Janome HD5000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review

Janome HD5000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review, this is another high quality sewing machine, made from a single cast aluminum frame that will stand the test of time.

The driveshaft is made from stainless steel, so that this all mechanical sewing machine is a heavy-duty product that also runs quietly and weights in at about 20 pounds.

This is a solid and reliable heavy-duty sewing machine you want to have in your sewing room if you have in mind to turn your love for sewing into a higher level and work on different sewing projects with different types of fabric.

Whether you just want to sew for yourself and your family or you have in mind to work on a small level sewing home based business, you want to get a sewing machine you know will work great every time you work with it.

Made to last, and made to work great, this is a mechanical sewing machine with enough features to help you to work well on many different sewing projects without breaking the bank or having lots of features you won’t use ever.

Janome HD5000 Sewing Machine Review. This Is A Real Work Horse

Main Features

  • 18 stitch patterns to chose from
  • 5 piece feed dog system
  • Built-in needle threader, no more strain on the eyes
  • Clear bobbin cover to see when thread is low
  • Reverse stitch lever
  • Free arm for sewing sleeves, cuffs, pant legs and more
  • Snap on presser feet
  • Drop in top bobbin
  • Stitch select dial for the stitch diagram
  • 7 accessory feet
  • Automatic 1 step buttonhole
  • Extra high presser foot lift
  • Maximum stitch width 7 mm
  • Maximum stitch length 4 mm
  • Lay in thread tension control
  • Dual accessory storage, on the top and at the free arm
  • Hard cover for protection
  • Carrying handle
  • Automatic declutch bobbin winder.

Feed System

This top of the line heavy-duty sewing machine has Janome’s Superior Feed System, which allows it to sew different textured materials, and multiple layers of fabric making it an ideal machine for sewing quilts or any heavier materials.

It has the 5 piece feed dogs giving very accurate results and control when sewing.


The HD5000 comes with 18 stitches patterns, and with the one step buttonhole.

There is an interactive stitch reference panel on the front of the machine, which gives you the recommended settings for stitching length, stitch width, and the thread tension, plus the correct presser foot for the selected stitch that you are going to use.

The stitch width has a maximum of 7 mm, and the stitch length maximum is 4 mm

There is a full rotary select dial to chose what stitch you want to use and it is on the end of the machine.

Turning the dial moves a small red indicator to the stitch you select for sewing, and the letter above that stitch is the letter on the presser foot that they suggest for you to use.

The reverse is also conveniently located on the front of the machine.


On this model it is top loading rotary hook bobbin with the clear plastic cover, so you can tell when the thread is getting low, and there is an automatic De-Clutch system for winding the bobbin.

Presser Foot

The Janome HD5000 comes with 7 presser feet which include:

  • The adjustable blind hem foot
  • Over-edge foot
  • Automatic buttonhole foot
  • zigzag foot
  • Hemmer foot
  • Satin stitch foot

You also get a quilting bar.

The presser feet are on easy snap on, just press a small red button above the back of the presser plate to release it, then place new foot in the slot, and lower the shark to snap it in place.

Needle Threader

This model also comes with the automatic needle threader, and by pulling the auto threading lever down, then your needle is easily threaded.


With the Janome HD5000 buttonholes are sewn by one step. By putting your button in the foot the sewing machine will automatically sew a perfectly sized buttonhole for you every time.

Free Arm

There is a detachable storage box that’s easily removed when you have the need to sew cuffs, sleeves, pants or other fabrics that are in a difficult spot to sew.

Feed Dogs

You will get perfect results and easy control of what you are sewing with the 5 piece feed dog system.

There is also the extra-high presser foot lift for sewing thicker materials such as quilts, heavy denim, and even leather, as this is one of the top of the line sewing machines it will sew a variety of materials.


The Janome HD5000 has the warranty of 25 years on mechanical parts, 5 years on electrical parts and one year on labor.


  • 7 feet
  • set of needles
  • seam ripper
  • Lint brush for when it’s cleaning time
  • Spool holder
  • Spool pin
  • Spool pin felt
  • Foot control
  • Instruction Manual


  • This is a real work horse sewing machine
  • Design to work great and last for many years – reliable and durable
  • High speed stitching
  • Very user friendly
  • Decent price


  • It doesn’t have the bonus quilting feet
  • No extension table

Is Janome Better Than Brother?

When you have in your mind to work with thick materials like denim, canvas and leather, I think you want to have a Heavy Duty sewing machine like what the Janome makes.

The Janome HD5000 is built to stitch through thick materials and thick layers of these materials.

What Is The Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine?

I have reviewed a few Heavy Duty Sewing Machines on the blog, all of them are made to work well on different thick fabrics, but if you have in mind to work on regular basis with this type of materials and if you also have in mind to work sewing on leather, I will go with the Janome HD5000

Can I Make Free Motion Quilting?

Well, this is a big disappointment point for me, as a quilter, I love to have on one sewing machine all the features I need to work on different sewing projects but also to work making quilts with it.

I doesn’t have the bonus quilting feet included, as much as I loved how this sewing machine works, if you have in mind to work on free motion quilting on your quilts, I will suggest to you to take a look on the Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

But if you don’t have in your mind to make quilts with this model, I will highly recommend it, as it works great with different types of fabrics and its made to last.


What are the Features and Benefits of a Heavy Duty Sewing Machine?

Janome HD5000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine ReviewAs you start to sew, you might want to work on different sewing projects and some of them will be made with thick or heavy fabrics like denim, canvas and some other types of outdoor fabrics.

Not all the sewing machine can handle with success these type of heavy and thick fabrics, this is why it’s important to know what sewing projects you have in your mind before you buy a new sewing machine.

Another good reason to get a heavy duty sewing machine is you can also work with thin and delicate fabrics as well with this model.

Final Thoughts On The Janome HD5000 Sewing Machine

When you’re looking for a sewing machine to buy, you might have in your mind the idea of a fancy looking model, when you take a look to the Janome HD5000 the first impression might be this model look just like an army tank.

But if you get lucky to have a friend or someone in the family who has one already, you can miss the point that this is a sturdy and well design sewing machine that will get your sewing work done!

This model has all the features beginners and more experienced sewers want to have to work with for success on many different sewing projects.

A reliable sewing machine that will work great for many years to come!

Janome hd5000 sewing machine

11 thoughts on “Janome HD5000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your review of this amazing Janome sewing machine.  It took me right back to sewing with mom so many years ago.   I was lucky enough to grow up around sewing as my mom was an amazing seamstress.

    She always said that a good sewing machine, just makes things easier.  Having a sewing machine that can handle heavy fabrics like this one is needed more than one thinks.  Sewing things like blue jean, canvas or anything thick can’t be done on a regular machine. 

    I love the review, especially the built-in needle threader.  Yeah!!

    Great job and best of luck.

  2. Well, I am in a need of a good sewing machine. I own a small workshop which makes all sorts of hand made gifts. Usually those gifts are made with some special designs and fibers. And they usually come with nice knitting patterns. I think the price of this machine is more than fine, escpecially since this will be a long term investment. 

    Thank you for going into details for me.


  3. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. I read your first article about the Janome machine. I am already making plans to get it but I am think I will change my mind and get this one. You explained the feature explicitly well and I am interested. It will really help my jobs now

    • Thanks you Benny

      Yes, both Janome Heavy Duty sewing machine are great to make many different sewing machines, and both will work great, the only thing I should point is to think about what type of sewing projects you have in your list before you buy one of them.

      If you have in your list to make some quilts, go for the Janome HD3000 as it comes with the bonus quilting kit, but if you don’t plan to make any quilt, this is the model I will recommend you to buy

  4. janome HD5000 is a very good machine although I haven’t really used it because I am not a fashion person but I have seen some stitches that was done with this machine and I would like everyone to get this machine.thanks alot for this awesome article it would be of great help to us all.

    • Hi Feji ben

      Yes, the Janome HD5000 is a great sewing machine you can use to make many different sewing projects like home decor and outdoor decor too

  5. Wow, cool! This sewing machine can sew zig zag too.

    Formerly, my mother was a tailor too. However, now it’s never used again. And as far as I know, her sewing machine cannot sew zig zags or sew heavy materials like quilts.

    And oh yes, I just checked the price on Amazon around 450 USD. I think the price is quite reasonable (cheap). Rather than having to pay around 10-20 USD just to sew a button or zipper that is broken, maybe this could be a solution.

    By the way, does this sewing machine have a warranty?

    • Hi Ronnytan

      Yes, this Janome sewing machine has the 25 years warranty on mechanical parts, and 5 years on electrical parts and one year on labor

  6. Hey Alex, thanks for the excellent review of the Janome HD5000. It seems to have all the bases covered for a new sewing machine, which is perfect as I’m going to be in the market for one in a couple months for a potential birthday gift.

    I think the current model they’re using is the HD1000 model, which I would have to double-check but I think is an older version. In your opinion, would you recommend an upgrade to the HD5000 or no?

    Thanks again and have a superb Christmas! 

  7. Thanks very much admin for this great article about the  hd5000 sewing machine and I have really fall in love with this machine because of its qualities and am willing to purchase one for my wife since she loves and she is good at sewing. So thanks very much for this article in advance. 

  8. Hello, This is a helpful article. This product review is very detailed, and everyone that is looking for a sewing machine, I think that has found the right product here. I like that with Janome HD5000 Sewing Machine, we can sew heavy material. It is helpful for every mum to have a sewing machine at her home. I sew by myself my daughter’s sheets and quilt. When I am ready to buy a new one, I know now which model to choose. Thank you.

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