Top Selling Sewing Machines

Top Selling Sewing Machines is a blog where we share the 5 models you will see in the novice and experienced seamstresses to make their sewing projects.

Whether you’re starting to learn how to sew, or if you have some experience, you might want to have a basic or a computerized sewing machine with all the features you need to work on your projects.

Today, we share the 5 models most sold on amazon, as people who like to do sewing as a hobby or people who do sewing as their carrer, have trusted on these models because their stitching quality and ease to work with them.


Top Selling Sewing Machines

Among all the sewing machine models and different brands you can find on the market, is not a surprise to find two brands on top of the list of the most selling sewing machines, sewers around the world purchase as their machine to have in their sewing room.

Brother and Singer are the most well known brands around the world and beginners and advanced sewers know well they can rely on these brands to get their projects made whether they do sewing as a hobby or as a career.

1 – Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

(Most Affordable Sewing Machine)

Top Selling Sewing Machines

The Brother XM2701 is the most sold sewing machine on Amazon, check latest price here! (affiliate)

When you want to learn sewing, or when you want to purchase a sewing machine on a budget, the Brother XM2701 is a great option.

This is an easy to set up machine and start sewing, that comes with enough features that will help you to work on many different projects, from making your own clothing or for your family, some home decor projects and even you can make your own quilts with this model.

Some features that comes with this model:

  • 27 built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • Free arm
  • 800 stitches per minute
  • Lightweight – easy to carry around the home or to your sewing and quilting classes


  • It doesn’t come with up/down feed dog system – it comes with a darning plate that will help you to work on the free motion embroidery or quilting.
  • Not the best sewing machine for working with thick materials as denim

If you’re looking for a lightweight sewing machine that comes with enough features to help you to work on different projects without the need to break the bank, you might want to take a look to this model.

Take a look to the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine Top Sold On Amazon here! (affiliate)

Note: I got a few years ago the previous model to this one, it helped me to work on many different projects as making small bags and pouches, pillows, clothing for myself and for my children and grandchildren, and I made a few regular size quilt tops on it without any problem at all, (I do the quilting by hand)

I tested this machine for the free motion quilting, and I must say it work great on small size quilts. After using the previous model to the Brother XM2701, my machine works like day 1, when I decided to upgrade it for a computerized machine, I decided to keep my old sewing machine as a back-up.

2 – Brother CS6000i

(Best Sewing Machine)

Top Selling Sewing Machines

The Brother CS6000i has been sold over 17,000 times on Amazon, you can read more reviews here! (affiliate)

Brother is a sewing machine brand well known around the world by the quality on all their products, when talking about their sewing machines, you can be sure you will get enough features on the machine you’re purchasing to work on many different projects.

We were not surprised to find the Brother CS6000i sewing machine on the first place on the most sold sewing machines on Amazon, and the reason is simple, this model comes packed with update features to help beginners and most advanced sewers to work on any project they might have on their list.

Whether you’re a sewer or a quilter, you will find this model easy to set up and start sewing. Ti comes with enough features to help you to work on easy to make projects to some projects that requiere a higher skill level.

Some features that comes with the Brother CS6000i

  • 60 built-in stitches
  • 7 styles of auto-size buttonholes
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • It comes with a hard protective case
  • LDC screen
  • Free arm and extension table


  • It doesn’t have a long troat, which makes hard to work on the free motion quilting on regular size quilts, or if you want to work with it on big projects for home decoration.
  • It’s not the best sewing machine to work with thicker textiles as canvas, denim and others,

The pros of this sewing machine are more than the disvantages, which that makes of this machine one of the favorites for beginners or experienced sewers around the world.

3 – Brother GX37 Sewing Machine

(#1 Best Seller Sewing Machine)

Top Selling Sewing Machines

Has been sold over 14,000 times on, you can read more reviews here! (affiliate)

The Brother GX37 is a compact, lightweight, basic machine, that will work great on many different sewing projects you might want to make.

This model comes with enough features to work on garment construction, home decor projects and it can be used to work on free motion embroidery and quilting as well, as it comes with the drop feed sewing system.

If you’re looking for a machine that comes with all you need to work on different projects, without the need to pay a lot for those extra features on a fancy machine, this model will be on top of your list and soon it will become your favorite.

Whether you want to buy this sewing machine to keep it on your sewing room or as a machine to take to your sewing and quilting classes and retreats, you can be sure it will be the best pick to work on many different projects.

Some features that come with the Brother GX37

  • 37 built-in stitches
  • Auto-size buttonholes
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 6 presser feet
  • Free arm
  • Drop feed sewing
  • Warranty 25 year limited
  • Drop feed system


  • Not the best for advanced sewers
  • Not the best model to work on the free motion quilting on regular size quilts, but it will go good on small size quilts.


The Brother GX37 is a lightweight sewing machine that comes with enough features to work on most of the sewing projects any beginner and intermediate sewer will love to make.

This model would be a perfect as a backup machine for the advanced sewer, or to take it to sewing and quilting classes and retreats.

Sewers, beginners and more experienced around the world, trust on this model as it comes with enough features to work on many different projects, is easy to set up and start sewing, and it will last for many year!

4 – Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

(The Best Machine to work with any type of fabric)

Top Selling Sewing Machines

It has been sold over 11,000 times on Amazon, you can take a look to the Singer 4423 Sewing Machine here! (affiliate)

When you have on your projects to do list some projects with denim, canvas or other thicker fabrics, or if you make  projects with multiple layers, you want to have a sewing machine in your sewing room that will help you to work on your projects with ease.

The Singer 4423 is a model that is designed and built strong with the right weight to work with ease on your projects with thick materials.

It’s a mechanical machine that beginners will love to start their sewing journey with it, as it’s easy to set up and start sewing, but advanced sewers will love to have it in their sewing room as it will thelp you to work on any type of project.

If you like to sew different sewing projects with any type of fabric, then this is the model to have in your sewing room without the need to break the bank.

Some features that come with the Singer 4423:

  • 23 built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 1,100 stitches per minute
  • 60% stronger motor than other models
  • Heavy duty Metal frame, which will help you to work on many different types of fabric and it will give the machine enough stability while you work on your projects.
  • Top drop-in bobbin system
  • Extra higher presser feet lift
  • 3 needle positions
  • Easy to set up and start sewing
  • It will last for many years


  • Defective warranty is only 90 days
  • The machine is manual, so no one-step buttonholes

The Veredic:

This is a good sewing machine for any beginner who wants to start sewing and make different projects, it has all the features you need to work with thin and thicker fabrics with ease.

Easy to set up and start sewing, beginners and more advanced sewers will work with ease on it on different projects and it will last for many years.

5 – Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine

(Excelent Sewing Machine for beginners and more experienced sewists)

Top Selling Sewing Machines


It has been sold over 6,000 times on Amazon, you can take a look to the latest price here! (affiliate)

This is a computerized sewing machine that will help any sewer to work on any project with ease!

Sewers around the world are happy to have all the features to work on different projects on this model, from making a simple sewing project as a potholder to making a regular size quilt, the piecing of the top and the free motion quilting on it!

This is a computerized machine that comes with enough features that can be switched with ease on its front panel.

Some features that comes with the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

  • 600 stitch applications
  • 850 stitches per minute
  • 13 presser feet
  • Automatic 1 step buttonhole
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Easy to load, drop-in bobbin system
  • Extension table
  • Heavy metal frame
  • Slide bar to control the speed
  • Great for making quilts
  • Easy threading system


  • The presser foot pressure is not adjustable
  • This is not the best machine for embroidery
  • It’s weight of 20 pounds, makes it not a lightweight machine to carry around the house
  • It’s not the machine to do your projects with thicker fabrics


If you have different sewing projects to do, from garment construction, home decor and making quilts, this is a great sewing machine to bring to your sewing room.

It’s easy to work with and it will help you to get the best quality stitching on all your projects.


Whether you’re looking for a sewing machine to start learning to sew, or if you want to upgrade your old machine, these 5 top selling sewing machines will offer you a good choise where you can pick one to bring to your sewing room.

Brother and Singer are the top selling sewing machine brands, both are known by their high quality machines that will last for many years in your sewing room.

You don’t need to break the bank to purchase your new machine to make all your projects on your list, as these 5 models are affordable and easy to work with them.

Happy Sewing!

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Top Selling Sewing Machines

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  1. That’s a lot of information about the various sewing machines available. I prefer Singer as it’s been a common brand for years. Brother is, I think, a relatively new make. 

    The reviews are also good. And it’s been sold thousands of times. I was wondering if I can get a discount from you for the Singer 4423? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks. 



    • Hi Aparna,

      Thanks so much for your kind words on your comment.

      As I see you got interested on the Singer 4423 sewing machine, and wondering if you can get a discount from it, you might be happy to know the price may be different from one seller to the other sellers on Amazon, you will need to check on the Singer 4423, and see if you can find a price that is better for you.

      May I add that this singer machine is not priced to high and for the features that come with it, I think it’s a good price, in the other hand, I can say this machine will be a good investment for anyone who is interested to start sewing and it will last for many years.


      Alex B.

  2. I need a new sewing machine and I did have a Brother previously.  I moved from Texas to Florida about 4 years ago, and left behind a lot so I would not have to pay to ship it to Florida.  Big mistake.  So of course I sold my sewing machine.  Shoot the price is not bad at all!  Under $200 for, what it looks like, a very similar machine to what I sold in Texas. 

  3. Thanks for sharing with us. I haven’t read about sewing for months now. I was actually asking a friend how much it cost to buy a sewing machine. I have never owned one.

    I wanted to sew some clothes and sell them, but that was a while ago. Now my mum is the one that’s interested. The brother sewing machine looks reasonable for her. I might go back to it in the future, and I would love to come back to your site.

  4. This was a great and thorough review of the top consumer sewing machines on the market today. The reason why I know you wrote and excellent review, is I shared this with my wife who has been sewing for about 10 years now; and she says “you hit the nail on the head” with your info and reviews. My wife has been using the Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine for the last few years, she says it’s got a lot of good features, heavy duty and simple to use. 

    Before that she had the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 machine when she was just starting off sewing. She used to sew napkins and tablecloths from linen materials, but now sews shirts and pants that she sells online. I’m sure the Brother line of sewing machines are good, but printers flash into my head, not sewing machines, when I hear the name Brother. It appears they all share a lot of the same features, but the Singer 4423 is a beast of a machine. 

    There is nothing my wife can’t sew on that machine. Last week she sewed a pair of blue jeans for the grandkids, a blue jean jacket for our daughter, and a blue jean shirt with pearl clip buttons for me. I’m looking very styling! Thanks for reaffirming my wife made the right decision, purchasing the Singer 4423. We are going to share you review with some of her friends in her sewing club.

  5. Hi, Great post, with some great info on these sewing machines. My partner is looking for a new machine and has been wondering about the Brother range. I know they make some good photocopiers and have seen some good reviews, but it is great to get an honest, unbias opinion, thanks.

    Ultimately it will be up to my wife to choose, but you have provided information so we can make an informed decision. Thankyou.

  6. Hi! Alex, thank you for this Reviews. I have the Brother JX1420, my son bought it last year and I do not know even if this is an old or new Model. All I know is that I can sew basic home decors and projects and it works well and good. But of course, I want to upgrade a newer sewing machine with lots of Features that best suits my needs when I have enough budget. I enjoyed your article and Review. All the Best!

  7. Like you cannot find a farmer without a cutlass, so a tailor is not complete without good sewing machine. There roburst built makes them a perfect gift for a tailor. Like you identified, the singer 4423 is a good fit for any one just starting out with fashion design. With its strong motor and auto needle threader 

  8. hi there. This is a great article you have shared. I have some experience in sewing and the Brother XM2701 is the machine I started using when I was learning how to sew. I used it for years thereafter and I agree with you that it is lightweight, I used to carry it to my sewing classes, and it is also easy to set up. Today I’m using the Singer quantum stylist 9960 sewing machine, it’s a bit classy but comes with good features.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing information with us.

  9. Hi Alex,

    This is a very nice article. I have a friend who is a seamstress who would love this site. She’s a master at he sewing machine and has created beautiful homemade attire that’s awesome. Recently mentioned looking for a new machine so coming across this site was very timely. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    L, Sammy

  10. Hi, Alex!
    Can you believe that I haven’t seen a sewing machine in years?! Granny used to have one but I was so young I didn’t pay any real attention to it. Now, reading your post brought back some memories of my childhood. If just Granny could see how much those machines have improved…
    Your post is really thorough and I believe very clear to all who have to decide which sewing machine to buy.
    Thanks for sharing and keep sae!

  11. Hi Alex!

    All these machines look really good and affordable. I like the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine. It is easy to carry it to places to a different room or a different house without breaking our backs. Also, it is so prettyyyyyyy I love the purple flowery design and it is in the budget for us who are just learning how to sew. 

    Thank you for sharing your article with us and I wish you the best in life!


  12. Hi Alex
    Thanks for sharing your views on top five selling sewing machines. My sister just started learning the Sewing and I wanted to gift her a good machine. Your all the five models attracted me and I went through them in detail. In my opinion Brother XM-2701 will be perfect as a starter. Thanks for saving my time to make the correct choice.
    Warm Regards
    Gaurav Gaur

  13. Thank you so much for this great list of top-selling sewing machines on amazon. I purchased a sewing machine a few years back and was really excited to start (and finish) a few projects. However, I ran into issues with some stitches kind of early into using the machine. As a total novice, I thought I was doing something wrong. After giving the machine away to a more professional sewer, I was told that the machine had a problem (not me!). I’m definitely ready to start some projects again, so thanks for the helpful list to help me choose a machine!

  14. This machine is powerful compared to others. What I like about Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine are its incredible features and its high speed. I can remember this machine when I visited my friend’s cloth shop and found him enjoying using the machine. While I have no experience with tailoring, I admired the way he was working.

  15. I am not much of a sewer myself but I was looking around for a gift. My grandma takes a particularly fond interest in sewing and I have to say your article has helped me distinguish what machine I want to get for her. She does a lot of quilting and works with heavy-duty materials so the Singer model looks to be the best option. I have learned a ton about sewing machines that I did not know before reading this article. Thank you so much!

    • We are glad that you found our article helpful, we are sure your grandma will find the Singer Heavy Duty an excellent machine to keep working on her sewing and quilting projects!

  16. As I am starting out with the sewing, I really don’t know much about the brands which are known to be good. I am bit confused between the Brother XM2701 and Brother CS6000i. I just need to do some basic patch work for my old clothes and pillow covers. 

    Which one would be the best in your opinion, for a beginner? 

  17. Hi Alex. Thank you for another great review. I love sewing and doing lot of it and my Singer has its years so recently I was thinking about new machine. Its not easy to choose with so many options on market but your post for sure will make it much easier. I especially like Singer Qantum. This is great company, model offers many options and price is still reasonable. Looking forward to test it in practice.

  18. Hey thanks for the suggestions! Some how I knew brother was going to be on the list, even though I’m completely new to the sewing world.

    I did a fashion course in college and sewing was one of the main equipments, it’s where I learnt quite a few keywords and skills but I definitely consider my self a newb so I think I should go for a sewing machine that’s designed for the less experienced, something simple basically.

  19. Wow, this is a complete guide to help me buy the perfect machine to sew onto thicker fabrics such as denim. I had a brother embroidery machine, its entry-level, and just as your guide suggests, its lightweight, easy to use, but the motor isnt the strongest on those. Thank you

  20. This has been a very interesting blog article to read. Its not really a subject thati have ever gave much attention to before. But when it comes to threading a needle and sewing by hand, i am completely useless at it nowadays as i can barely see sharp enough to thread a needle. These look good

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