Serger VS Sewing Machine

If you have been sewing for a while, then you most likely know how a sewing machine works and which ones are the best fit for your projects. Serger VS Sewing Machine will help you to know if you need a serger or not for your projects.

Serger VS Sewing Machine - Sewing ThreadNow a serger would be considered more of a specialized sewing machine, and is also called an overlock sewing machine.

What it does is sewing professional edges on your fabrics that might fray or rip over time, and also uses a sharp blade that cuts off any extra seam as it sews leaving a professional finish to your projects.

Serger VS Sewing Machine

What are the difference of Serger VS Sewing Machine

Lets take a look to the serger’s features


Serger VS Sewing Machine

Sergers come with 2, 3, 4, or 5 and even more threads that you can use, and you can have different stitches depending on the number of threads your sewing with.

You will find that the more threads on a Serger you use, then the more decorative the stitching can be.

Sergers do not use a bobbin but have what’s called looper threads, that help to lock the needle thread in place, with the most basic stitch on a serger being the overlock stitch.

A serger machine will finish the edge of a fabric you’re sewing and not stretch the material, while on a sewing machine that can be hard to do, plus the serger gives you that professional finish to your projects.

The overlock stitch will lock in the edge of the fabric to keep the edge from fraying.

The cover stitch is used to create a hem when the fabric is folded and the stitches will cover the folded edge.

The flatlock stitch will join two pieces of fabric with a seam that opens out flat.

The rolled hem stitching will incase the fabric edge in a roll of thread and you can see this in any lightweight fabrics that you buy.

The Knife

The knife on a serger is used to trim the seam and works at the same time as it sews and finishes the edges.

It can be turned off or on with most sergers, and being off will help with decorative stitches or when its not necessary to cut the seam allowance.

As long as you follow the safety recommendations it is perfectly safe to use the knife, and it will give a very clean seam finish to any of your projects.
Serger VS Sewing Machine

Would a Serger replace your Sewing Machine?

The answer to that is no, as you will need a sewing machine for zippers, buttonholes, top stitching, etc.

If you’re into quilting it is also better to use the sewing machine, as many quilters don’t like the extra thread making the quilts look thicker.

We believe that if you wanted a professional finish to your projects or even to start a home based sewing business, then a serger would be the machine to have and makes a great addition to any sewing room.

If you’re a beginner sewer then we would suggest that you take the time to learn everything you can do with a sewing machine, before upgrading to a serger.

Who Makes Sergers?

Well just about every popular sewing machine brand has a serger, Brother, Juki, Singer, Janome, Bernette, Bernina, and many more.

Who Needs A Serger In The Sewing Room?

From my experience as a sewer and quilter for a few years, you need to think about what sewing projects and why you want to make them.

  • If you’re a sewer who loves to make her/his own garments for yourself and your family and love to get a professional finish on each project.
  • If you have a small home based sewing business and your clients ask you for sewing projects with professional finishes.
  • If you’re planning to open an online small business to sell different garments that require professional finishes.

Who Doesn’t Need a Serger?

If you work on different sewing projects and they don’t need any professional finish and you can finish any seam with your sewing machine.

If you are planning to start a small home based business making sewing projects that don’t require any professional finish, like softy dolls, fabric dolls, quilts, home decor items and more.

Where To Buy A Serger?

If you decide to get a serger for get a professional finish on your sewing projects, you always can visit a sewing machine dealer in your area, they will have a few models from different brands to show you, you can also visit a speciality store in your area and take a look to a serger there, but you always can shop online to find a model to bring into your sewing room.

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Closing Thoughts For Serger VS Sewing Machine

Serger VS Sewing Machine - Sewing ThreadUsually the more expensive home sergers will have more features to work with, so is something to keep in mind when shopping for a serger and you also might want one with the automatic threader, which can save some time and frustration.

We have found that a sewing machine is a necessity for your home sewing projects, and if you want professional finishes to your edges then you can upgrade to a serger, as the two machines will make an ideal combination for sewing.

Wishing you all the best on your sewing projects – Happy Sewing.

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  1. Well! Personally I know little about the process of sewing and all though I have actually tried learning it in the past. However,considering what has been juxtaposed here, I belieb the two can actually be made to be used to complement each other and to help to make it worthy and work. I really like this here and it makes a lot of sense to see. Thanks for your review

  2. Well I really do not know much about the serger and the sewing machine but I’ve had some experiences with the sewing machine but I can’t really say the same for the serger. After reading this post I’ve come to realize that the refer does the same work as the sewing machine but most people still prefer the sewing machine.

  3. Hi,

    From my research there is different comparison between serger and sewing machine, a sewing machine has only one bobbin and one thread to sew clothing. But a serger has almost 3-5 bobbins attached with 3 to 4 different threads, they are faster and more effective than the regular sewing machines for quilting. There is also a blade that cuts the fabric as well.

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  4. Thank you for explaining the difference between a sewing Machine and  an over locker. I have used a sewing machine to make skirts and blouses. Have never used a serger. It’s something i would purchase if i made the item to sell. As they are only for me it wouldn’t be worth the expense. Having a professional looking seem is the perfect finish to your garment. i’m certain many people will find great value from your post.

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