Singer MX231 Review

The Singer MX231 Review, this sewing machine is a basic mechanical machine that’s easy to operate, simple to set up and start sewing.

This is a good machine for any beginner starting to sew, as well as the more experienced sewer, and comes with enough features to make any of your sewing projects easy to do.

Singer MX231 ReviewIt has enough stitches to give you the ability to sew many different fabrics from denim to any of your sheer basic materials.

Under the hood of this sewing machine is a full metal frame for durability, and built to last, and we also should mention that it comes with the 1 step buttonhole to give consistent stitching for your buttonholes every time.

Singer MX231 Review

We will mention the features on the MX231, and you can judge if this machine would make a good fit for your sewing projects, or even as a gift for any beginner sewer, as the price is very reasonable.

Stitches Found On The Singer MX231

This machine has 97 stitch applications for you to work with, from basic to decorative, and even stretch stitches.

Selecting any of the stitches is very easy by turning the stitch pattern selector dial on the front of the machine, which can be turned in both directions, and the instruction manual provides you with diagrammed instructions to select any of the stitches.

The stitch length is adjustable from 0 to 4 with a 2.5 setting usually for neat zigzag stitches, and when doing straight stitches turning the dial towards 4 will increase the length of the stitch.

The stitch width dial is also adjustable up to 5 with both the width and length dials located on top of the machine.

Another handy feature is the reverse lever located just above the sewing area, used to secure the beginning and ends of any seams, just by pushing the lever down for reverse, then releasing for forwards again.

Threading And Bobbin Winding For The Singer MX231

This machine is easy to thread by following the numbered arrows imprinted on the machine down to the needle, and always best to turn power off and needle in its highest position with presser foot raised.

This model has the automatic needle threader, which is always a help when threading, and the instruction manual will display the details for this.

On the top of the machine is a thread tension dial with the basic setting around 4 as 90 % of all your sewing is between 3 to 5.

To wind the bobbin is basically the same as most sewing machines, so once the thread is around the bobbin push the spindle to the right and use the foot pedal, then as it gets full it will spin slower, and is then ready to remove.

Also don’t forget to move the bobbin spindle back to its original position, otherwise the machine will not sew.

To insert the bobbin have the needle raised and open the hinged cover, then pull out the bobbin case, and insert the bobbin with the thread running in a clockwise direction, and leave about 6 inches of thread extra.

To raise the bobbin thread, turn the hand wheel towards you then place upper and lower threads under the presser foot toward the back of the machine.

There is a manual thread cutter on the face plate, just above the sewing area at the left end of the machine when needed.

How Many Presser Feet Come With The Singer MX231?

The Singer MX231 comes with 4 presser feet, all purpose foot, zipper foot, 1 step buttonhole foot, button sewing foot.

We will mention that extra presser feet can be purchased from Singer for this machine.

This machine has a two position presser foot lifter, so that when you are sewing thicker fabrics it can be raised.

To change the feet, just push the foot towards you and it will disengage, then push a new one in place, and you will find very good diagrams in the manual for this.

The Feed Dogs

This machine has a 6 point feed dog system, that will move your fabrics very evenly while sewing.

As there is no lever to raise or lower the feed dogs, a darning plate is provided for when ever free hand sewing or embroidering is done.

Does The Singer MX231 Come With A Free Arm?

The extension table on this machine can be pulled off, giving access to the free arm for sewing cuffs, pants, sleeves, etc.

How Many Operating Dials Does The Singer MX231 Have?

On top of the machine you can find the:

  1. Stitch width dial for easy adjustments.
  2. Stitch length dial.
  3. The thread tension dial.
  4. The stitch pattern selection dial found on front of the machine.
  5. The reverse sewing lever on the front above the sewing area.
  6. Handwheel is on the right end along with the power button and plug socket.
  7. Lever to raise the presser foot just behind the needle work area.


This machine has a LED light just over the work area, and will come on when the power is turned on for the machine.

What Type Of Needles Are Good For The Singer MX231?

Singer recommends using genuine needles made for their machines. Another thing to mention is the instruction manual has a needle, fabric, and thread chart giving the best recommendations for different fabrics being used.

Singer MX231 Review

The Accessories For The Singer MX231

  • Presser feet
  • L-shape screwdriver
  • Package of needles
  • 4 class 15 bobbins by Singer
  • Seam ripper and brush
  • Quilting guide
  • Darning plate
  • Spool holder
  • Soft cover
  • Foot control
  • Power cord
  • Singer MX231 manual

Specifications For The Singer MX231

  • 97 Stitch applications
  • 4 mm maximum stitch length
  • 5 mm maximum stitch width
  • 1 step buttonhole
  • 14.9 pounds in weight
  • Carrying handle for portability.

Warranty For The Singer MX231

The standard warranty on Singer products is 12 months from when first purchased, and registering your machine can give you a 3 year warranty on parts and labor free of charge.

Always best to check your warranty when first purchasing.

The Pros and Cons For The Singer MX231


  • Has carrying handle and light enough to take to sewing classes.
  • 97 stitch applications
  • Built-in threader
  • Good machine for beginners
  • Very easy to set up and start sewing.
  • Is very reasonable priced.


  • Not automatic thread cutter
  • No lever for raising or lowering feed dogs.

Where To Buy The Singer MX231

You can find this sewing machine on the specialty store shelves, also with the sewing machine dealer in your area, but you also can purchase this model online

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FAQ For The Singer MX231 Review

Is The Singer MX231 Sewing Machine Good For A Beginner?

Singer MX231 Review

As this sewing machine is a basic mechanical sewing machine, it will be a good model for anyone who is looking to start sewing. as It comes with enough features and dials to set it up for making different projects.

Is The Singer MX231 Sewing Machine Portable To Take It To Sewing Classes?

This sewing machine is perfect to carry to your sewing classes as it comes with a built-in carrying handle and it’s light enough to carry.

Is The Singer MX231 Sewing Machine Good For Free Motion Quilting?

This model doesn’t come with a lever to switch feed dogs up and down to work on the free motion quilting, but it comes with a darning plate to cover the feed dogs, this will help you to work on the free motion sewing, quilting and embroidery.

We suggest taking your time to make as many tests as you need to get familiar to do the free motion sewing, embroidery or quilting as you will need to learn how to move your project with your hands at the same time as you need to learn to control the foot pedal.

Is The Singer MX231 Sewing Machine Good For Making Quilts?

We will recommend this model to make any top size for a quilt, but if you are thinking about the free motion quilting, we will only recommend this model for small quilting projects, as this is a lightweight model with a small throat, which is not the best for making regular size or big size quilts.

The Singer MX231 Review – Our Final Thoughts

We feel that as this is a basic mechanical sewing machine, and with enough features, it would be a good purchase to add to any sewing room.

For someone just starting out in the sewing business, this would make an excellent machine to practice with, as it’s very easy to set up and start sewing.

It’s not a high priced machine which is another bonus you might want to think about.

Anyway we hope this review gives you a better look at the features and workings of the Singer MX231.

Wishing you all the best on your sewing projects – Happy Sewing!

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  1. Great, thorough review. Can’t say much more than that as I’m not familiar in the field of sewing at all, haha. Lots of terminology here I’m unfamiliar with! Still, it looks like a great, capable product designed for a variety of uses in sewing. A nice, clean aesthetic to the product as well which is always a bonus!

  2. This looks like a great sewing machine and Singer is definitely an excellent brand. What I particucarly like is the LED light right over the work area, allowing you to work at night and really focus on it. Since I’m a beginner it looks like a good machine to get started with. What are easy sewing projects to start with?

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