How Hard Is To Make Your First Quilt? (For Beginners)

There is no doubt about them, they all look pretty and cozy, but cutting all those small pieces of fabric and sewing them together again, it might be hard to make your first quilt.

Every quilt looks pretty, but there are some that look like intimidating to make, and more when you’re a beginner, but there are some patterns and methods to make a quilt easier than others.

How Hard Is To Make Your First Quilt?

How Hard Is To Make Your First Quilt

You might be wanting to start making your first quilt, and you might be in love with some beautiful quilts that you have found on the internet, and there is no question about that, it is so easy to find beautiful quilts everywhere on the internet nowadays.

Start With An Easy To Make Quilt Pattern

The true is making a quilt can be easy or hard, as the pattern you’ll be working with, but as a beginner, if you start making an easy quilt, to make with a pattern made of big and easy to cut and sew pieces of fabric, you will learn the basics of making a quilt in no time.

After you learn how to sew together the pieces of fabric with the 1/4 inch seam, and your seams nest well, you will be making the top of your first quilt in no time, then you will be learning how to set up the quilting sandwich, by setting up the three layers of fabric: the backing fabric on the bottom, the batting fabric in the middle and on top your quilt top.

When you get the quilting sandwich all basted together or with safety pins, you will be working the quilting by hand or with your sewing machine.

The last step will be to work on the binding, and your first quilt will be finished. From here you can decide to make a bigger quilt, or to try a new pattern, maybe it can be an intermediate level quilt pattern.

Get A Quilting Mentor

When you get interested on learning about how to make a quilt, I’m sure after you make your first quilt, you will get into this amazing hobby, so you will get interested on learning more and you will be also interested to start making quilts with different patterns and methods.

One of the best ways to learn how to make a quilt, is to get a mentor, it can be a friend who also loves to make quilts, or to sign up to a quilting classes.

When you get a quilting mentor, you will get the best of it, as she or he has made a few quilts already and has lots of knowledge to pass on to his or her students. Even when you’re an advanced quilter, signing up to new classes is a way to keep learning more about this activity.

Other Ways To Learn How To Make A Quilt

When you get interested on learning how to make your first quilt, you will find there are a few ways you can also learn to make it from home, by watching videos on YouTube, a Quilting book, or buying an online Quilting class.

When making your first quilt by yourself at home by watching a video, from a book or from an online class, keep in mind to find a quilt pattern for a beginner, it will be easier for you to follow the steps and get it done.

Another thing to keep in mind, it’s always to start with a small quilt size, whether is a mini quilt, a table runner, a crib quilt or a wall hanging, as making a small quilt will help you to learn how to make a small quilt top and how to do the quilting in a small project that you can finish in no time.

Get your first quilt finished will give you the opportunity to learn all the steps that are needed to make any quilt, and to learn some new skill, after you get it done, you can look for a second quilt to make for a beginner, or an easy to make quilt for an intermediate level.

Learn all you need from making a few easy to make quilts, try different patterns and different quilt size, from a mini quilt to a lap quilt, then when you feel more confident, you can start making regular size quilts.


Closing How Hard Is To Make Your First Quilt

Making your first quilt should not be as hard as it might look, as some quilts looks like a real puzzle to make or really hard to make, but if you make your first quilt with an easy pattern and in a small size, you will learn new sewing and quilting skills and soon you will be making your next quilt.

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How Hard Is To Make Your First Quilt



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