Is Sewing With Metalic Thread Hard (Read This First!)

When choosing a project to make for the Holidays or an event, you might be wondering if sewing with metallic thread is the same as sewing with a regular thread or if you need to do something different, so let’s take a look on how to set up your sewing machine to get better results.

Is Sewing With Metallic Thread Hard? This type of thread is made in a different way than the regular thread, metallic threads are wrapped on a polyester thread, and this is why it is harder to get good results when using it on your projects, but it’s good to add some decoration stitches on your project.

How To Sew With Metallic Thread

When you love to sew, sooner or later you might be working on a project with metallic thread, and you might be wondering if it is easy to do that or if you better don’t try it, but the good news is that you can find metallic thread in the market today that is made with good quality and it will help you to work on your project with ease and get great results.

I’ve tried to sew with metallic thread in the past and the results were not good at all, as result of that try I try to avoid any project that was made with this type of thread, but as I was looking for more information to write this post, I gave it a try again and I’m very pleased to see that today you can find metallic thread that is easy to sew with it and the results are amazing.

Let’s take a look to some tips to Sew With Metallic Thread:

1. Find A Metallic Thread That Is Made For Sewing

All year round you can find different Metallic Thread in the market, not only during the Holidays, but there is plenty of this type of thread and you might need to look for one that is made for sewing or embroidery and not for decoration purposes only, as this last type of thread will be hard to sew with and you might not get the results you’re wanting to get and you might end with a bad idea of sewing with metallic thread.

There are some brands well-known for their thread quality and it will be always better to pay their price as their metallic thread is made specially for sewing or embroidery purposes.
Is Sewing With Metalic Thread Hard

2. Use The Right Needle For Sewing With Metallic Thread

Metalic thread is made differently from the rest of the threads for sewing, this type of thread is made by wrapping a polyester or other type of thread with a metallic thread, for this reason this thread used to be thicker than other threads that you use for sewing.

When you use a regular needle for sewing by hand or on your sewing machine, the needle’s eye might be too small for the metallic thread, this will cause the thread to have hard times going through the needles eye and it will break off often, this will cause some problems for you and your sewing or embroidery work will be not as good as it needs to be.

If you use a needle with a bigger eye, metallic thread will be loose enough to go through the fabric with ease and it won’t often break and you will get better results from your project.

3. Run A Test Before You Start Working On Your Project

As a sewer for a few years, I have learned this lesson the hard way, today I always run a test on a scrap of fabric of the same you’re using on your project to see how the metallic thread will work on this type of fabric and how it will look on it.

When working on a project with a fabric, you might need to test a few different type or brands of metallic thread to find the one that works better on each type of fabric.

4. Top Threading Your Sewing Machine With Metallic Thread

Some sewing machines are build to be top threaded with the thread horizontally, but when sewing with metallic thread it is better if the thread spool is vertically, by setting the thread spool this way the thread will be fed better and you will get better results on your stitching.

5. Use A Thin Thread On Your Bobbin

To get better results when sewing with metallic thread on your sewing machine, use a thin thread on your bobbin. It could be white or light beige or a thread color that matches the metallic thread you’re suing.

6. Setting Your Sewing Machine Tension When Sewing With Metallic Thread

When you use a Metallic Thread from a well-known brand, this thread is made with high quality for sewing with your machine, in this case I will suggest not to change anything on the sewing machine tension, as it’s set up from the manufacturer as it should be, in other words, if something is not broken, don’t fix it.

If you’re not getting the results you want to get for your sewing with a metallic thread, look for a different brand, it might work better and it might be worth it to pay the price.

How To Use Metallic Thread When Hand Sewing

Follow the tip about using a needle with a bigger eye, and use shorter thread in your needle, it will help you to get better results and the sewing will be strong enough to last for many years.

How To Use Metallic Thread For Embroidery

You always can use a metallic thread that is made for sewing on an embroidery project and get good results from it, but this thread is made thinner than the thread that is made for embroidery.

In general Embroidery thread is made from cotton or silk, and is easier to work with these type of thread on an embroidery project, for this reason when you’re working on an embroidery project look for metallic thread made for embroidery, you will get better results and it will cover the fabric better.


When you love to sew you will get to know more about the different types of thread to use on each one of your projects and sewing with metallic thread is not any different.

There are plenty of metallic threads on the market where you can find one for your current sewing project, always look for a well-known thread brand, they know well the sewer’s needs and they make their thread with enough quality to help all level sewers to get the better results on their projects.

Metallic Thread is more expensive than any regular thread, but as a sewer myself, I’ve learned the lesson here, it’s always to pay the price as it will help you to get the best results without any problem!

Hope you find here all the information about how to sew with metallic thread and get the best results on your projects, and give it a try.

Happy Sewing!

Is Sewing With Metalic Thread Hard