Best Free Motion Quilting Tools (For Beginners)

Working to make your own quilts is a hobby that is gaining huge popularity among sewers around the globe, free motion quilting is helping many to create beautiful designs and unique pieces of art, it’s something you might be tempted to do, having the right tools will help you to have more fun as you work on your quilt, let’s take a look to the Best Free Motion Quilting Tools you need to have!

Do You Need A Special Sewing Machine For The Free Motion Quilting?

No, you don’t need a special sewing machine for the free motion quilting, most sewing machines, mechanical and computerized come with the features you need to set them up to work for it.

Some sewing machines come with the drop feed dog system, which allows you to work on your quilt while you move it with your hands to make the quilting.

If you’re sewing machine doesn’t have this feature, it might have a cover plate which you can use to cover the feed dogs to allow you to work on the free motion quilting.

Best Free Motion Quilting Tools

1 – Free Motion Quilting Foot

Most of the sewing machine designed for quilting come with a free motion quilting foot, in case you’re sewing machine doesn’t have it, you can look for a quilting foot from you’re sewing machine brand.

Some of the feet designed for free motion quilting have a spring on it, some have an open toe to help you to guide the thread to the back as you start working on the quilting, some feet are not open, but you can take the thread to the back with the help of the seam ripper before you start working on the quilting.

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2 – Extension Table

When you decide to start working with your domestic sewing machine to do the quilting on your new quilt, an extension table on your machine will give you enough space to place your quilts and give you both hands to work on them.

Most new sewing machine models that are designed for quilters come with an extension table, it’s easy to set up and to remove it when you don’t need it. It has the large enough size to help you to work with ease on your quilting projects, you don’t need it to be bigger.

All you need is to control the immediate surrounding needle area of the sewing machine. The extra table will give you enough work space to move your quilt as you work on it.

You can check if this extension table is for your domestic sewing machine and also check today’s price on Amazon.

3 – Quilting Gloves

As you start working on the quilting, you can notice that your hands lack of a good grip on the quilt, by using a good pair of quilting gloves it will help you to have a good grip to help you to move the quilt with your hands as you work on it.

If you don’t have a good grip on the quilt, the quilt won’t move smoothly as you work on it.

Quilting gloves will help you to move smoothly the quilt when you work on the free motion quilting and get better results!

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4 – Quilting Rulers

The free motion quilting is made with different designs, while some are done with curves and loops, some are made with straight lines, the combination of both type of quilting will add that extra focal point to any quilt.

When working on straight quilting you might want to get straight lines on your quilt, the best way to achieve it, is by using the rulers designed for this purpose, you can find all type of rulers for this, from straight rulers to curved and even some rulers to help you to work on beautiful designs as the feathers, hearts, and circles.

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5 – Marking Tools

When working on the design for your quilt, you might be willing to mark on your top your own design, if you need to follow the lines, be sure to use marking tools designed for this purpose, such as markers or pencils for fabrics.

There are some brands that are well-known for their quality and they will leave no mark or trace after you finish working on your quilt or after you wash it.

Be sure to make a test every time you buy a new marker, even when you already have used that brand.

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6 – Machine Quilting Thread

It’s essential that you use good quality thread for your quilting.

7 – Sewing Machine Needles

I will suggest you to use the Superior Titanium Coated Topstitch needles, you can find them in several sizes and you can pick one that goes according to the thread you’ll use for each quilt.

These needles come with a larger eye which will help you to thread them with no problem at all every time. These needles are made with a longer needle shaft which help to prevent thread breaks.

A good tip here is to use a new needle every time you start working on a new quilt and change the needle every 8 to 10 hours of work.

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8 – Scrap Paper And A Marker

Nothing will help you better to get the professional quilting work on your quilts then getting used to do some handwriting practice of the quilting patterns on scrap paper with a marker.

Get as creative as you want to, try traditional quilting patterns, try to add some handwriting names and words and most of all try some new patterns with your own designs.

As you practice with scrap paper and a marker, you can get used to new patterns and it will help you to work with ease at the time you start working with you’re sewing machine on the quilting of a new quilt.

Supreme Slider Free Motion Quilting9 – Supreme Slider

It will help you to work on the free motion quilting on your quilts with ease, as it will make your quilts glide smoothly under the bed of the machine, and it also will cover the feed dog system on you’re sewing machine in case it doesn’t have a lever to drop them down.

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Best Free Motion Quilting Tools – Closing Thoughts

Making quilts is an art anyone who loves to sew can make, this hobby is growing it’s audience around the globe and quilters can get as creative and as artistic as they want when they try this new way to work on the quilting with their domestic sewing machines.

It might look hard to do at the beginning, but when you have the right tools to work with, it will be easier as you give it a try.

Don’t forget to have fun as you try these tools, work on making some samples and try some traditional patterns, as you keep working on the samplers you will get skilled and before you notice you will start working on a quilt.

We hope you find this article to know more about these tools that will help you to work on the free motion quilting on your quilts helpful.

Have fun, and make your own free motion quilting pattern designs!

Best Free Motion Quilting Tools - Sewing Machine

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