What To Do With Your Old Sewing Machine

As you get skilled in sewing, you might want to update your Old Sewing Machine, for one that has all the new features, but what to do with the old one.

When you love to sew or to make quilts, there will come the day that you’re sewing machine needs to be upgraded, whether it is because you need more stitching speed or more features that will help you to work better on all your projects.

One question you might get in your mind, is what to do with your old sewing machine? So let’s take a look on a few ideas about what to do with it.

What To Do With Your Old Sewing Machine

Re purpose An Old Sewing Machine

There is a trend to keep old machines and re purpose them as a focal point in a room, and there’s a few ways to do it.

  • Making a lamp
  • Use the sewing machine cabinet as a table
  • Place it on a bookshelf to hold books

Why To Keep An Old Sewing Machine?

If your machine is still in good shape, it might be a good idea to keep it, you never know when it might be handy to have a second machine at home, or if you prefer to take the old machine to a sewing or quilting class or retreat.

When you decide to keep it, there are a few things to consider that will help you to know your decision was right.

– Do You Have Storage Space?

Portable sewing machines are easy to storage and it won’t take much room in a cabinet or in a closet, and it will be at hand for whenever you need it, whether a friend or a family member stops for a visit and both or you want to do some sewing together.

– Will You Need A Backup?

When you love to often sew on different projects, there might be a day when your main machine might need to be taken to the technician and you want to keep sewing at home, if you keep the old machine, you don’t need to stop sewing while the technician gives you a call to let you know your machine is ready.

If you sew from time to time, some easy projects can be done in a basic machine, no need to take the new machine to do the job.

– Is There More Sewers At Home?

If you’re a mom and your kids watch you sewing, there will come the day when one of them or all of them might want to try sewing, if you keep your basic machine at home, there is no need to buy a small machine for a young new sewer.

How To Sell Your Old Sewing Machine

If you have thought about all the pros and cons of keeping your old sewing machine, and it makes clear that keeping is not a good option for you, then you might want to know how to sell it or how to donate it.

– Be Sure Your Machine Works

Now that you have decided to sell the machine, you need to be sure it works good, in case there are some problems, make a list to let the person who is interested in buying it to know all the problems.

When a person is well-informed about the problems on you’re sewing machine, or the missing parts or tools, it will help them to make the right decision whether to buy it or not.

– Selling Online

Nowadays there is a few ways to get your machine in front of possible buyers, one of the best is by posting it online, there are a good number of groups of sewing, quilting and crafts that you won’t have any problem to post some pictures of your machine.

Be sure to share the place where you live, without sharing your personal address, only share the name of your city or town, or the city nearest to you.

In case someone is interested on your machine, make an appointment to see the machine in a public place.

In Canada, some provinces share that anyone interested on selling something online, it could be delivered in the parking lot of a police station, so seller and buyer could be safe always. You can check in advance if you can do this in your city or country.

– Take The Best Pictures

If you’re sharing some pictures online, be sure to take the best pictures you can, with a camera or with your cell phone, and in case there is a problem with the machine, take the picture of that problem, that will save you time and some problems later.

– Set The Price

You can take a look online to similar machines to learn about what is the best price for your old sewing machine.

Who Buys An Old Sewing Machine

You might get surprised on how many people might want to get an old sewing machine, someone who is interested to learn to sew, might look to buy a second hand machine that will help her/him to know if sewing is the right hobby or not, without the need to pay all the price.

Parents and grandparents who’s children and grandchildren get interested to learn to sew, they might be looking for a second hand sewing machine in good condition for their young sewer without the need to break the bank.

I remember when I was about 8 years old, I got interested on sewing, my mom taught me the first sewing lessons, then my parents thought it would be better if I could get my own machine, they bought a second hand portable sewing machine from a nice lady who was moving to another country and she couldn’t take her sewing machine with her.

I learned how to sew on that machine, and I kept it for many years until I upgraded it for an industrial sewing machine.

Donate Your Old Sewing Machine

When you don’t feel like selling you old sewing machine, you might to know that you can donate it tool

Many might be looking to learn to sew, and they can’t afford to pay for a machine.

  • Women shelters
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Sewing and Quilting clubs – These clubs always welcome new members and they might want to try sewing or quilting before they buy a new sewing machine, they will be delighted to know they can try on your old sewing machine.
  • Young sewers – If you love to sew, to quilt or to do crafts, you might not know someone (one of your children, your grandchildren or your niece or nephew) might have been taking a look to you, and secretly they can’t wait to start sewing, they will be delight to know that you can donate them your machine and they can learn to sew on it.

Closing Thoughts

Whenever you’re ready to upgrade you’re sewing machine, you might be wondering what to do with the old one, we hope you find helpful all these suggestions and find what to do with it.

Whether you keep it as a backup, sell it or donate it, you can be sure most sewing machines are designed to work well for many years.

There is always a new sewer that is hoping to get a machine to start sewing!

In case, you sell it or if you give it as a donation to someone else, you can be sure, you’re sewing machine might change a life for ever!

Sewing will always help to improve a life, whether is just for recycling old clothing, or to start a career in sewing!


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  1. I feel this is a cool trend. And it’s also ecofriendly if we get into the habit of repurposing. I am actually using a sewing machine table right next to me here in my office. I put books and stuff on it that I need to consult while working (to keep them handy). But I will try repurposing the sewing machine itself. Thanks for the ideas.

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