Sewing Occupations (Start Out Your Career On Sewing)

Sewing Occupations offers a list of different jobs to anyone who loves to sew, each occupation requires some skills whether is done by hand or with a sewing machine.

When you love to sew, you might often wonder about turning your new hobby into a career, and many can find a specific way to sew to start their new career.

The list of sewing occupations is wide and it can offer you a specific job, whether is to start making a new garment for anyone who is looking to have their clothing made for them, and this is the most known sewing job for many, but this list of jobs for sewists offers more ideas to start your own career.


1. Seamstress

Seamstress or dressmaker, whether you work for someone else or if you know enough to start making new garments for anyone who is looking to have their own clothing made for them. You can do garment constructions for anyone and any type of garment, or you can offer your services on a specific niche, like women garments, children s clothing, wedding dress, Halloween, or you can also work for a theater company.

2. Cordwainer

Cordwainer is a trade for anyone who loves to design and make new shoes from leather. There are some people who look for shoes made for them, and you always can be referred by doctors who work with people who need some specific type of shoes.

3. Corsetier

A corsetier is a person who made garments for both men and women, who wear these garments to hold and give a specific shape to their bodies. The word of corsette might take you to old times, but todays these garments are still used to help people to give their bodies a desired shape, and there is also some medical prescriptions for people who need some extra support.

4. Embroiderer

Embroiderer is a person who will work on any piece of garment to add some decorative stitches, to make each garment prettier, the embroiderer will work with all types of embroidery threads, beads, buttons, ribbons, lace, and everything you can image that can be stitched on any garment, you can work for a dressmaker, a Taylor, a theater company, or you can start working on your own. Don’t forget there is a huge demand for hand embroidery wedding garments.

5. Glover

A Glover will design and make any type of gloves, from those who everyone wears during the cold weather, to those that are made for special events or any type of trade.

6. Hatter

The demand for always wearing a hat is growing day by day, as many doctors and health workers advise us, to protect us and our family from the sun, whether you design and made hats for Winter or Summer, you can be sure you can make a career on this trade.

7. Leatherworker

As a leather worker there are many things to make, bags for both, men and women, wallets, hats.

Note: As an animal lover myself, I will make a note here, that is if you’re interested on this trade, you need to know that every day, fewer people are interested to purchase anything made from any animal skin, but there is an option to find another type of leather made from other sources such as plants.

8. Quilter

A Quilter is a person who will be working to stitch together at least three layers of fabric, it can be done by hand or with a sewing machine.

9. Taylor

As a Taylor, you will make new garments or any type of alterations on men’s clothing.

10. Taxidermist

Taxidermist is a trade where you will be in charge of preserving an animals body, you can be working with museums, collectors and hunters.

Note: As an animal lover, I don’t agree with this trade, but as a blogger I need to add it to the list, and I respect anyone who is doing this job.

11. Upholsterer

As an upholstered you will be in charge to make or restore any type of seats, but you can also make any type of items for home and business decorations, such as pillows, and curtains.

Final Thoughts

When you love to sew, you will learn some new skills, and you might be specialized on a specific skill, by doing this, it will help you to work making alterations on one type of garments or items.

I hope this list of Sewing Occupations can help you find that there is always a good idea to grow your love of sewing into a new career.

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Sewing Occupations

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