts out at least once every month and fold your quilts in a different way.

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Ways To Store Your Quilts

2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Store Your Quilts (Read This First!)”

  1. It’s helpful to know that folding quilts differently can help prevent folded marks.
    Also, between my quilts and the wood, I’ll be sure to use acid-free white paper.I’ll also advise my aunt to store her quilts on her unused bed and to place one white sheet in the between of every quilt and she’ll be glad to hear this good news.

    Thank you very much for the information

  2. This is interesting, my wife is an avid quilter, and I stumbled across your site looking for gifts, but found this article to be interesting and concise.  I really liked the rolling method because you cover each roll with a white cotton sheet to protect the quilt from dust.  Our area gets pretty dusty and that is a problem. 

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