Can You Learn To Quilt On Your Own

Can You Learn To Quilt On Your Own at home? There are 5 ways that will help you to learn the basic of making your own quilts, and any who love to sew can do it!

Whether you love to sew or not, you might be wondering if you can make a quilt, but when you look at some quilts, they all look so elaborated and beautiful, than you might think this is something that only very skilled sewers can do.

The good news is that anyone can learn how to make a quilt, and in many times, some quilters have learned to make their quilts on their own, if they have learned the basic and advanced quilting techniques by themselves, then you can too.

On this post, we want to share some ideas on how you can learn the beautiful art of making a quilt, you might find the idea that more suits for you and before you notice you will have your first quilt finished and ready to be used in your hands!

Can You Learn To Quilt On Your Own

Make A Small Quilt First

Many people would love to make a regular size quilt as their first project, but making a regular size quilt is a big project for anyone, even for the advanced quilter, as any quilt will require a few days, weeks and even months to finish.

When you work on a small quilt as your first project to learn by yourself how to quilt, it will help you to learn how to make it and finish it in a few hours or a couple of days.

There are plenty of quilts of small size where to choose one: the mini quilt, which can be hung on a wall or be placed on a table, a baby quilt, and a lap quilt.

Quilt Made With Square Pattern

Quilts made with square patterns are easy to make and it will help you to learn the first steps to make any quilt. Stitching on a number of fabric squares to make strips, and then sew on those strips of squares together to make the top. You will be sewing all the time with straight stitching with 1/4 inch seam allowance, which will make it easier for you.

Quilt Books

Quilt books are always one of the best resources you can buy to follow the instructions to make your first quilt, there are plenty of quilting books where you can choose one for beginners, you will find the step by step tutorials to follow to learn how to cut the fabric, how to sew on the fabric to make the top, how to make the quilting sandwich and how to quilt and finish the quilt.

Follow A Quilter On YouTube

There are plenty of great quilting tutorials to watch many quilters making their quilts, from easy to make quilt patterns to some more elaborate, you always can follow a quilter and watch her/his videos to follow the steps to make your quilt at home, soon you will learn the basic of making a quilt by yourself.

Sign On To A Quilting Classes

In many cities and towns, there is always a quilt store where you can find information about their quilting classes, a great idea to learn from a quilter the basics to make a quilt is to sign on to a class.

Today with the internet, there are plenty of online quilting classes where you can learn from home how to make your first quilt, some online courses are set up already for the students to watch the video classes as many times as you need, some of these online classes have also a group on Facebook where you can get the help from the teacher and from more advanced students.

Can You Learn To Quilt On Your Own, Closing Thoughts

Learning how to make a quilt might be intimidating for many, as some quilts are so beautiful and their patterns might look so hard to make it.

If you’re wondering if you can learn to make a quilt on your own at home, the good news is that today is easier than ever, there are a few different ways to learn the basics of quilting from home, whether is from a book, watching videos tutorials on YouTube or signing up to an online course.

As there is always a new quilting technique to make a new quilt, if you love to sew, you can learn to make a quilt!

Just keep in mind to start making a small quilt with an easy technique as a quilt made with fabric squares, then make one with squares and triangles, from these two quilting techniques, then you will be ready to try a more elaborate technique.

Keep also in mind that most quilters love to share their knowledge, sign up to a group on Social Media and don’t be afraid of share your questions, you’ll be happy to see how many quilters will be more than happy to help you!

If you have any questions about how to learn to quilt on your own, leave your question on a comment, we will happy to reply to you.

Happy Quilting!

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Can You Learn To Quilt On Your Own

2 thoughts on “Can You Learn To Quilt On Your Own”

  1. These are some great tips for learning how to quilt on my own.  I have always been curious about the difficulty level of quilting, but I now have the resources to learn for myself.  My grandmother is a great quilter, but she does not live close so it is hard to get any training from her.  I have a few questions for you.

    Do you have any books that you would recommend for beginners?  

    What about YouTube channels?  Do you have a favorite?  

    Thanks so much for your help.

  2. I believe that anything is possible as long as you set your goals straight and focus on what you want to accomplish without giving up on the first try just because it doesn’t look as the model that you’re basing yours on. Most hand-made items are challenging to create, but as you said, taking a few classes and understanding what you’re doing can go a long way. 

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