Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing Machine Review

The Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing Machine Review that comes with many features to make your sewing more enjoyable.

This is not a high priced model and would be an excellent buy for beginner sewers, as well as those with more experience.

The Brother sewing machines are known for being made of good quality, and the Brother HC1850 fits into that category.

Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Brother hc1850 Computerized sewing machine ReviewBrother is a well-known corporation around the globe for their high quality sewing machines that help beginners and more seasoned sewers to work on different projects as a hobby or as a business.

The HC1850 is a model easy to set up and it will help any beginner to start sewing from day one!

If you’re a sewer who loves to have everything in a unit to work on different projects like garment construction, home decor and quilting, this model is for you.

A very affordable sewing machine, packed with the features you love to work with, this is a model to have in your sewing room and it will last for many years.

Brother HC1850 Features at a Glance

  • 130 Built in stitches
  • 170 stitch functions
  • Quilting functions
  • 8 sewing feet
  • Sewing speed is adjustable
  • 1 built-in monogramming font
  • LCD display
  • Top Loading quick set drop-in bobbin
  • Needle threader
  • Foot controller
  • LED light for working area
  • 25 year limited warranty
  • Power cord
  • Detachable wide table
  • Flip stitch chart on front of the machine
  • Light weight – 10.14 pounds
  • 850 stitches per minute
  • Built in carrying handle

The Brother HC1850 Review Detailed

This model is designed to help sewers to set up in a moment and start sewing on, it’s easy to set up, thread the sewing machine, set up the stitch you’ll be working with, and you can start sewing your next project

As you get your new sewing machine, you’ll find in the box a DVD that will give you directions on how to get started, the directions are easy to follow and your machine will be ready to use in a minute.

When you get the Brother HC1850 out of the box, follow the instructions to plug in, and turn the power button ON, a LED light will bright the sewing space, wind a bobbin, thread the needle and you’ll be ready to start sewing with it.

130 Built-in Stitches

It has 130 built-in stitches, which you will find is good for the beginner sewer, and also for the more experienced sewer.

There are 42 garment stitches, 14 quilting stitches, 94 decorative stitches, 12 heirloom stitches and 8 automatic buttonhole styles of stitches.

You can bring up the stitches on the lite LED screen with just the push of a button and select from any stitch, that’s displayed on the flip chart on front of the machine.

It also has a built-in font for monogramming, and has the monogramming foot included with 55 alphanumeric stitches for the basic monogramming.

There is also a button on the front to press when you want to do a back stitch.

After stitch selection, there are also buttons to change the width and length of the stitches just to right of the LED screen.

Presser Foot

The Brother HC1850 computerized sewing and quilting machine, comes with 8 different feet.

  • Zigzag foot
  • Overcasting foot
  • Monogramming foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Blind stitch foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Quilting foot
  • Button sewing foot

Threading Your Sewing Machine

To thread this machine, you just follow the diagram on the top, down to the needle, and with its advanced needle threader you will be ready to sew in minutes.

To wind the thread on your bobbin is much the same, and just follow the diagrams on top, and you will be ready to sew in minutes.

You will also find on this sewing machine at the top a dial to set for the thread tension.

Top Loading Bobbin

The bobbin on this sewing machine is top loading, with a clear window to see when your thread is getting low.

There is a diagram on the window to show how the thread goes.

Feed Dogs

On the back of the machine is the feed dog position switch, allowing you to lower and raise the feed dogs.

Having them lowered is ideal for free motion quilters.


The sewing machine comes with LD lighting to brighten up your sewing area.


There is a vinyl storage bag stored in the front end of the sewing machine, containing all the accessories for your sewing needs.

The machine also comes with an extendable table to give you a larger surface, and helps to keep your sewing or quilting straight when working on these projects.

Sewing Speed

On the front of the sewing machine to the left of the display window, there’s a sliding lever you can adjust for 3 different speeds – low, medium, and high.

Once you select a speed then no matter how hard you press on the foot controller, your machine will only run at your selected speed range.

Also, just below the speed lever are 3 buttons you push, the top one is for raising the needle next is the back stitch button, then next is the automatic start, with each conveniently located to make your sewing go easy.

Accessories Included

  • Wide table for your larger sewing projects
  • Foot control for your sewing speed
  • Seam ripper
  • Screw driver
  • Cleaning brush
  • Extra spool pin
  • 3 spool caps
  • 3 bobbins plus 1 in the machine
  • Vinyl pouch for accessories
  • 8 presser feet, one being the spring-loaded quilting foot
  • Double needle for hemming

The Bother HC1850 Dimensions

The machine is 16.3 inches long by 12.5 inches high, and 7 inches wide.

It weighs 10.14 pounds, so is lite enough to be easily carried to any projects, and has a built in handle.

The power to run it is 120 V and is designed for the North American market.

Its top sewing speed is 850 stitches per minute, and has the adjustable lower speeds.


The Brother HC1850 comes with the 25-year limited warranty, and free technical support for the life of the product.

Always keep your receipt of purchase should anything go wrong.


  • 130 stitches
  • Lite and easy to carry
  • Strong LED light
  • 8 different sewing feet
  • Has good quilting abilities
  • Easy to set up
  • 25-year warranty


  • Not ideal for the seasoned quilter
  • Needle threader not perfect

Is The Brother HC1850 Good For Quilting?

This model is good for a quilter beginner as it is easy to use and it will help the quilter to get familiar to start piecing a top and to make the first steps of free motion quilting on mini and small quilts.

This sewing and quilting machine comes with the Quilting Foot and it also has the drop feed dogs feature that will help quilters to work on the free motion quilting with ease.

The quilting foot can also be used to work on raw applications to add some textile look to any quilt.

However, it doesn’t come with the walking foot, you’ll need to purchase it separetly if you want to work on the quilting with this foot.

Is The Brother HC1850 Portable?

Brother hc1850 Computerized sewing machine ReviewIt’s a lite model any sewer or quilter can carry with ease around the house or to the sewing and quilting classes.

It comes with a built-in handle that makes it easy to carry.


The Brother HC1850 is an excellent sewing machine, if you’re starting out with sewing and quilting projects.

It is very affordable, and with only a few faults is well worth buying, so you might want to take a look at it or give it a test run, and it has all the features of a more expensive sewing machine.

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  1. Since my interest in sewing grew over time, I began to receive recommendations that would enhance my experiences and help me double down on my learning. The HC1850 is one of those recommendations and it clearly stands out. The hype surrounding it has made me all the more curious. This review has definitely thrown more light on the features of this machine and I find them really appealing. Besides, Brother appears to have quite the reputation.

    • Hi Rhain

      I’ve been using Brother sewing machine for a while and I have not a single complain, Brother sewing machines are easy to use and this model is an affordable model and you can start sewing from day one!

  2. Thank you for your review of the brother sewing machine as this seems like the easiest sewing machine to setup and it can help a beginner get into sewing easily so that it seems like it is an easy enough hobby to get into. Do you think that the brother is the easiest sewing machine on the market and how do you think it differs from others?

    • Hi Jon

      Brother Corporation is a well know brand that designs easy to use sewing machines, the Brother HC1850 is designed to help beginners to start sewing from day one!

  3. Hi

    Great read. I do not have much experience with sewing, but my wife actually owns one of these machines. Before she got this sewing machine, I wasn’t even aware that electronic sewing machines was available. This machine is very advanced for its price, it does have a lot of functions that is perfect for the beginner to the expert. You learn more of its functions as you use it. 

    • Thanks you Martin for stopping today to read my blog, I’m always glad to hear from people who has this sewing machine and I’m glad to know your wife like to sew with it, as you say, any sewer can learn more as we all use our sewing machines. 

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