Needle Hitting Bobbin Case

When Sewing machine Needle Hitting Bobbin Case you need to stop sewing and fix the problem, it might be easy to fix and you can do it by yourself.

This problem has happened to me and I didn’t know what to do at all!

When you love sewing, you want to have in the sewing room a sewing machine that always works great without a problem at all, this might happen to you many times, all you need is to turn on the sewing machine and it works and sounds great!

But once in a while, as soon as you start sewing, you might notice a noise that tells you something is not working the way it should be, the best thing you can do here is to stop sewing and find the problem to fix it.

Needle Hitting Bobbin Case - Sewing MachineI’m lucky to have a husband who knows how to fix my sewing machine and he will fix it as if it was a brand new machine and I could go back to my sewing in no time.

But when he is busy at his job, and I need to keep sewing to finish a project, then I need to fix the problem by myself, and I think I’m not alone on this, you might need to fix some problems on you’re sewing machine on your own to go back to work on that project you need to finish.

Sewing Machine Hitting Bobbin Case

When the sewing machine needle makes a noise while you’re sewing, it might be the needle hitting the bobbin case, if this is the problem in you’re sewing machine the first thing to do is stop sewing and turn off you’re sewing machine.

By turning off and unplug you’re sewing machine, you protect it from causing more damage on it.

If you’re sewing machines is a computerized the best tip I can give you here is to get a skilled technician to take a look at you’re sewing machine.

If you own a basic mechanic or an electronic sewing machine, you might be able to fix up this problem by yourself or with the help of someone in your family who knows more about how machines work.

Why Sewing Machine Hits Bobbin Case?

This problem might appear after you did a cleaning on you’re sewing machine, as you worked on doing the cleaning you might have failed to put back the bobbin case in its original aligment, and this will cause the needle to hit the bobbin case and produce a “click” noise.

If this happens to you for the first time, you need to get the user manual that comes with you’re sewing machine and check if the bobbin case is aligned correctly in your machine.

Many times these problems appear when the bobbin case could be that the timing is off, this means that you’re sewing machine is not synchronized, many times this problem appears after you did a cleaning on the machine and you missed to put back together the piece as it should be (this was my case), but sometimes a machine can get unsynchronized if the machine was knocked or dropped, but it also can happen with usage.

You can easily know if something is not working as it should be, when you can hear a “click” noise or when you notice stitches are not even as you sew.

Needle Hitting Bobbin Case

How To Fix This Problem

1 – Turn off your machine and unplug it.

Needle Hitting Bobbin Case

2 – Raise the needle and remove the metal plate – Now with your hand gently move the hand wheel and see how the needle comes down and check the timing.

3 – Check the bobbin case – Take in your hand the bobbin case and with your fingers check if it has any scratches or any damage, in case it does, then you will need to get a replacement.

4 – Replace the bobbin case – Take the user manual and look for the page where it shoes how to replace correctly the bobbin case, every brand and every machine model has its own manual.

It will show you how to place back the bobbin case in your machine and it will highlight the points you need to look at when doing this on your machine.

After replacing the bobbin case, move gently the hand wheel on your machine and look how the needle goes through, it should go nice and smoothly.

In case, you notice needle is bent, replace the needle for a new one, try it again moving gently the hand wheel and if there’s no other problem, it should be back to normal again.

Put back all the parts together on you’re sewing machine.

Before you plug in your machine back again to work on it, run a test, you can thread the machine and moving the hand wheel sew on a piece of fabric, if you don’t hear any click while sewing and stitches look good, you can plug back in your machine and run a test on slow speed.

In case, you still hear that noise again or if you notice stitching is not good, it’s time to call you’re sewing machine brand support center or look for a sewing machine technician in your area.

If you see stitching looks good and you hear your machine working good again, your machine should be stitching back great again, and you can go back to work on your projects.

Needle Hitting Bobbin Case

Closing Thoughts.

Needle Hitting Bobbin Case - Sewing MachineThe good thing about owning a basic sewing machine or an electronic machine is that you can fix small problems like this one by yourself, or with the help of your husband or someone in your family who understand more about machines.

With computerized or more specialized sewing machines it is always better to stop working on your project and call the technician. They can solve out the problem as they know more about different types of sewing machines.

When a big problem happens and you need to stop working with you’re sewing machine, you always can have a back up sewing machine and even if it is smaller, or a basic sewing machine, you can continue working on your project.

Well, hope this article helps you to know if your machine’s problem is because the bobbin case or was not synchronized and you could fix it, then you can go back to sewing!

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  1. Thank you for this useful article. This has happened to me before and I also thought that I had put the bobbin casing back in wrong, but it turned out that the needle was hitting the bobbin casing because it was bent, so all I needed to do in the end was change the needle.

    I am always very careful when cleaning and oiling my machine to put everything back exactly as I found it, as once you get problems, it is difficult to fix on your own sometimes.

  2. Hello there, it’s really a great idea to share this knowledge of this needles hitting bobbin case and I have to say its rally good. Most time people face issue with the needles they make use of while sewing and most time lack the ideas on how to go about it. This is really a good idea and I’ll try it with my sewing machine

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